Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, it cold as hell outside and I am sitting at this miserable keyboard typing a blog for Sunday. It's late and I will be going to bed soon. It has been a long day. I haven't gotten much email today and I hope everyone is staying with the prepping program. Once is a while I get an email from someone and it really warms my heart. It's always someone who you have never heard of before. They don't make noise. But they prep. And some of them do very well at it.

And I know that most of you will not go at it like you should. You will have trouble with your mate or you will have a job to protect or there will be sickness in your family or some such shit. And it is always the same excuses. There were 100,000 jobs lost in this country this week. 100,000 JOBS! This is a big indicator that your ass is about to draw fire. I called a friend tonight and asked him how things were going. He said things didn't look too hot these days. Every time he watched the news it was full of bad trips. I said I knew what he was talking about. It just gets a little worse every goddamn day. But as I talked to him I used my super prepper decoding ring to decipher what he was saying and I found he was NOT prepping. I was essentially done with the conversation at that point. I didn't get huffy or nothin' but I got off the line pretty quick. I just didn't have much for a guy who won't prep. It's like I can't even fathom why anyone would want to go to a FEMA camp instead of their own home. I can't imagine anyone who didn't want to eat good food that they knew was not tampered with. I can't imagine anyone who is afraid of the queers who work for the fedgov and are empowered with enforcing their commands. They really are a bunch of two-bit chicken shits who have to call for back up before they can go to the toilet.

You watch the fedgov boys. They are always checking their odds. They are always figuring out who has the upper hand. And if they ain't got it then they will behave themselves. But if they have the upper hand they get real cocky and macho. Just watch 'em and see if I am telling the truth. I have faced a few of them down in my time and they don't like that, but they will suffer it rather than shit all over the place with extreme cowardice in front of a group of people. They are really not as tough as they are made out to be. The system is tough though. And if they get you in it you are screwed to the max. Once they get you in a cell and in a court you have had Old Louie right where it hurts. They will beat you and torture you and starve you and make you confess to any goddamn thing they want. They have you locked up and helpless and they have lots of people to make your life a living hell. You may as well resist to the very end of life. And it will be for a good cause. We have them out numbered by over 50 to 1 and they can't keep losing people for very long.

In the days ahead you may run into some severe problems. Freebooters may be trying to kill you and take your food. Government officials may be trying to do the same damn thing. People may be trying to disarm you and calling on the safety of the children to back up their play. And don't ever forget that the people who cry out in the name of the children are the ones who have killed them at Ruby Ridge and Waco. No telling how many of them they have killed in the Mid-East. This we know. The bastards DO LIE. And when the chips are down and the stage is set, they will use every trick in the book to bring you under subjection. They are cowards but they are relentless.

When we run into these severe problems we must take a stand. We must hold our ground. We must protect our friends and family with all of our might. And no chicken shit trips allowed. You have to step to the front and take your best shot. No running. No negotiating. No calling time-out while you watch a football game. No going fishing. You gotta get right after them and never let up. This country, the good ol' US of A, is going to face things unimaginable, and probably this year. And I have some pretty smart people all over this country that tell me this. I am getting ready to feed people and treat their wounds and grow their food. I have so many projects I would like to get accomplished that my head spins sometimes. I keep my eye on the horizon in case I am called upon to fight. And these things I do because that is the way I am formed. Your personal problems at home do not touch me. Take care of them. Your job does not effect me as I have worked my ass off for years to pay for this ground and it has no mortgage. If you have no land to dwell upon then you are basically screwed. When the hard times come you will be a refugee very quickly. You will be at the mercy of the government. I have written vast amounts of posts for my blog telling people to get ready. I wonder how many have done it? How many got serious or how many got fucked? Because if you did anything but prepare you are fucked. There is a little time left, if you have the money to get your stuff. There is land available if you have been out looking for it. Good things happen to those who beg God and do not beg Obama. REBEL, you congenital ass monkeys! I'm sure you have seen the video where all the people start hollerin' "I'm mad as hell and I am not going to take it any more!" Then pick up a brick and heave it at the nearest system structure you see! That is what they did not have in the video! And if by some outrageous misfortune you pick a non-system target, God will more than likely forgive you and give you inspiration on the second brick and you will get it right. So get to throwing those bricks!

You know, I can't wave a magic wand and cause every man out there to grow a pair of balls. If I could I would. You slow guys would enjoy it! Your life would change and have some meaning. You would be refreshed by the experience. Your goals would change and you would have a new direction in your life. You would be involved in keeping your freedom and feeding your family and friends. You could hold your head high and other men would know why you did it. Life is good when you live it that way. Notice that I never said it was easy, I just said it was good. The government of Iceland has capitulated. France is starting to burn. Bulgaria is starting to crumble. Japan and England are well down the road to ruin. You have never seen a time like this in your life! This is the time to get something done! Don't turn tail and run from it. Go at the sonovabitch! I hope I am inspiring all of you to new heights of survivalism and dedication to the cause of staying alive. The toughest meanest stud on the block is the guy who out lives all of his enemies. Stay alive!


p.s. There is a new blog at . Check him out. I did. Not bad.


shiloh1862 said...

Love the way you write brother!

in line with your post is this...

I think he has it about right!

And it is getting close. Summer of hell is what is ahead.


Degringolade said...

Overall a good post. As usual a couple of small bones to pick, but nothing really worth bringing up.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes folks to start calling the gov't bluff. They don't have the ways or the means to accomplish what they want to do.

I for one am hoping things work out, but I sure as hell ain't planning on it.


Jacob Gittes said...

Good post -
On Friday, everyone at my company got an email saying that one of our largest subcontractors just went out of business. As of that day...

The employees of that company were given THREE HOURS to clean out their desks and leave.

Unbelievable? No, it's happening everywhere, all the time. Our next door neighbor lost his job a few weeks ago. They bought their house at the top of the housing bubble. They are screwed. The husband, a good triathlete and marathon runner, has started smoking due to the stress.

Things are getting bad. If you are in Minnesota, there is a new preppers blog I have joined:

I also publish a general political/commentary blog:

Keep on preparing.

Mayberry said...

Hell I'm inspired! But you already knew that.... Seriously, I felt that post Michael. Uncle Sugar kicked me in the balls this mornin' as I did my taxes. It's do or die time for me. I'm gonna do! Workin' on my pile of bricks......

shinerbock said...

Best post I've read in awhile... I hate the bastards, and its nice to see someone call it like they see it. Once they've got you... they've got you, and there's not much you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

hearin' ya loud n clear! Bad things happen to those without cajones. Are ye ready? I am ready! at least ya got enuf to tell it like it is, not how most want it to be. Yer Bud; Willyo.

Willyo- MYB Farm/Campground, 304-354-9434
Big Bend, on Norman Ridge, WV