Saturday, February 28, 2009



"The spirit of resistance to government is so valuable on certain occasions that I wish it to be always kept alive. It will often be exercised when wrong, but better so than not to be exercised at all."-- Thomas Jefferson, drafter of the Declaration of Independence and president of US from 1801-1809


I have so many things to write about I am almost locked up. I'll have to take a laxative to get things rolling again. Nancy Pelosi says SHE was not consulted with concerning the proposed gun ban and the house leadership did not in favor of it. There were a lot of democrats evicted from the House when Clinton tried it 16 years ago. Ms Nancy likes her job and her power and she does not want some nasty gun issue to cause it to happen again. So she says no to gun control. Same with Harry Reid over at the Senate. You cannot get elected to the US Senate from Nevada if you are in favor of gun control. So, unless Obama wants to do an Executive Order, we ain't gonna have it. Suits me. I wasn't looking forward to offering my body on the altar of guns rights anyhow. It is important but so are other things. Like feeding people and that sort of stuff.And speaking of feeding people. it is going to get tougher and tougher as time passes. The FDIC has something like 250 to 275 banks they figure are going to fail. The FDIC just hired a bunch of people for their office down in Texas to really get their staff built up for the expected deluge of bank failures on the way. Just really makes you feel warm and fuzzy thinking about all of those soon-to-fail banks out there soliciting your business.

Eastern Europe is about to declare bankruptcy in a big way. When they go out they take Western Europe with them. Did you get that? I did not write those last two sentences just to exercise my finger tips on this keyboard. If those two areas go out then you can just forget about an economy. And I mean that. And I am not saying the Plunge Protection Team is not working overtime to keep the European nations afloat but I am saying they have bigger fish to fry. At least they think they do. I don't know how much they are budgeted and I would not hazard a guess as to the amount that is left. I would say they need constant refilling of their cups. But it's free to them, of course.

I have found I am not the only person who is pissed about all this shit being put upon the people's back. In fact it is going around the world and not always in a pleasant manner. There have been riots all over the place but they have not reached our shores as yet. But give them time, for they surely will. Germany is starting to heat up and you don't want to be around those boys when they get pissed at their government. They are going into areas which were once the home of poor folks that are being converted to neighborhoods for rich folks and burning expensive cars. Pouring flammable liquids between the windshield and the hood and lighting it. Greece is having riots and so is Ireland, England, France, Spain, Portugal and other places. Of course Eastern Europe is about to go up in flames at any time. It is hard for me, just a guy living on a dead end road back in a holler, to figure out exactly what all this violence and protesting is all about but it has something to do with the people rejecting a crisis. They say they are tired of it and demand that it be taken off of them. Maybe George Ure and his buddy Cliff know what they are talking about when they mention the Summer of Hell. I don't know. Beats me.

So the original game plan is still on. Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids. I ain't gonna plant garden until the last of May of the first of June. Lost of people are getting plants started in their South facing windows and all of that, but I am just going to plant seed and get out of the way. What ever you do, stay alive.


Friday, February 27, 2009


It's getting kinda scary out across the land. I read an article on MSNBC this morning about the Mexican drug cartels are using American purchased semi-automatic weapons to fight the police down Mexico way. I have a bit of a bone to pick with this article. How does a plain old drug gang get to be called a cartel? Sure did move those monkeys up a notch on the evolutionary ladder. And how does the American Attorney General know where the guns were bought? Have the run the numbers on all of the guns in Mexico? But it makes a good excuse for the AG to start talking about banning semi-auto weapons here in the USA. Sho 'nuff, Mr. Holder, go ahead and ban those weapons! You might even try to confiscate those we already have, you yellow livered NWO dog. You are going to declare martial law as soon as this stuff in Mexico crosses the border and you WILL get it to come here. You already know how you are going to do it. It is already planned and set to go. So we get a gun ban and martial law. And we didn't commit any crime, we just happen to be here. The other guys are the criminals but we get the beating. How original! And we don't really know that this is all drug activity. Could be just a bunch or two that are tired of the corrupt governments they have down in Mexico. I mean, John Hancock had the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence and he was flat out a smuggler. He was the guy who smuggled in those crew served weapons that were used against the British. That was the cause of that wonderful day at Lexington and Concord when the British had their asses handed to them as they were being run back to Boston. Some guys have all the fun.

Most butt-face Americans don't know what is in the Patriot Act. They trust the fedgov, don't ya know. Well, between the Patriot Act and some Executive Orders signed by Clinton and Bush, all they have to do is declare a national emergency and the government OWNS us. They can take the power grid, the fuel, the food, the vehicles, the land, the weapons, the whole goddamn ball of wax. And then they can relocate your ass to a FEMA camp or wherever they choose, all in the name of national security, don't ya know. And a machine politician from Chicago is quite capable of doing this very thing. He ain't going to make his mark in history by riding out this economic calamity we are going through right now so he will try to make the history books by well handling a national emergency of some kind of proportion. Mexico is having a problem and we will be beaten for it.

So I say come on and do your best! Lock and load you crazy bastards because I can guarantee that I will! And some of the readers of this blog will get with the program too! "You know you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run!" Hah! This is OUR country and you are a servant, not the boss. So start serving me and quit being so goddamn meddlesome. Or we will fire your ass! We can do that, you know. We can toss your ass into the street and there ain't anything you can do about it. There are millions of us and damn few of you.

As you can easily see, I am getting tired of being the victim of banks and stockbrokers and politicians. I have not done any of this wretched shit that is causing trouble around the globe and I DO NOT WANT PUNISHED FOR IT. I lived on $741 a month last year and I will tell you that is not a lot of money. But I made it. I lost my pick-up truck but I have learned to live with that. I have a few canned goods for the wife and I in case the system collapses and I am thankful for every can of the stuff. I have some seed for a garden this year and will try to feed those who have not gotten ready in case the thing does a belly flop. I have never owned a share of stock in my life and neither does anyone in this village that I know of.

SO GET OFF OUR ASSES! Take the problems somewhere else. But get it away from the American people. Most of them are just a bunch of dumb, ignorant pukes who merely believed your bullshit about the American Dream. They work hard and they pay their taxes. They raise their kids as best they know how. They even try to educate their children in your stupid schools. HAH! Our women beat the ass off of you guys with their home schooling. You can't even run a goddamn school. You ignorant fucks! But I am telling you to get the problems away from us and don't make us responsible for fixing them cause we are innocent of the crime and we don't need the added burden. This will be your Summer Of Hell if you don't get it in gear. I promise you this.

Stay alive.


Thursday, February 26, 2009


I already have a post written for the blog but this gun ban thing has me a little bit antsy right now and I thought I would comment on it. I am not going to obey any assault weapons ban. Period. The Obomanation can kiss my ass. Am I making myself clear, government trolls? I know you are out there listening to what good folks are saying and spying like the cowardly dogs that you are. "But you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run!" And my brothers are singing the same words all over this country. You have drank the political Hemlock, Obama. Your career is over. You can get up every morning and start ducking the punches. We will be on you like stink on shit. Do your damnedest, cause we will. And it will be relentless. You will be the talk of the nation and you will not like the words. You will be the song of the drunkard. You will suffer the political death of a thousand cuts. You were given a great opportunity to be a good president, but you blew it. Now you must suffer the political scorn that you tried to heap on us, the people who elected you. You have brought racial politics back into the forum, you moron. We had the haters on the run and you had to blow it. I hope you realize the idiocy you have unleashed in this great land of ours. ANY ELECTION WILL VOUCH FOR OUR STRENGTH. Unless of course you wish to try confiscation. There are those who are begging for you to do it.



See! You can win!

Watch the big bad SWAT boys get their butts kicked!


True colors shining through.

Remember when the Tan Tyrant pleaded with the American people to stop
buying guns and ammo? 'I'm not going to take your guns,' sez he.

It seems that Americans with a clue know that politicians hate armed
citizens,.and that lies are the stock in trade of politicians. Since
it became obvious that Obama was coming to power, and since his record
of hatred for armed citizens is clear, there has been the biggest run
on guns in history. It is all but impossible to find ARs and AKs and
other magazine-fed rifles. It is all but impossible to find handguns,
particularly semiautos.

It is all but impossible to find 223 and 7.62x39 ammo. It is all but
impossible to find 308. 30-'06, a caliber not fired by any military
weapon since the early 50s is outrageously expensive and difficult to
find. It is even difficult and expensive to find 22 rimfire ammo, much
less 9mm or 45 or 40.

Americans are buying weapons and ammo by the train load.... as they
did when Slick Willy and that generation of politicians gave us the
first 'assault weapon' ban, but the current buying spree makes the one
before the first 'assault weapon' ban look paltry and weak.
It becomes apparent why the feds have made no effort of any
consequence to close the borders to illegals.

It becomes apparent that the war on drugs is and has always been a
sham, nothing but a ploy for more power over us.

First it was Colombian narco gangs. Now it's Mexican narco gangs. And
now the Tan Tyrant and his boy (yes, his boy) are going to attempt to
disarm Americans of anything resembling effective weaponry in the
effort to fight MEXICAN drug gangs?

Get'em while you can, boys and girls. And get fodder for them, too.
Look to the Tan Tyrant's home state if you want to see what he's up
to. Firearms Owner ID card. You have to have explicit permission from
the state for every weapon you own. And you can't buy ammo for a
weapon not listed. If you don't have a 'registered' 9mm, you can't buy
9mm ammo. If you don't have a 'registered' 223, you can't buy 223
ammo. And God help you if you are caught hunting or shooting at a
range with a weapon that you don't have a FOID for. And since those
who operate ranges are generally licensed, they will be required to be
surrogates for the feds in making sure that anyone patronizing their
facilities have their appropriate FOIDs. Need to get a weapon
repaired? Only licensed people will be able to work on weapons. If
they are licensed, in order to keep their licenses, they will also be
surrogates for the feds.

Go read the text of HR45.

Watch. Soon enough 'assault' weapons will go from 'grandfathered' to
'register them to be able to keep them'. Then from registered, to
collected. 'We just can't have these military weapons in civilian

Scalia and the DC Gun Ban decision guaranteed that we will be disarmed
of effective weaponry. So much for a 'right' to keep and bear arms.
Our 'right' has been converted to a privilege subject to approval of
the goobers. When will the 'right' of free speech and the free press
be subject to license? Will 'assault printers' be banned? Isn't the
pen mightier than the sword?

It's all a sham, and a transparent sham, at that. Welcome to the
Obomination. Make ready-- for subjugation, or war.



This just in. Got it off of Drudge. Go to for the whole story. The AG has announced that Obama is going for an assault weapons ban. We will be helping Mexico! They have too many high quality firearms down there and we have to be hit with an assault weapons ban to help them out. The Mexican bad boys are being calleed a drug cartel but I don't know that. The media says they are drug people. They may just want to kick out the government of Mexico. But the lines are being drawn and we must prepare.



This will make some of you cry. These poor little city dwellers are being forced to go to free land in Oregon and get out of L.A. California. They have an Airstream trailer to start out in. They have some critters on the farm. Poor city people! They even have savings to start a business if the opportunity arises. But they are doing it. And it might work together for the good.


By Stephanie Chen CNN

This story is part of an ongoing series of profiles by CNN about economic survival in this time of financial crisis.

Leah Bird and her husband Ed Wright stand in front of their new home: a 1974 Airstream trailer.

(CNN) -- They bid farewell to their beloved trips to the opera and museum, the beach and Buddhist temples. They ate one last time at their favorite restaurants serving Indian curried chicken and warm bowls of Vietnamese pho.

Leah Bird and her husband, Ed Wright, have traded their comfortable two-bedroom apartment and jobs in Beverly Hills, California, for life in a trailer on a five-acre Oregon farm.
No longer do the couple hear roaring fire trucks in the street or chatter from patrons dining at outdoor cafes. On this farm, the dominant silence is occasionally interrupted by the sounds of frogs and crickets.

"It's not necessarily a lifestyle that has ever seemed attractive to me," says 28-year-old Bird, between tending to the farm animals: two sheep, two Nubian goats, miniature horses and geese. "I always saw myself as more of a metropolitan person, but you know, without money, this was our best option."

The couple's drastic lifestyle change -- one they chose -- came last October when Wright, 48, lost his job managing life insurance portfolios for millionaires at a private firm in Beverly Hills. His niche company, which relied heavily on capital flow, had felt the pain of the credit crunch.
Once making over $100,000 a year, Wright soon joined the growing number of Americans facing unemployment in the economic downturn.

With meager savings, Bird and Wright knew they couldn't maintain their costly Los Angeles lifestyle in an area where, they say, image is everything. Even if they had stayed in Beverly Hills, they would have needed to move into a smaller apartment and rely on Bird's modest salary as a financial manager. Exhausted from the rat race, Wright decided they needed another option.
Don't Miss Leah Bird's blog: Read about the couple's journey

"I've been in Los Angeles for a long time and I've had to start over before," Wright says. "You spend two or three years getting back on your feet and then what? It's a struggle if you aren't making a lot of money."

Then Wright's parents offered to let the newlywed couple live on their family farm in rural Douglas County in southern Oregon until the couple bounced back.

Wright agreed immediately. He says he wanted to move there to help his elderly parents manage the sprawling property. His wife, however, was more reluctant because she still had her job. But Bird says she soon agreed to move to the farm because it was the fastest way to cut expenses.

"I did it out of immediate necessity," says Bird, who grew up in more of a suburban setting near Tucson, Arizona. "I don't think I was ready to leave L.A."

While Wright wanted to make the move north, he wasn't ready to move in with his parents. At Christmas, the couple purchased a 1974 Airstream trailer, shaped like an oblong silver bullet, from Craigslist for a few thousand dollars. The trailer living quarters are cramped, with about 300 square feet, a major downgrade from the couple's 1,400-square-foot apartment in California.

The couple moved to Oregon in mid-January, after a two-day drive from Los Angeles, hopeful the farm would give them the needed break from city life and a chance to focus on finding new careers.

In Los Angeles, they lived in a neighborhood with about 20,000 people. Now, the closest town has fewer than 20,000 people.

"We're not going to lie to you and say everything is hunky dory," Wright says. "It's hard being out here."

"I feel like a fish out of water," Bird added. "I'm so out of my element."

Their mornings now begin at the crack of dawn. They clean the living space for the animals, pick up manure and fix the landscaping. Afternoons are spent job hunting, a challenging feat in a region where lumber and nursing are the two dominant fields. For now, they are spending their savings until they find employment.

Their trailer's bedroom has just enough room to stuff in a queen-size bed. A narrow window by the bed looks out on the farm, where they can see deer roaming the land in the mornings. There is no dining room, a difficult adjustment for the couple, who once enjoyed entertaining guests over dinner and wine.

The living room furniture consists of colorful pillows piled against the wall on the floor facing the television and a desk for their laptops. Their new kitchen has just enough space for one person to stand and work.

There is one toilet , which is currently being remodeled, and no shower. The couple bathe at Wright's parents' house; they admit that they only shower a few times a week now.

Most of their belongings from Los Angeles, expensive furniture and art accumulated over the years, remain in storage. While the couple miss these things, they say their new lifestyle will help them survive the troubled economy. They also hope it will teach them to live simpler lives.

In many ways, Bird and Wright are enjoying the serenity of their slower-paced lifestyle. They are spending more time together, and Bird says she is getting closer to Wright's parents.
After the initial culture shock in the first month, Bird says she is slowly adapting to farm life. She learned how to build a fire pit, and she plans on growing a fruit and vegetable garden in the spring. She wants to buy more productive animals like cows. With the garden and some cows, she says, the couple won't have to purchase vegetables or milk from the grocery store.

Her husband is remodeling their trailer by adding amenities to the kitchen and bathroom. Wright, who has always been interested in philosophy and religion, says he sees his unemployment as a time for "soul searching."

The couple are still mulling their career options. Wright, who is also an amateur musician, is looking at new job opportunities for the future. He has dabbled with the idea of starting his own bar since he knows so many musicians in the industry, he says. He and his wife are thinking about joining the Peace Corps together, or maybe building a log house on the farm. The options are limitless, they say.

A few weeks ago, surrounded by giant pine trees in the cold winter air, the couple walked outside and looked up. For the first time in a long time, they could see the stars shining brightly in the dark sky.


Watched the great speech. It was written up in the mass media as the state of the nation speech. When I was a kid, and certainly a little older, it was called the state of the union address. I guess they want to do away with any thoughts that we are a union of states and we are now just a nation. What the hell. We had the best deal on the whole planet and the dumbasses are wanting to change the rules. And like I have been telling people this morning, what they do doesn't matter as far as what WE think. If we think that we can prevail in an emergency situation then the powers that be will have a horrible time changing us even the slightest little bit. They are sort of like teenage punks who think to challenge a group of adults. The adults put up with it for a while and then they kick the shit out of the kids and run them away.

I listened to Obama make his big speech and he did a fine job. That boy has a lot of hope and faith. And he is printing the money to cover his ass. Think for a minute about what government can actually do. They can tax and spend. They can punish and kill. And they can make huge orations full of bombast and hyperbole. You could call this orating ability PROPAGANDA. And that is essentially what government can do. All the work is left up for WE THE PEOPLE to get accomplished. And the politicians take huge amounts of credit when WE THE PEOPLE are successful. They award themselves pay raises and all kinds of perks and pleasures. You are merely told to keep consuming. So I will continue to keep consuming. I will consume wild game and homegrown vegetables. I will consume eggs I get off the Amish. Yessir! I will be a good little consumer. I already have enough ammo and guns to last me a long, long time. And so do a lot of my friends in survivalism.

Obama did everything last night but cure cancer and he promised that would be done. I was so proud. Spending money is such a powerful effort of labor. And Obama was working very hard. He spoke for 51 minutes. We should be honored. But in talking about the nations problems this morning with the Handmaiden I was confronted with the idea that we would be much better off if we just shut down most of the government. The drugs they sanction don't cure us. The food they qualify poisons us. The emergencies they are supposed to handle are not handled at all. The wars they fight are never over. So what good are the bastards? I can grow more beans in my garden that Obama can grow in his. So just shut the motherfuckers off. Run them out of town and let us go about our business. Of course that ain't gonna happen. I watched all of those folks in D.C. last night all shaking hands and kissing and hugging. You talk about an inbred bunch of folks! And they have power and they are not going to give it up. I dwell on the strange tendency of all problems to try and solve themselves. Error being it's own reward. But problems really do want to be solved and solved in a manner that is correct.

I have had an epiphany and I will share it with you. My mind is on some close friends who suffered 4 or 5 years each before they died in the flesh, before they passed on to the next school or realm. I think that amount of time they spent suffering was what the Bible called their regeneration. Their self nature was being burnt out. The nature they manifested before the world was is being brought back to the fore. So you want to follow someone in their regeneration? Get ready to have your ass kicked. You are not going to take your human nature back up to heaven and try to have it live before God. He don't want it. He wants that pure soul that seeks after Him.

Stay alive.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009


FDA didn’t inspect syringe plant despite reports
Papers show agency checked plant only after CDC reported outbreak of ills
The Associated Press
updated 6:17 p.m. ET, Wed., Feb. 25, 2009

RALEIGH, N.C. - A North Carolina syringe factory linked to hundreds of sicknesses and five deaths operated for almost two years without an inspection despite a series of complaints that its needles were dirty or filled with colored particles.

Court documents in the North Carolina case show the U.S. Food and Drug Administration only inspected the AM2PAT Inc. plant in December 2007 after an outbreak of illness was reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Federal investigators contend that the company was so consumed with maximizing profits that it shipped syringes filled with saline and the blood-thinner heparin from a dingy facility without ensuring they were sterile. Authorities are now searching for the Chicago-based company’s CEO Dushyant Patel, who was indicted last week. They believe he fled to his native India.
In 2007, before the outbreak of illness was traced back to the company’s syringes, the FDA received more than a dozen reports of problems with AM2PAT’s products. Some reported “orange specks” floating inside the unopened syringes, while others reported “yellow sediment” or “muddy brown” syringes filled with floating white specks.

22-month gapFDA records show the agency first received complaints of particles in AM2PAT syringes in November 2005. FDA spokeswoman Siobhan DeLancey said the company was inspected in January 2006 but then wasn’t checked again until the December 2007 inspection: a gap of 22 months.

DeLancey did not have an immediate explanation for why the facility wasn’t inspected for so long. But inspections at AM2PAT were frequent by FDA standards. A Government Accountability Office report issued last year found the agency was more likely to inspect manufacturers like AM2PAT every five years.

“Typically a firm is inspected within two years,” DeLancey said. “They’d prefer to do them faster, but there’s always that resources issue that we have.”

The FDA declined this week to release its inspection reports detailing its January 2006 and December 2007 visits to the plant in Angier, about 20 miles south of Raleigh. DeLancey said those reports could be released through a Freedom of Information Act request, which is pending.
But Diana Zuckerman, who tracks health and safety issues as president of the nonprofit National Research Center for Women and Families, said there’s no excuse for inaction when people are reporting visible contamination of a product.

“Any time you get to a point where there’s a contamination of a syringe you can see with the naked eye, you close down the business if you care about the public health,” Zuckerman said. “You have to assume that this is the tip of the iceberg. If 15 people reported it, it happened a lot more than that.”

‘Microbiologist’ was a teen

AM2PAT, which also sold products under the name Sierra Pre-Filled, produced syringes of heparin and saline, which are often used on already vulnerable patients during cancer treatments, kidney dialysis and other procedures. Along with five deaths, prosecutors say the tainted product sickened up to 300 people, with some of the illnesses resulting in spinal meningitis and permanent brain damage.

“FDA can complain about resources, but if you’re going to triage your resources, I think contaminated syringes would be pretty high on the list (to investigate),” Zuckerman said.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Jason Cowley said a person who had the title of “microbiologist” at the company was a teenager who had dropped out of high school. Photographs that prosecutors introduced as evidence also show a “clean room” with a window fan patched with duct tape. Other photos show a rundown facility with paint chipping from the floor and syringes piled high on a table.

“The pictures speak for themselves in regard to the type of environment that these syringes were being manufactured,” Cowley said.

In court documents, investigators contend: the company bypassed internal checks designed to ensure the safety of syringes; testing reports were backdated to make it appear as if the syringes had passed internal inspection before shipping; and some of the test results, which the company was required by federal rules to keep on file, were also manipulated or fabricated.
Plant manager Aniruddha Patel, 43, of Carpentersville, Ill., and quality control director Ravindra Kumar Sharma, 54, of Richmond, Va., each were sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court in Raleigh to 4 1/2 years in prison for fraud and allowing tainted drugs into the marketplace.
Prosecutors do not know if Patel still has an attorney. He faces up to 95 years in prison if convicted.

© 2009 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Yesterday was a great day. Today ain't been too bad either. I had Dragon and Big John get me going yesterday and I had the audacity to buy $100 worth of preps today. Mostly food but I am getting some firesteels from over at I am convinced of their worth when the chips are down. Tomorrow the wife and I are going to our shooting range and get tuned in a bit. She will probably shoot her Ruger 10-22 and I will go with Mr. Wingmaster. Nothing like getting your enthusiasm kicked into a little higher gear. Makes the air a little more pleasant. I hate to think what will happen to folks who have not prepared when the shit hits the fan. I reckon you will just have to get in the squad car and go along with the program. Me, well, I'll be standing my guard mount with my 12 gauge and thinking about that home grown supper I will be having when my shift is over. I reckon the unprepared will be hoping for the best from their masters at the FEMA camp. To make things go quicker they will probably be offered the reward of a sucker when they willfully accept their chip. They will be offered the choice of Lime or Orange. The guards will take all the Strawberry for themselves. I will offer them a lead treat. Hot and fresh. Served up quick and sudden. Hell yes.

You know, I never dreamed America would turn out like it has in my lifetime. We were the light of humanity. We had fair play and good opportunity. There was some problem with racial things but we got started cleaning that up in the 60's. Our reputation was pretty clean. You could be proud to be from this country. But we are turning into a dog-eat-dog people with very few scruples to inhibit us. Drugs, homosexuality, crooked financial dealings, a lack of respect for God, the glorification of Hollywood, and numerous other assaults on the human character have pulled us down in the pit. And in turn it has pulled the other nations of the world down there also. We were once the idol of the world and now we are the scumbags of humanity. But I will not accept that scumbag title. I have tried to live my life as clean as I knew how. I have raised my kids to be honest and forthright. I have tried to follow God and his order, his rules. But it does not seem to be a much of a difference in the state of life's affairs. The people went another direction and they will pay the price. And the price will be paid all over the world A small minority will try to do the right thing. A small minority will try to survive and bring forth a little decency to the world. But the majority will persevere in their wretched ideals and will be flushed down the commode of history.

Do you have any idea what the value of having these survivalist bloggers and radio people telling you what is coming down is worth? It may very well be worth your life. I listen and read and it amazes me how much work and time goes into telling you all about what we could be facing. Is anyone getting the message? I think we mostly preach to the choir but I reckon that is okay too. The choir needs up lifted like everyone else on this planet. The thing that plagues me is that how many are doing their best to get out of harms way and be able to stay free and be fed when this thing gets to rolling. Did you see the article on Mexico on the front of Foxnews.Com this morning? Mucho grande murders taking place down there. The mayor of some town has moved to the USA in order to keep his family alive. Trade is being blocked, which is no skin off my nose, but a lot of Mexicans are losing their ability to make a decent living because the narco punks are taking over down there. And people are being killed like flies. There is no peace. Just killing. And they are going to do their best to bring it to the USA so get your ass ready. Most of the punks are spray and pray guys so you who can get prepared with some accuracy practice will have a decided advantage. Remember, you want those guys to see THEIR buddy's blood misting in the air. They see that a couple times and they will not be brave at all. Cause most punks, American, Mexican, whatever, are basically cowards and are afraid of dying and afraid to face another man. They do not like to deal with people who will fight back. And survivalists are telling you to get ready to fight back! It can save your life and the lives of your family and friends. There are regions where it is common for a man to be ready to fight back, and there are places where the sissies have castrated men to the point that they think 911 will save them. 911 ain't gonna get the job done, folks. 911 gets you the police stenographer to come out and write a report about how you died. It does not protect you from the initial encounter.

Being prepared is a difficult thing in this country. The sick mind is so prevalent in our society. People don't like preppers because they think it is wrong to prepare for something they don't want to see happen. You see the logic of that don't you? HAH! The sickos do not want to realize that the best defense is a good offense. They want to believe that the government will take care of them. Well, the government WILL take care of them, about like you might take care of some extra groundhogs in your garden. It is sad that things have come to this. But there is a better world, I believe, just on the other side of the storm. A place where we can rebuild a land of milk and honey. A place where honor and loyalty to the cause mean something. A place where free men dwell with their free families and friends. I look forward to it and I look forward to staying alive.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The wife is back from the Amish store and is making creamed chicken and biscuits for supper. Biscuits and gravy with no sausage. Not as good but tolerable for sure. I like chicken but I am thinking about getting into rabbits. Rabbits breed quickly and make a lot more rabbits and that means a lot more food. Also, I am not fluent in the ways of raising chickens from eggs. So rabbits it is. Funny how things get started.

I had a memorable exchange of emails these last couple of days with a man who is noted for his survival skills and determination. He was talking about the Solar Max that is scheduled to arrive here at our little planet about 2012 or 2014. It will be hot and probably dry. He bewailed the fact that no one was preparing for this occurrence. I responded by saying that is not the political way in this country. See, we will first have to identify a false enemy, ourselves this time, and then we will have to declare war on the heavens as if it was really our fault. It won't be our fault but Al Gore and his merry Band of Fraudsters will be right out front in blaming us for the Sun. Way to go, Al Babe! Such a great 21st Century American. Then we will have a lot of legislation passed that will deny a cow the ability to fart. Then we will levy a tax on toilet flushing and also a good one on carbon emission. Lots of companies that make "green" stuff will be working three shifts to get the product out to the American public that will save them from global warming. Al's carbon trading firm will be doing a land office business over there in England where it is head quartered.

I just checked the market and it is down almost 200 points for the day. Time for the Presidential Push Team to get in there and buy at high prices! The DJIA is starting to test the 7000 limit now. Gold is still hanging in there at around $1000 dollars an ounce. Corn is down to about $3.61 a bushel and soybeans are at $8.76 a bushel. And the crop is going in come May and June. Funny thing but farm prices are to go to hell this Summer but food is supposed to go up quite a bit. But we will have food if I have anything to say about it. God gave us a big Spring of water to feed our plants and we will make it okay. At least I hope we will make it okay! About 20 years ago we had temperatures down to 35 below zero and we made it okay. I reckon we can withstand a funny Summer. I just don't see any reason to push the frost date this year. If I don't get to plant until June the 1st I will be okay. Sure will be happy to plant my non-hybrid seed I got from Big John. If you go to his web site called you will find a lot of very useful information as to how you can grow your own food and save your own seed. That info is worth a lot in this day and age. You use every trick in the book to survive. It is a no-holds-barred contest. What ever works and gets you fed is the winner! But you must think about the future while you are at it. You have to have food the next year too, you know. It is now four p.m. and the DJIA is down almost 250 points. The Dow stands at 7114.

I have been reading over on and the facts are coming out that we are about to be handed our asses once again with a major backing of Citi Bank and Bank of America. And I know that we will all get screwed by this but let me tell you something. These two banks are the main intersections in our credit industry in this country. Every charge card purchase you make passes through one of those banks. They form the interchange for the American economy. So they will be kept up for one excuse or another because they handle the nations business. And you know the fedgov can't do it. No way in hell.

I leave you with the thought that you really need to read the Dragon today at It is a SCREAM. If you are put off by a little bit of non-church language you might be offended but you and I both know you can take it. Read this bad mutha! And stay alive.


Monday, February 23, 2009


Looks like I am back at the keyboard. At least I think that is what my fingers are doing! We got the burial and the talking all done and then we had a chili supper just like the lady wished. We started out with a blizzard and thus had bad weather for the gathering. We could not even drive trucks up the hill to the cemetery. The coffin had to be hauled up on a little trailer pulled by a four wheeler. But it got done.

Today, which is Sunday, is cold and a bit snowy, but not anything too bad. The lake is not frozen over and the ducks are just fine. Me and Mr. Wingmaster keep an eye out for the ducks. No dogs will be allowed to eat them. Just us humans will have that honor. We bought them and raised them and fed them and no damn dog is going to get them.

I read a very good post by Pearls today. It was a rant about the feedlot system and how it will be used against us. I think it was a very good read. I also read a short article on how 5 farmers in India just committed suicide by drinking Round-Up. Seems they have lost everything by growing GMO crops. Monsanto must be proud. Since the farmers lost their asses, I wonder who will get their land when the courts all settle the whole mess. I wonder how the widows and orphans will be treated. Probably not too well. Stay away from that GMO shit and the herbicides and pesticides. There is a very gloomy future in it.

But, you all have been warned about the NWO making a big play on humanity in the coming couple of years. You must get on your own land and grow plants that are non-hybrid. If a farmer next door uses that Monsanto bullshit then you must sue them out of existence. It will be pitchfork and torches time, backed up by your private arsenal of course. We must be prepared to fight and defend our food and our right to grow it. And fuck who don't like it. I am sick and tired of Fascism. Those who live in groups will be glad they did. Those who prefer to live as individuals, especially in the cities, will become slaves to the system. And the system boys have some big plans for you!

In the Wizard of Oz, the Wizard was a hoax. It was all smoke and mirrors. I wonder how many will rebel against the Wizard of Washington when the shit comes down. A lot of folks will believe in the power of the Wizard up until the end, when they must fall on their own swords. How many Wizards of the keyboard will not show up for the grand finale in this little fracas we have coming up. It sure will be interesting. Remember the Tin Man and the Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion. The Tin Man represented the industrialists. The Scarecrow was the farmers. The Cowardly Lion was the military. The Wizard was Washington, D.C. Funny why that story became so popular.

We ask ourselves what is coming this week ahead of us. How about $1100 gold. How about a DJIA in the 6000's somewhere. How about a lot of Governors resisting the stimulus money because they don't want the strings it has with it. How about the story of Joseph selling the Egyptians into slavery for food? It ain't like any of this shit ain't been done before. We are headed into interesting times my friends. Stay alive.


Friday, February 20, 2009


We have had a death in our big family. A woman in her early 40's has passed on from cancer. Things will slow down and be fairly quiet for a few days. We will be having a gathering of the clan from all over the area. Our population will double or triple for a few hours. God willing, I will be back. Stay alive.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was on the Big John Lipscomb show Tuesday night. As usual it was a lot of fun and I enjoyed Big John's company. We touched on several things and I hope you all got to listen, as Big John was bringing out a lot of stuff you won't hear on corporate media. And a lot of it was provable and not tin hat stuff that a lot of radio people like to talk about. Sensationalism is a waste of time in this current distress. Reality is much too apparent to mess with bullshit. Big John and I both agreed that the states running out of money was a good thing. It is shutting down the system little by little and you take any victory you can get. I brought out the fact that the states will use the lack of money to bring to a halt programs that the people can use or that they like and they will continue those that are disliked. Never give a tax payer an even break!

One of the money and banking scribes has brought out the fact that we have given the banks more money that they are worth. Time to bring that to a screeching halt and start a new banking system. Limit what they can do, abolish the federal reserve, and screw this fractional banking system. People need to learn to live within their means. I know my wife and I have to do that and if we screw up we pay the penalty. So we look things over pretty close before we make a move. Life is better that way. Our finances are pretty open to the both of us. We both know pretty much what the hell is going on with the money. There is two trillion dollars that has disappeared from the Social Security fund. Where did it go? There was two trillion dollars reported by Donald Rumsfeld a couple days before 9-11 as being gone. Where is it? There is untold amounts of money missing from our banking institutions. Where is it? Have we been ripped off? Our major industries, those we still have, say they have lost untold billions of dollars. Well who won the money? Many questions unanswered but still being pondered. We must never for get to look for the answers. If we are faithful in this, we will get answers sooner or later. And do not forget the two trillion dollars in cash that Bush had printed up three years ago. Where is it? Why don't we hear about it? And I keep remembering that statement that a failed government's last act is to loot the country. Someone will find out where the money is and we will know. We will find out where the hideouts are and who is living in them. Then we can hunt them down and kill them. Not because they took the money but because the are such horrible bastards deep down in their souls. We will make it an act of cleaning the gene pool. The gene pool needs a big dose of chlorine anyhow. Chlorine, fresh air and sunlight will do wonders for us who remain.

And I would like to know how many of you are planning on doing a goddamn thing about this mess I have described in the previous two paragraphs? How many of you have felt a quickening, a resolve to beat this system of rip-off and bondage? Or do you just finish the post and go on to your next amusement? You are getting ripped off! Your very livelihood is being gutted by the parasitic bastards who are in control. And they are spitting in your faces because they sense no danger from brain dead TV addicts. They sense no danger from those who are in bondage to banks and debt and feebleness. They sense no danger from people who can not make up their fucking minds to fight back. They sense no danger from people who are ruled by paper! That's right. You are ruled by paper. If you misbehave you get a bad paper from the system. You get repossessed. You get foreclosed upon. You get eviction notices. All bad paper. But your good name and your credit rating is tied up in all of that system bullshit. Screw that! Your name will be honored by those who fight the good fight. If you can get some land of your own and get some shelter and grow some food you have broken the bonds of paper that now bind you. Scissors beat paper and so do matches. Get rid of your bonds. Get rid of the ties that bind you to this corrupt system. Strengthen the spine that the good God gave you. Get up off your ass and get out into the country and get to building a new life! You can do it if you really try. But you have to have the guts and the resolve to make the initial move.

Priorities are a big thing in life. And you have to pay attention to what you are doing. You can't build a house unless you have some land. So there is where you start. You must get out of town! You must get your name on a piece of ground one way or another. And then you must get your garden in and a shelter in place. These are necessities for us poor folks. Once you get this underfoot then you can get you some guns and ammo, for you will have something to protect at that point. What the hell is the point of having arms if you don't have anything to fight for? I guess you could be prepared to fight for your point of view but that can be a bit stifling. If I got armed for everyone who disagreed with me I would be carrying my shot gun just to go to the toilet!

I'm gonna do something I never do. I'm gonna cross post from This guy is pretty cool and I think he has his head screwed on properly. This is a post from February 15 of this year.

enough bitching... Yep, just had to add... I know my last few posts haven't been very positive... just venting about the bad stuff. I still have to say, even with all that bullshit, the land is great, its nice to finally be out in the country, and I really enjoy all the hard work. It doesn't really feel like work when its your own land. I've been outside from about 6am till its dark and if it would stay light longer I think I would keep working. I got a riding mower and I've been tearing shit up out there... having a blast, its even got a cup holder... lol... I have a feeling my beer would shake right out though. I guess my point was, all said and done, even with the bullshit that is sure to come with it, the move is worth it. Its nice to have some kind of freedom in a time when we have less and less.
This guy plays some kickass music while his page is up for reading. He has a strong country feeling so be advised. I really enjoy him.

Stay alive.



Just a quick bulletin to tell you that Jim Sinclair is telling one and all that the FOREX in Poland has gone completely into the tank. This could very well be the end of the line for Europe. Got preps? Here is Jim Sinclair's take on the situation.

Dear Friends,

To underscore my statement that "It has hit the fan," please review the following:

Forex failure continues in Poland Posted by Izabella Kaminska on Feb 16 21:43.

It�s getting bleaker by the minute in Eastern Europe. In case you didn't catch the latest from the Telegraph�s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, he warned at the weekend how a growing crisis in Eastern Europe could cause nothing less than a total collapse in the West, or as he put it: �If one spark jumps across the euro zone line, we will have global systemic crisis within days.�

To make his point Evans-Pritchard quotes Morgan Stanley�s Stephen Jen on the fact that Eastern Europe has borrowed a total of $1,7oobn abroad. Furthermore about $400bn of that debt has to be rolled over this year - a number equivalent to about a third of the region�s GDP.

As we outlined a couple of weeks ago, the concern is now greatest not for the retail mortgage sector, which practiced the issuance of foreign-currency based mortgages on a grand scale, but for corporates � which it appears practiced the art of derivative forex exposure on an even grander scale.

And so it comes as no surprise on Monday that yet another corporate forex failure has occurred in Poland, this time at Polski koncern Miesny Duda, a Polish meatpacking business. The stock sank to a record low on the news. As Bloomberg reports:

An unwind is taking form right now, this minute, (9:10PM ET) that may or may not be

contained by international Central Bank action.

Even if central Europe does not financially implode the world money system today, it is just

around the corner.

There are so many risks threatening us now that survival of any monetary status quo is

doubtful.Protect yourself.It has hit the fan, right now, and all that is thanks to OTC derivative

manufacturers and distributors.

Respectfully yours,


It would also appear that the World Bank has sold 430 tons of gold to someone in Asia. Starting after dark on Monday night a private sale was arranged in U$ dollars at a stupendous premium for that amount of gold. I heard it was in the neighborhood of SIX or SEVEN thousand dollars an ounce for the honor of buying that much gold in one lump. All I was able to find out was that the money was raised in Asia, as far as anyone knows. Someone is preparing for a huge currency default and it ain't me! My preps are for food and medicine and security. I hope you are doing the same thing!

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Stay alive!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Heavy day in the world of ideas. One of my buddies has twenty or thirty million bricks for sale. Wanna buy a few bricks? We got 'em. All ya' want. I'll try to get some pictures if you are interested. Some prices too, of course. The Amish will probably buy a load of them. They can still buy and sell on the market because they are not system suckers like everybody else. They do not nurse from the bosom of Skag. And by the way. The Amish are growing gardens this year like crazy. They are really going to produce. A lot of them are turning over some pasture land for the sake of added garden. And they don't watch TV or read news papers or hang out at the bars. They are just very aware of what is going on. This mess is not rocket science folks. Corn will be expensive this year so plant a lot of it to save and can and dry. Get non-hybrid seed as often as you can. Saving seed for next year will be a wonderful thing come the day, if you know what I mean. And the Amish are not pacifists like some of them would have you believe. There are a lot of SKS rifles stuck back in those farm houses and plenty of ammo to feed them. Life ain't like Friendly Persuasion. You go down there looting and robbing and you will be composted. Those boys have worked very hard to get what they have and they are not going to let some jerk come and take it. So there are two things I want you to remember: The Amish are growing HUGE gardens this year and they are armed. This should tell you that something is up. This should tell you that you should be paying attention. You should be getting your ass in gear. Get out of town on some land you can control and get your food planted. Could save your life.

You know, I don't do this for money. None of my guest writers have ever asked for a dime. I don't ask for donations. I don't hustle sales. The only commercial backing I have given is Big John's Survival Seed and I did that because I think it is a damn good idea. Big John gave everyone a chance to get good seed at a very low price in good quantity. I could not send you anywhere else and get a better deal. And I read seed catalogues from all over the fucking country. Big John whipped their ass. And I want to tell you something, and it might piss ol' John off but that is just part of life, I reckon. Don't you dare sell any of your seed to John or anybody else until YOUR VERY OWN NEEDS ARE MET. You get your stuff put away for the Winter and your family taken care of and you get THE NEXT YEAR'S GARDEN SEED SAVED UP ALSO. Save your food and save your seed. What the hell do you think non-hybrid seed is for? You get both of these taken care of and then you can sell seed to John or anybody else for that matter. If I had these requirements fulfilled for myself I would be happy to sell to John Lipscomb. After all, he was the guy who ate the market for all of us! Doesn't seem out of place to give him a break on extra seed! Hell no. But the idea is that you are supposed to plant and store your Winters food out of your garden. Just like your forefathers did once upon a time. You are to be free of the system and all the regulations. Your food is supposed to be clean and holsum and nutritious. So get with the program!

And do not think that growing your own food and preserving it for the Winter is going to be a bed of roses. People will be out to steal your food. They will be out to force you to give them food. You must be ready to stop the forced taking of your sustenance. Do not give the children's meat to dogs.

We have got to talk about something that a lot of folks would just as soon walk over and forget about. And that is we have lost the will to convert. As we gather into our communal villages we will need folks who see life much as we see it within the clan, or at least be will to learn of it. We need to convert these people! And that means we need to do something besides give them a port in the storm. Anyone will grab a raft in a flood but just a few will like joining up with the ideas that made the raft possible. Once the danger is gone, so are the new people. We must convert folks to our ideas. We must convert folks to the concept of living a decent life in a clean environment and raising their babies in a good environment. Every village will have it's own way and I for one am willing to see the results of their effort.

Many men and women have philosophized about how to live life. Show me their city. Show me the town they built and it's present prosperity. I want to see the proof of it with my own eyes. I want to see their economic base and their schools and their meetings. Everybody can run their gums and say how life is to be lived but damned few can produce it before your very eyes. There are producers and there are suckers. I am wanting to get to know the producers. The suckers we have with us always. It is like the gardens we grow. Lots of volunteers to help eat the fresh vegetables but practically no one to help weed the damn thing. I am looking for the people who can produce it from the beginning to the end. They are the people I will talk to and meet with. Let the talking cease and the work begin. Get the buildings built and the gardens in and the schools going and the businesses running. Fuck all the forums and the chat rooms and all that crap. Get busy and get it up and going! And stay alive.


Monday, February 16, 2009


Walter J. "John" Williams was born in 1949. He received an A.B. in Economics, cum laude, from Dartmouth College in 1971, and was awarded a M.B.A. from Dartmouth's Amos Tuck School of Business Administration in 1972, where he was named an Edward Tuck Scholar. During his career as a consulting economist, John has worked with individuals as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Formally known as Walter J. Williams, my friends call me John. For more than 25 years, I have been a private consulting economist and, out of necessity, had to become a specialist in government economic reporting.

One of my early clients was a large manufacturer of commercial airplanes, who had developed an econometric model for predicting revenue passenger miles. The level of revenue passenger miles was their primary sales forecasting tool, and the model was heavily dependent on the GNP (now GDP) as reported by the Department of Commerce. Suddenly, their model stopped working, and they asked me if I could fix it. I realized the GNP numbers were faulty, corrected them for my client (official reporting was similarly revised a couple of years later) and the model worked again, at least for a while, until GNP methodological changes eventually made the underlying data worthless.

That began a lengthy process of exploring the history and nature of economic reporting and in interviewing key people involved in the process from the early days of government reporting through the present. For a number of years I conducted surveys among business economists as to the quality of government statistics (the vast majority thought it was pretty bad), and my results led to front page stories in the New York Times and Investors Business Daily, considerable coverage in the broadcast media and a joint meeting with representatives of all the government's statistical agencies. Despite minor changes to the system, government reporting has deteriorated sharply in the last decade or so. --

John Williams

So here we are, trying to make sense out of what is going on around us and we can't get any good information. Kinda leaves us in a hole. What do we do t live and survive? We don't want to become slave to FEMA or anything like that so we try to avoid any missteps that would lead us astray of the proper path. And we are getting screwed by those we elected to watch for us. They recently had 7 or 8 CEO's of big New York banks in to testify before congress. And every elected investigator on the committee had accepted campaign finance money from one of more of the banks concerned. I mean, my God, give me a fucking break. How do my interests get looked out for if the lookers are in the pay of the very folks who have made things so bad for everyone. One of the big things I have discovered in my study of this mess is that all the bail-out money the banks have received is being hoarded awaiting the time it can be used to buy expensive assets very cheaply. Of course the question still remains, how the hell are we to know? Everyone involved is lying out their ass. The banks, the congress. the administration, the media. You name it, they are lying!

I am still a bit pissed off about the fact that the whole country was bombarded with the admonition that the stimulus bill HAD TO GET PASSED QUICKLY! My God get it passed. Late hour talkathons and negotiations. Elaborate conniving to get the process speeded up. Hurry up and piss, the worlds on fire! And Obama ain't even gonna sign it until Tuesday this week. No one has even read the damn thing nor knows what is in it. Are things being added this weekend to be inserted into the bill before Obama signs it? Beats the hell outta me! We are just poor preppers and homesteaders trying to make it and the bastards won't even tell us the truth of what is going on.. Kinda lame if you ask me!

The plot is getting thicker and the deals in the back rooms are getting more potent. The gang in D.C. is setting up their rulership to the max and we are going to be expected to follow their dictates. I ain't aiming to do it. I aim to try to feed a lot of people and to protect my wife and friends. Ain't got a whole hell of a lot more than that on my agenda. It's really quite a full plate. We have a jump on most people but we have been trying to warn others for a long time. Radio and the Internet are alive with the message. If you wanted to hear it you could. I hope you have gotten out of town and out into the countryside. I hope you have easy access to drinking water and you get in a large garden. I hope you have some good friends with you and that you all have some fine guns and ammo. A nice food stash would be a blessing also. A good medical kit never hurt anyone. Stay alive!


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Well today Bloomburg is saying that junk bonds are selling very well. At least yesterday they did. Junk bonds are high yield and high risk. That is the shape of the market these days. I'm looking for the market to react to Obama's stimulus plan. What I have been able to read of it shows it to be a huge pork barrel extravaganza. So much pork it is unhealthy. What I very much do not like is Pelosi and Reid ramming it through congress and no one getting to read it before the vote. That is plain old total bullshit. Bush showed them how this works with his TARP bill of a couple months ago. Vote or else was the method. The Treasury was made not responsible. The means was Bush's threat of martial law. The country phoned and emailed in at 99% against the bail-out. The bill got passed anyway. So we got sold out. and we don't know what they sold us out with on this bill now. Are we gonna have any rights left after the dust settles? Is Nancy going to enjoy her flight and visit to Rome? Stay tuned as we watch "SOLD OUT" on the TV of life. And America is not going to rise up in arms to call a halt to this little drama. The citizenry is much too weak and stupid to realize what is being pulled on them. The complacency of the Walmartians. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

So we wait to hear the reports of how we fared with the stimulus bill. Being as how we are pretty far down on the food chain we will just be spoon fed what we are supposed to know and if we don't like it we can go to hell. Pretty nifty, don't you think? But we are prepping and keeping our eyes open and that counts for something. I don't think they can take me from my own home for any so called national security reason. I've been here 38 years and we ain't had any security problems yet.

I want to say right here that stress is THE killer. It gives you Cancer and Heart Disease and Arthritis and a host of other ailments. My wife and I were talking this afternoon about how much stress we have taken out of our lives and regained some peace in it's place. It is wonderful. And my food stash and my shotgun have gone a long way toward making this possible. The wife's Y2K stove is pretty nice and our emergency candles take some pressure off of us. We both know that God can do what he wishes and if he wants us gone then we will be gone. If he arranges to have us reaped via calamity then we will be gone that way. And that is why God is God. He is a God. But I sit here and I mind my own business and leave most folks alone to go their way. I blog a bit for fun and games and to transfer information. But I intend to keep the stress out of my life. And if there is anything in that stimulus bill that tries to bring stress back into my life, well, they had better not try to bring it in the door. I won't have it. These guys like John Lipscomb who have their little homesteads have in reality built themselves a little anti-stress survival machine. They don't want the bullshit all of their days. They want to gather the eggs and feed the chickens and the goats and feed the dogs and talk to the children and walk around and look at their little piece of land and enjoy it. And that is fine. And if they can figure out some way to pay the land taxes and keep themselves supplied with food then they are way ahead of the game. The drive to acquire and consume and grow is a big thing and I say to look at it very closely before you engage in it. Humans are always biting off more than they can chew. Their eyes are bigger than their stomachs. Most apes die trying for one more coconut to add to their pile. Think about that last statement. Could you call a person an ape? Seems logical to me!

There is Apee and Apus, the male and female figures of the family. All their lives they devote to acquiring the products to be used in consumption. They try to get more of these products than the other Apes. You can call the products Coconuts. Apes want coconuts. Apee wants coconuts to attract Apus. And Apus goes to the ape who can do the best job of getting her a big pile of coconuts. This is basically the story of the evolution of mankind, folks. Just add the saying "Behind every man is a naked woman" and you pretty much have the story. To top it off, consider that the word man does not have a damn thing to doe with any of your sexual organs and woman is just the name of the human nature. You have now surpassed Freud and Adler and Jung. Congratulations to you all.

To give up the death march, the living in the hell of stress, you have to make certain decisions. You have to give up consumerism. You have to give up Idolatry. You have to learn to love peace and calmness. And here in this state you can learn about life and God.

Stay alive.


Friday, February 13, 2009


The bond markets are crashing. Governments are wondering what the hell to do. Interests rates are the lowest in recorded history. What is going on? The answer to that little question is, "We have too much credit!" Everyone has borrowed to the max and there is now a time of reckoning. Gold has been rising. The dollar has been rising. What the hell can explain this? My friend Charles Bell explained it thusly: We are looking at two different mind sets. The dollar is rising because currency freaks all over the globe are getting out of their respective country's currency and are going to the dollar for security. I didn't say this would make sense I just said it is a mind set in play at this time. Gold is rising because a lot of people are starting to think the dollar is going to turn to shit and they want the safety and security of precious metals. So the usual cliche of dollar up equals gold down is not working at this time. It's just a matter of time before that will be cured, however. It pays to notice that the HAVES are looking for a place, ANY PLACE, where they can store their wealth while the global economy takes a dump. No matter what the commercials may say, no matter what the politicians do, the real wealth is looking for a place to hide. That is so they can come back and start the game again when the hard times are over. And millions of morons will welcome them back with open arms, anxious to get back into their debt cycle and their consumerism. And the Chinese government has said it will keep on buying US Treasury bills for the simple reason there is not better place to put their money. Mao must be rolling in his grave.

Where does this leave us, the lowly preppers with the high aspiration of living through this mess? It leaves us out in the country with our gardens and our preps. It leaves us with our friends. And it merely strengthens our resolve to survive. And we must survive to tell the tale of freedom and hope that is the message for this stupid world we live in. We must survive to tell the world about the idiocy of the system that failed. We must tell them about the evils of debt and compound interest. We must tell them that there is no excuse for making some soulless banker rich. We must explain that the joy of familyism and close friends makes more happiness than any pile of money. We have not seen it yet but the time is coming when money will be a joke. A fire starter. A butt wipe. A good meal and a warm fire in cold weather will be a very well thought of event.

I have a friend coming with a big box truck pulling a trailer, all containing preps for pre-positioning. It will be a few weeks but it is on the way. I hope all of you can get into the countryside before the shit hits the fan. That way you will not be a Walmartian who takes their last breath in the parking lot of their favorite store. I will be guarding the preps and I will probably do a better job than the railroad in New Mexico that is getting robbed. Here is the story.�One of my best friends in the whole world is coming today to go for a little ride on Beer Ridge Road. We will be doing a little sipping as we hide in the woods and stay the hell away from other folks. Maybe he will be pre-positioning some preps here soon. He is the best gardener in the state. There is a couple more that might make it in for the show. Should not be any problem getting people for security at the garden. I would not want to tamper with that garden in any kind of a thieving manner. Too many mouths to feed as it is.

I got an article this Friday morning from Mike Kemp that said we were getting low on some prescription drugs in this country because we were not producing them any more. The Chinese had been making them and they weren't making any money, so to hell with shipping drugs to America. All those corporate partnerships and what not are defunct. They were nothing more than American owned and Chinese run places anyhow. Cheap Asian labor producing products for the American consumer. And who gives a rat's ass about the American consumer these days?

Stay alive.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Got an Old Monkees song bangin' around in my head this morning. "What's the use in trying, all you get is pain. When I needed sunshine I got rain." It's sorta my ode to the system this morning. AND IT IS A SYSTEM! You can call it the New World Order or the Beast, or any other title you prefer, but it is a system. It is full of do and don't and rules and regulations. It is full of coulda, woulda, shoulda. I saw an article about 10 companies that will lead us out of the financial doldrums we now find ourselves in. I wouldn't even click on it for the laugh. It has become obvious to me that a lot of people do not have any control over their own lives and a surprising number of them like it that way. We have to find work for these people in the future. Give 'em beer on Saturday night and a game to play on Sunday. Then Monday they can go back to the mine and start whacking it out again.

We have enough! We have all we need and a surplus. We don't need to be led anywhere to gain anymore we just need to make do with what we have. There is a body of people called survivalists and there is a body of people called consumerists. And they don't have much in common. One group is trying to get by with what they have and the other group is trying to get by on what they don't have yet. One has an old pick up truck that he can keep running and the other is thinking about next years trade for a new road hog. But the majority of people cannot get consumerism out of their system. It has a deeply ingrained place in the human psyche. I think of the English manors of days gone by. Neatly trimmed hedges and luxurious gardens. Stately homes and hardy pets. All neat and trimmed and the envy of the common folk. And they are mostly consigned to the bosom of antiquity. No one can afford that shit any more. A few have the money but they mostly want to live in a great city and have all the amenities it can provide. But the dream of the landed estate lives on. Vast spans of McMansions spread across the land with manicured lawns and very clean cars. Garage doors open as if by magic, though it is a button on a key chain that activates it. The whole thing is powered by easy credit. But the credit system has turned around and bit America on the ass and the bills are coming due. Time to pay the piper.

I am starting to look at life differently than the way I was raised. I am starting to look at work as something I enjoy and if I don't enjoy it I will get something else to do. If you look around in a place like I live in, there is always a need of something and it could very well be something I enjoy or would give me satisfaction. I do not ever want to become a consumerist again! The system makes you a slave and I don't like the yoke. Since I have spent these last 38 years contemplating life and it's ramifications I have decided I do not like indentured servitude. I don't like paying bills. Can you say that? I DON'T LIKE PAYING BILLS! Man. It feels good just to say the words. And it is such a blessing when you get to the point you don't have to do it. I worked very hard to get where I am now and I don't want to turn loose of it. I don't want to deal with any bankers or credit card companies. I don't want to be involved in the court system of this corrupt land. I would just as soon not fool around with their medical system as it is liable to kill you as often as it heals you.

I look out over the land and I do not hear the sound of the Turtledove. I do not sense it being a time to breed and a time of courting and romance. A strong wind is blowing across the valley this morning and rain is persistent It is fairly warm but the sky is dark. And always the wind. A steady 15 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. I feel the wind is blowing in a time of trouble, a time of hardship, a time of danger. But the rain is still here so the spirit is also. Rain is the spiritual manifestation of the presence of God, if you didn't know that already. I want preps! I could spend a million dollars on preps in a very short period of time. And God knows that and I accept his will for this hour. But the preparations are going to get accomplished! Because they MUST be accomplished. At least they must be accomplished if God intends that this society go down.

The smart guys, the wise guys, are milking this thing for all it's worth. The very rich are becoming the ultra rich. Feudalism has been gone for quite a while in western civilizations, but it could be coming back. I don't dig the yoke of petty tyrants much, either. Bullet catchers, the way I see it. In the meantime, prepare like it was going out of style! And stay alive.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I am surprised that Tim Geithner and Ben Bernake still have their jobs. These bastards are the very bunch that got us into this mess and we still have them around to run the salvage operation? What is going on? These morons don't have the sense to tie their shoes, let alone rescue the American economy.

George Ure over at has given us 90 to 120 days before the shit hits the fan. He seems fairly sure of this and maybe he damn well should be. He also had a pretty big paragraph up about how to raise a forest garden. Sort of a stealth food production method. We will get in a garden if I have to stand guard with a 12 gauge. Ain't anybody but God gonna keep me from it. The wife was out digging Sassafras and Poke root today. Found plenty. Her foraging skills will help us this Spring when the garden is not quite producing as yet. Love them Lambs Quarters. Good stuff.

Talked to an old friend over by Salem, Indiana, yesterday and he is getting ready for hard times. Not a whole lot but some. He has a few cases of canned goods and will have a garden. He runs a few head of beef and will have meat. His neighbor has chickens and eggs. He has a hand pump right outside his back door and he also has a spring. The spring will water his stock. He has plenty of ammo and a few guns. He has a wife and a 15 tear old stepson who likes him. Some horses are in the mix also.

I just finished listening to Big John this Tuesday evening. He has become the largest seller of non-hybrid seed in the nation. Applause for Big John Lipscomb! But he is running low on seed from the great demand he is trying to fill so he is selling a smaller packet of seed. But the days of the 15,000 seed assortments are over for a while. I'm glad I got mine last year!

I had braised Pheasant for supper tonight. It didn't cost us a thing and the wife cooked it to perfection. Too damn bad they don't grow around here. You can find them up in the far northern counties of Indiana but not down South. There is a microbe that goes through the shell of the eggs and kills the baby inside. The adults can make it just fine down here but they can't reproduce. Bummer.

I hope everyone is getting their gear and food together and getting ready for the assault on humanity I think is coming this Summer. We must give a good account of ourselves. But we can turn Blackwater into gray water, if you catch my drift. I will be doing what I can to enlarge my non-hybrid seed stash this coming few weeks. I just feel to plant a lot of corn and beans. They can get mighty boring but they will pack a gut as good as anything.

Lots of talk on radio about taking on the NWO right here in the US of A. According to that URL that Mike Kemp sent me and I put up for you folks to read, we can do it without much problem. The surge in Afghanistan will lower the troop levels in this country again. But if the bastards in the NWO want a fight I reckon they can get all they want right here. People are pissed. This country, this WORLD, has gone insane. And an insane animal is very dangerous. Just do the best you can and stay alive!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I have watched Obama give a speech at a "town all" meeting in Elkheart, Indiana, today. Watched the whole thing on streaming video from CNN and they did superb job. And so did Obama. That boy can talk the balls off a brass monkey. He is one speechifying politician. I really enjoy hearing him talk. And he gave the people of Elkheart something to cheer them up. Hope and money and some humor and promises and all that stuff. You can see why he won the election. And he all but admitted that the election was a rejection of the previous administration as much as a vote for his policies. And that is somewhat true. But it was a good speech and I enjoyed the effort.

Now then, to get down to brass tacks, the citizen bail-out bill, called a stimulus bill, is gonna lose. The money will get spent and there will be cheers from all sides as good news is broadcast to the people, but it will fail. The reason simply being that it is an attempt to start the whole damn process over again. It sets no new course in life but merely is an attempt to rejuvenate the past. And thus it will fail. And I still want to know what Bush did with that TWO TRILLION DOLLARS in cash he had printed up 3 years ago at this time. It got printed and then became unmentionable. But TWO TRILLION DOLLARS? Jesus Frog! What the hell did he do with the money? So we got a real nice speech but no hard-won victories. Life goes on.

The mind of humanity always want to believe a lie. And politicians know that. People always want to believe that people "in the background" can wave magic wands and cure any economic ill we might have. The masses expect them to get good "cut" of the money but they figure they will get things righted once more. And so far they have. Even if it took a gigantic war and a million deaths, they would make it right again. But the masses are used to paying the price. Filthy cowards. They forget the day at Lexington and Concord. Lazy cowards. Prone to stay asleep and hope to be ignored, as in 'eat me last' rather than go after the fucking scoundrels. But this time I have believe the thing has gone too far. I think it has passed the point of no return.

That is about all I have this morning. I suggest you go to and read this little article sent to me by Mike Kemp. It might open your eyes to some possibilities you had never considered.


Monday, February 9, 2009


Judges tentatively order Calif. inmates released
Feb 9, 6:50 PM (ET)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - A special panel of federal judges has tentatively ruled that California must release tens of thousands of inmates to relieve overcrowding.

The judges say no other solution will improve conditions so poor that inmates die regularly of suicides or lack of proper care.

They say the state can cut the population of its 33 adult prisons through changes in parole and other policies without endangering public safety.

The three judges said a final population figure would be set later.

In Monday's tentative ruling, the judges said they want the state to present a plan to trim the prison population in two to three years.


Still hanging loose in Boise. Working to finalize what I can under my current confinements. Am moving some supplies to "Alternate Locations." Going in with In-Laws already running that small farm for Seed & Meat Animals. We are also buying them things they need but don't have the cash, while we have the cash but not the property. Will start some Bug Out to Tents on their Land Drills shortly.

Had a sit down chat with the misses about what was going on & what I see coming. She doesn't like to hear it, too much Gloom & Doom for her. I point out to her all of my Annual Hurricane Preps (Done in April) while we lived in LA that she thought were quite silly, until of course August 29th, 2005!

We have gone to Standing Yellow Alert, certain items do be done without fail to maintain a CSOR, Constant State of Readiness. As I used to tell some of my foolish co-workers in LA when a storm was looming in the Gulf, "What do I have to do to get Ready? Absolutely Nothing!"

Sure made handling the Katrina Khaos at our jobs a lot easier! And the Post-K World as it was called seriously SUCKED ASS!

But we still lived out of our house for 8 Days while it was Grid Down except for Water! It wasn't great, but it was home. My wife thought I was enjoying it too much because I finally got to deploy all my Emergency Shit!

Going to be Snowing on me for the next 3 Days, try to stay warm over there!

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An update from some of my kin in Kentucky

OK, so you're all aware of the ice storm we've had, but I thought I'd send you some updates. Approximately 700,000 people in Kentucky alone lost power last week. Some of the rural counties expect it to take 3 - 6 weeks to get everyone back online, and Louisville is hoping to get everyone back up today (10 days later). The temperature 2 nights ago was 0, by the way. In rural Kentucky, the water plants have no electricity, so there is no water, and the county governments do not have the resources to provide shelter - they don't have electric either. They've asked everyone who can to leave, but there's no place to go.

Sooo, a couple of days after the storm, FEMA said they wished they could help, but the roads were bad so they couldn't get to the places that were badly hit (no, I'm not making this up). The national guard was sent in to help clear the roads, but they weren't given chain saws, which made them rather ineffective.

Sometime in the last week, the guard came up with some chain saws so yesterday FEMA came down, and provided MREs for the hardest hit. One small problem - over 100,000 of the MREs contained the peanut butter which was recalled 2 months ago for salmonella. FEMA said that the peanut butter was only recalled as a precaution, but it would probably be best not to eat it. Yea, I'm thinking a raging salmonella infection with no water, no heat and no way to get to the hospital is not a great way to spend your weekend.

Not that I had any faith in the government to lose, but it just makes my head hurt.

I'm warm, dry, and keeping a well stocked pantry because I sure don't expect to get emergency aid if I ever need it!


Just sittin' here thinkin' about the big bag of split peas the woman has in the freezer right now. They are dried, of course, but they are going through our sanitation process of getting frozen for a few days. Makes me feel good about preps, you know. Come hell or high water we have some food for our bellies. We would have to suffer a domicile calamity to lose our food. But we are not the final authority of our survival, God is, so we do what we can and hang on to his mercy.

It's 54 degrees outside. Supposed to get up to 63 or 64 tomorrow and about the same Tuesday. I reckon folks will start going outside in their T-shirts and we will have some mild cases of pneumonia. Happens every year. You get a warm spell in February and people think that Winter is over and all hell breaks loose in various homes as people come up with sick kids. All kinds of anti-biotics will be handed to the kids like M&M's in an effort to get them cured and healthy. This is one of those times of the year when people lower their personal resistance to disease by taking meds that will not do a damn thing for them except lower their own immune system. Do yourself a favor and just take a lot of Vitamin C. Megadoses were advised by Dr. Linus Pauling. He won TWO Nobel Prizes you know. Sharp cookie. So do as Dr. Pauling said and take a lot of C. And don't go to the hospital except as a last resort. They will be buried with patients and the place is an excellent spot to pick up stronger germs.

It's Monday morning now and I have slept well during the night. I thank God for a good night's sleep. Meeting was fairly lively and I heard a rambling dissertation on how God could save us from financial calamity. It is very true! God most certainly could save us from the coming had times. I don't think he is going to do that but you can never tell. But God IS God and can do as he wishes. Man has made this bed and he can lie in it. I keep telling people that error is it's own reward. That is just another way of saying that "as a man soweth, so shall he reap." Greed, ignorance, and failure to take heed are the root causes for our present distress. America got too pre-eminent. She thought it could not happen to her. It looks to me as if she is about to find out just how favored she is at this point in time. Obama has better keep the national defense forces up to snuff while he is in office. I have a funny feeling we are going to need them. Bustedknuckles over at Ornery Bastard got his neighbor's trailer moved and his old Rat Trap sold this weekend. Talk about walking with God! Now, if he can just keep from getting fired today he will be just fine. I wish him well. He is a bit of a demented mutha and probably will not alter his behavior much to suit his boss. We shall see. He just happens to be a primo mechanic and garage supervisor. When things get tough the guys who can really do what they are advertised to do are usually the last to get put out of the labor force. No truck owner wants to pay for a bunch of needless bullshit when times are tough. The truck owner wants it fixed right the first time! Can't afford long drug-out affairs and extra fees.

I'll get off this rant. Keep an eye on the news and find out how the bankers are squeezing for more bail-out money. They ought to let them all go tits up and just start some new banks. Only start lots of little ones and not these mega-banks that drag everyone down when they screw it up. Stay alive!