Friday, July 31, 2009


Lots to talk about and not much energy to do it. I am getting tired or this, I think. I am not tired of the people but rather I am tired of waiting for the big slide to gain a little speed! I have so much invested in this effort, time and money. I would sorta like to see it used. I am broke and most likely gonna stay that way for a while. But I am looking forward to the days of togetherness with my friends as we work through this up and coming mess. Mayberry has proclaimed it to be time to get out of Dodge and who am I to say he is wrong! He is determined to seek him a life of non-intrusiveness by the government. Can't find much fault with that. The way this stupid fucking government operates they ought to put most of their revenue in "black box" funds and forget abut most everything else. Everything is so damn secret anymore it is pathetic. The mainstream media is letting us know the "secret" that the fedgov is going to have the army join in for the "sure thing" swine fly epidemic coming this Fall. They are going to use them for "testing us" when the time comes. Will the testing be multiple choice or essay? They ain't testing me. I am not letting strangers from who knows where get up close to breathe in MY face. That is how you get the flu! The best way to fight flu is to quarantine yourself. Put yourself away form the maddening crowd and practice good hygiene. Works like a charm. If you ain't got the flu you probably won't get it and if you do have the flu you won't infect anyone else. How is that for logic, reasoning, and compassion? Face masks can help you go out into the world and buy supplies if you absolutely need to do it. All this advice is gonna seem like wasted time if the pandemic does not manifest itself. But I think the swine flu is peanuts to our regular garden variety flu we get every year, if we are unfortunate. It kills 13,000 people annually, which is vastly more potent than any swine flu we have seen.

Our next catastrophe is a monetary collapse. Could be this year yet. More than likely has already gotten started. We have used up most of our "reserve currency" good will around the globe and folks in other governments are starting to get a bit pissed off and edgy regarding how the USA is handling it's finances. I think the world would have already dumped the dollar if they were not all existing on fiat currencies anyhow. The only problem is we have inflated our currency to an astronomical level. Who wants to do business with a proven bummer! Our Socialist president has just about wrecked our economy toward the rest of the world. I would still like to know what happened to the 2 trillion dollars that was printed up by the Bush administration 3 and 1/2 years ago. That was a nice piece of change to just fade from public view.

I cannot tell you just how bad this monetary collapse is going to be, because I don't know the depths of it. I do know that if our dollar loses it's position as the worlds reserve currency that we are pretty much toast. We will become like the Wiemar Republic of Germany or present day Zimbabwe. We will be using wheelbarrows of money to pay for things. And it will only take about 10 to 20 years to get out of such a mess. And by that time we will have stared a whole new economy anyhow. Food and fuel would be a nice starting point. You provide three square meals a day and you get a day's labor. Throw in a days worth of firewood and you really become popular.

Next, we are looking at a nuclear war in the Mid-East between Israel and Iran. Iran doesn't have a nuclear bomb but that doesn't mean a damn thing to the war hawks of this country. Israel is our friend in the Middle East. The carnage will be huge. The numbers of the dead will be stifling. The nuclear fallout will be disastrous to the rest of the world. And then we will really have a world financial collapse. Big time. Oil and it's many derivatives will be acquired by kneeling behind an Arab and placing ones lips on the cheek of their ass and smooching loudly. It's an old slave custom.

What these things I have mentioned this morning are leading to is MARTIAL LAW. It is on everyone's mind and with good reason. It is so much easier to control us nobodies with martial law than to have us running around thinking we own the place. The old WWII movies that showed the Germans stopping everyone and saying "Papers please." will then become a reality. You will have to have your REAL ID then and your vaccination record and maybe your current position on the NO FLY list to prove that you are acceptable to the Powers That Be. If you seem to be okay then you might be able to go on your way to work. Maybe. There will be no rule that says they have to let you pass. They might require further attention, especially from you prettier ladies. Don't it just make you sick?

My eldest child is having her last day of tests for her bar examination today. Today will be the last day of her travail, if she passes. She is a smart lady and I think she will pass okay. She has a degree in Computer Science, a degree in Law and she may as well go to Medical School now and really fill out her resume. My son is still in his Evaluation stage of his certification process to be a Paramedic. It should be over soon. These kids beat their brains out for these degrees and certifications and what not. They study an ungodly amount of hours and make themselves about half sick over certain tests. I wish them well and much success in the ventures they have chosen.

Stay alive!


Thursday, July 30, 2009


It has been a beautiful day here in southern Indiana. Just gorgeous. I lay down before supper, got a half hour nap and while I was sleeping we got a brisk rainstorm that cooled everything off. Super.

My email is getting to be a lot of folks talking about getting the hell out of Dodge. And right now, not later. I concur with those plans. as much as I know. Folks are looking at federal intervention into their lives to a degree not seen before in the history of our country. People are looking at forced vaccination and possible incarceration. Not the things a reasonable person would expect from a reasonable country. But that is the price we must pay to stay in the global world economy. If you haven't been paying attention lately, globalism is collapsing like the unrealistic house of cards it really is. I heard a city planner back in the 80's say at at one of our conventions that globalism would not work. The supply lines were too long. It's too cumbersome to work for the planet. You basically got to make do with what is close to you. You gotta grow your own food and dig your own minerals and grow your own trees. Or maybe get them close at hand, if you have the good sense and good fortune to stay on good terms with your neighbors. What goes around comes around and the idea of America being the baddest stud on the block may not be good foreign policy any longer. The scripture says, "For God shall not be mocked, for as a man soweth so shall he reap." That is why I feel good about preppers. They are not spreading hate and pain around the globe but rather love and understanding and truth. We are not mocking God and that is a good thing. A very good thing. The rest of the world may not see it as I do but I think I am on the right track and so the world can go to hell.

The latest word on the Web-bot is that they have been rescued by their ISP and their former $15,000 a month fee has been reduced to $15,000 every THREE months. That ought to help Cliff pick up a nice piece of change. I am about of the same mind as Mayberry on the matter of the web-bot. Cliff has already given us so much information that I don't know if I can process any more. Hell! We are looking at a nuclear war in the Middle East yet this year! Ain't that enough? I will listen to what others say about the web-bot but I don't know if any more will matter. It is saying we are already in over our heads!

Swine Flu is getting a lot of play this time of year. Doctors and Nurses testifying before the FDA are saying they would not take the flu vaccine if it is not tested and it has those booster additives called ajuvants in it. The booster additives are to lessen the amount of vaccine needed for each person. I do not believe I will be taking any shot, myself. I will be self medicated. I will stay at home and stay out of the public's face and not mix with people. I will take nourishment of a kind to boost my immune system. I will wash my hands often. If it gets too bad I will wear a face mask. A friend of mine is sending me a box of N-95 face masks and I will use them, Damn right I will. No shot can kill the flu. It is a virus and we don't have a virus killer. Our bodies have to kill the virus. Be advised of this and talk it over with a professional healthcare worker. You just may learn something. The federal government has bought almost two billion dollars worth of vaccine from Big Pharma. Two of the most untrustworthy groups in the country. And we are supposed to trust them now? I don't think so. Not me at least! The bloggers are the people who are getting this story out at this time. The mainstream media is pro-government and pro big business so you will have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Make up your own mind and stay alive.


Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I just got the news that Cliff High is going to shut down the web-bot. I got it off of George Ure's site at Urban Survival. Too many people getting to read and know about the report without paying. But, it is too hot a topic for there not to some folks passing it around. George has kids. I don't know about Cliff High. But I am sure they pass on anything they might know to their progeny. I do not look at this as a case of theft or horribly screwed up values but as people trying to let others know that there is danger in the future, big danger. I hunt down bits and pieces of the ALTA Report like I surf around for Gerald Celente and his trend forecasts. I don't have the money to pay for these things, is my problem. But I have surfed around and gotten answers and inspirations from other places and I will continue on that course. It is too important to me and the people I love to deny any needed info. Plus there are many out there who read what I have to say that want to know also. And some of them are pretty damn fine people. It is a shame that Half Past Human is shutting down as per George Ure but I can see that their usefulness may be coming to an end. If I am headed toward a 15 or 20 year span of harsh global economics I won't be needing anyone to remind me weekly or monthly that I am witnessing it. It will be self evident to billions of people.

I think of the story about Moses striving against the priests of Egypt. Moses would work some miraculous pestilence against Egypt and the Egyptian guys would equal him. But only for a while. When Moses got to doing things they could not do they gave up and said it was of God. So it is today. The natural men are being very pragmatic and saying what they believe to be in the future and a lot of it is coming to pass. I call it the collective unconsciousness. We all know things we don't know where we got them. They are just in our heads. And so it is today.

But let God be true and every man a liar. And in this I am thinking about Peter when he wrote about "the heavens shall melt with fervent heat" and what in God's name was he looking at? The smartest man I ever knew said Pater was seeing nuclear explosions and didn't know that the hell they were. And I would think that would be true. Not much in the Bible about atomic energy. It has not been invented as yet. But it was known to God! That fisherman didn't know what he was seeing but he recorded it as well as he might. But those guys back there saw a lot of things they didn't know anything about. We have a record such as the boys who worked for King James could provide for us. But there is a lot of mystery in those Bible verses and they are open to many interpretations. Only the Elite of God will know what they mean and maybe they won't even know but will just live through catastrophe following the leading of the Spirit. But, all this supposition aside, I wonder if the modern prophets have reached their limit. Will they reach a point where God says "NO MORE" and have to stop? Will they even know that God has decreed such a thing. Or recognizing their humanness, will He make the reason for quitting acceptable to human reasoning? I got a call this afternoon that told me that Half Past Human has something like an $18,000 dollar a month bill for their operation. It ain't cheap to run those machines all day and all night for a month. The bandwidth must be staggering. The machinery cost would bankrupt me!
I have been reading articles where the fedgov is backing down on their predictions of a cure for the depression. I say it will not happen. I say it is too far down the drain to pull it back up to the light of day. We prepare right long and get ready for what ever comes down the road. Our dehydrator is running 24 X 7 and the stash of dried food grows daily. What we don't grow the wife is getting from the Amish and it is a step or two above what you can get in a store.

Stay alive.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I got a giant step closer to the answer to why the central valley of California is laying fallow this year. The congress is protecting 4" minnow. You can view the video at . It's pretty sickening. But at least it is curable. In the mean time they are pumping the water that would normally go into the irrigation system out into the ocean. Don't that just warm your heart? Western mass. man at dug this video out of his files and sent it too me, so that we might know some more of the truth. Just what bloggers are good for! I hope they just go turn some valves and switches and channel the water back into the irrigation system. It will do good there. Western water wars are so ridiculous.I will be putting up a short blog today. I will try to do better tomorrow.

Stay alive.


Monday, July 27, 2009


I have been reading The Coming Depression at . It is sorta scary. The story is about a huge Valley in California that has grown the nations vegetables for decades. I think it is called the Central Valley. There is an Interstate that runs though it going North and South and for 200 miles there is no crops in the ground. This is America's vegetable bin. It grows most of the stuff you see in your supermarket in the vegetable section. And it is not producing. And if this is allowed to continue then America is going to go hungry in the future, like the future we call next Fall. Here is a short paragraph from this frightening story.

"On July 15th, as I began my trip to Utah, I came off the Grapevine decline and hit the flat 250 or so mile stretch of interstate which begins the farming belt in the valley. Almost immediately I noticed what I had only heard about on the radio and in the papers. Where once there were vast fields of green, now there where empty, barely recognizable rows of unplanted dirt and growing weeds. Only sporadically at first, but once I passed Bakersfield and for about a 200 mile stretch, I could not believe my eyes. Field after field laid fallow. And not really fallow, but unattended... as if it was not going to be planted in the near future either. Signs were staked in the ground on almost every patch of barren farmland. The most common one, which was yellow and obviously a group effort to wake up the sleeping travelers of their future plight, read:"CONGRESS CREATED DUST BOWL"

You must get out of town and out into the countryside. You must do it where there is adequate rainfall and plenty of rivers and streams. Hermit Jim , you better get the hell out of Houston and get North and East where they have enough rainfall for crops. The wife is buying vegetables from the Amish every weekend and dehydrating them for our storage. She likes to do it and it makes us more stable in our food supply. I was reading yesterday that America is OUT OF GRAIN. There ain't any surplus stored away for anything. The Wheat is gone, the Corn is gone. People! We are about to get the green wienie shoved up our butts! They have a Swine Flu epidemic on the way. They have a food shortage on the way. And currency collapse is waiting in the wings ready to take off! The bankers are all bailed out. The stock market guys are getting rich. And you and I are left to pick shit with the chickens. All we need is a nuclear war in the Mid-East to drive the price of oil through the roof and we are leveled like a sidewalk. And Obama is more interested in passing his healthcare bill than he is in protecting our food supply. He is also interested in cutting off the carbon dioxide that feeds our plants with his 'cap and trade' bullshit. I have been thinking about starting a national campaign called FEED OUR PLANTS in order to combat his insanity.

This country needs to grow up. This country needs to take a look around and see what is going on. I am not asking them all to become survival bloggers but they can at least read them! There is a whole lot of news that is not on TV. The TV news is basically used to hide the important stuff form the masses. We can read about needle tracks on Michael Jackson's arm but we will not hear about Israel's plans to attack Iran until it is history. What the hell is going on? Why are we the Mushroom People, fed shit and kept in the dark? Why has all of this chatter gone on about the stimulus and the banks and the stock brokers? I'll tell you why it is going on. They are getting all of the money! And they are putting mine and your names on the IOU for the cash. Hows that for an underhanded trick? The governments stimulus plan cannot work! You cannot borrow your way out of debt! And to give you a big clue that things are not what they seem, this country is setting records for low temperatures this Summer by the 1000's. A portion of Texas and another place is hot and dry and the rest of us are wearing long sleeved shirts to keep warm. And that man Obama is trying to tax the living hell out of us for GLOBAL WARMING. Reality and the news are not matching up! Read it at:

The City of Exeter down by Cornwall and Devon, in England is planning on using old catacombs for burial if the Swine Flu gets to be too much. Does Fox News tell you about this? They will only if it helps Big Pharma sell more tricked out vaccine. They gotta keep their customers satisfied! It just seems to me that we are about to get screwed pretty damn rude. No Vaseline and no kiss. Lock and load, Muthas! And stay alive!


Sunday, July 26, 2009


I want to start out on what Jeff Cooper called the Combat Mindset. It is really pretty simple. You go through your laws, your religion, your philosophy and you come up with the point in life when you will aim a weapon and try to kill another human being. Serious business. And there is a trick to doing it properly. And that trick is to already have it in your mind when the circumstances of life will make you pull the trigger, and you just do it. And you do it quickly and efficiently. You already have done the thinking and there is nothing to do but to do it. This thinking enables you to protect your family and yourself and keep you alive. And you can accomplish this by having your mind made up about the point at which you will do the deed. The concept of using a gun is a powerful shock to most people's minds. This shock can slow you down, make you hesitant. And you want no part of slowness or hesitancy. When it is combat time you want to be on the wining side of things. Don't be victimized by not being able to make up your mind. I'm sure you have heard the old adage of "He who hesitates is lost." There is a lot of Wisdom and practicality in that statement. There is also much to be said about it being better to be tried by twelve than to be carried by six.

Most people are aware of folks who train in physical martial arts. Martial arts guys are in the Dojo or Karate Academy two or three nights a week. They constantly train. They do repetitive drills to the point of mindlessness. This is so that when it is time to put the fighting ability to work they already have the muscle memory to do what they have to do with no hesitation. Fights are generally over with in about 10 seconds. And the guy who gets there first with the most wins. You might spend months or years in training for a 10 second fight. But you win the fight and you don't suffer serious injury or defeat. That is what it is all about. Winning! Like George C. Scott said in the movie Patton, "You let that other sonovabitch die for HIS country."

You live in a house. Have you given any thought to where you might be invaded? What door or window would a likely looter or zombie use to come into you home? Have you got that figured out yet? Once you get that figured out, have you figured out where the best place to stash a weapon might be? Or do you want to get caught flat footed and lose the battle? It's happened many times in the past. If you have a gun what good is it if the invader is already on you and kicking your ass or shooting you or maybe stabbing you?

Do you know where you will stand if an intruder comes into your house? If you have figured out where they will enter then you can surely figure out where you will defend. I keep an 12 gauge shotgun close by me all day and all night. I know exactly what I will do. I know where I will stand. I know where I will have the most protection and the most acceptable field of fire. And I have this in mind because I intend to come out of any engagement as the winner. I know where my wife is most of the time. She is 50% of why I am defensive minded. What good is it if I live and she dies? That would be a tragic loss.

And what about defending kids? Do you have a plan to keep them alive and safe? Or would you leave them to the tender mercies of a kidnapper or a zombie? When you are dealing with desperate people you are dealing with the bottom line. It will be you or them. Know where you will go to defend your kids. Know where NOT to point your weapon when defending them.

There are some weighty things said in this article. Sentences that could spawn entire books for interested people. Go over your plans carefully and decide what you will do. Have your mind made up and clear of indecision. And stay alive.


Saturday, July 25, 2009


Due to the kind request of THAT GUY IN KENTUCKY,, I am going to write the story of how the Old Man got led to this geographical spot. It is quite a tale and not what you normally read on the Internet. I'll just sit here and write it from memory.

Daniel Wright was a preacher of the Truth. He had worked his way through Christianity. He had heard a voice from out of this world. Hearing that voice had sealed his fate. When you hear the voice of God you don't forget it. He spent the late 50's and early 60's hearing from this being and then preaching what he heard to various churches in Christendom. But he was rejected. The people didn't want the Truth. They wanted their religion. And that is a big difference. Truth is truth no matter where you get it. Truth is God's religion. Truth is what He practices. I hate the word practice. Let's say he PERFORMS the Truth. Ain't any practicing to it. I mean, the man is a God and rules the known creation and let's give him a little credit for knowing what is going on. I never did like the idea of praying to a limited God. He is an unlimited God. Selah. And that settles that.

But Daniel was always praying and trying to discern the meaning of what God told him. And he was always curious as to where things would be happening. One night he was awakened from his sleep by that voice, speaking outside of his body. The voice said, "I WILL SHOW YOU MY VALLEY." Daniel, being an eager follower of God, got out of bed and got dressed and went to his car. He was driving a Lincoln back then. It was a gift from a wealthy man who followed Daniel. Daniel was in Indianapolis at the time and he started his car and said "Which way Lord?" And he headed out down the street. He was being led by the Spirit. When he would come to an intersection he would look all the different directions and get a good feeling when he looked at the way he as to go. He found himself driving down Highway #37, headed South. About the time he got into Bedford he was headed was on a secondary highway. Actually it would not have qualified as a secondary highway so let's call it a thirdary highway. He drove a few miles and the Spirit showed him where he was to turn off of the highway. And a half mile later he knew he was in the wilderness.

I have already told you that Daniel turned off a minor highway and went a mile on a country road. But he noticed very quickly that the Spirit had left him. That was a bad feeling. So he backed up and there on the right side of the road was a lane, two dirt tracks and grass growing everywhere else. It was practically hidden due to it's primitive state and the fact that it ran downhill rather abruptly. Daniel drove down the hill slowly and when he got to the bottom there was a little stream crossing the road. By this time Daniel was in a spiritual ecstasy and he stopped the car and got out to kneel in the road with his hands in the air, to give thanks to God for the experience. There were birds chirping and squirrels chattering and the little creek gurgling, making peasant noises in the back ground. Suddenly everything went dead still and a voice spoke. "HERE MEN WILL TAKE OFF THEIR SHOES. THIS IS HOLY GROUND." Daniel was astonished, to say the least.

He drove a few more miles along the little narrow road and finally came to a little waterfall. He got out of his car and walked up to the rock where the waterfall gathered to make it's plunge and had a little talk with his maker. He said, "Let this property come into my hands and I will use it for your people." God and Daniel made their agreement right there at that waterfall. And that is the way it began. A Voice, a leading of the Spirit, and then a Promise. The pact they made has never been voided to my knowledge.

We struggled and worked and prayed a lot in the days of Daniel. We went to Bloomington and built the largest sawmill in the state. We built it at the site of an old stone company called the Empire Stone Company. A lot of the stone used in the Empire State Building was quarried and cut there. So was a lot of stone for the Pentagon and other buildings in Washington, D.C. We got it for a song and wrecked out the old stone cutting equipment and sold it for just about what we paid for the land. Free sawmill site! Daniel asked God before we bought the stone mill, knowing that God knew what we wanted to do, wanting to know if it was okay with him and God said, "GO." That sawmill is still there in Bloomington. It has been down more than it has ran since '01 but it still kicks ass and cuts boards. The markets are so bad these days that people in the business don't even talk about buying and selling. The locals of Bloomington hate us because we cut down trees and make boards. But God said "GO" and that is what rules and not the tree huggers and queers of Bloomington. The voice from on high rules, my friends. What it says will happen does happen. It rules all of Creation and that is a fact. It is Master of all it sees. It has unlimited power. He has said that this Valley is the apple of his eye. I pray that we merit that endorsement. But, if he said it, it is true. Let God be true and every man a liar. Stay alive.


Friday, July 24, 2009


I got on George Ure this morning as I usually do. He made a big part of his morning post a commentary on the Administrator of FEMA getting with the various Governors at their recent meeting in Mississippi. And the question is asked, just what does the boss of FEMA have to say to the leaders of our various states? He was telling them of plans and protocols that the fedgov has developed to handle emergencies across our fair land. I can't help but think that the emergency FEMA was getting ready for is WE THE PEOPLE of this fair land. I was just talking to an 80 year old man on the phone and I told him the HELL will start to break loose in this country when unemployment benefits run out. If they scuttle Social Security at the same time I will go sit in the lake all day so I won't be burned in the fire storm that will follow. It's all a pile of puke and the authors of it are going to pay one hell of a price for their actions. Look for troops to be moved into D.C. BEFORE the SHTF. Those boys on capital hill know what is coming and they will be ready. And they damn well ought to get ready! They will not be well thought of in the day of revenge. But they have huge supplies of storage food hidden underground, the best medical treatment available at no cost to them, troops to protect their asses, and places to bunker down in case things get really violent. And I say they will need every damn bit if it. Of course, if they stay out of Southern Indiana and leave me alone, I will do the same for them. We will have a meeting of the minds if they come to my home. I ain't coming to their home to bother them and they had better follow the same path in dealing with me. I know they have air superiority and all of that but unless they come with it, well, they had better be really careful. A lot of these old boys around here don't take to people interfering in their lives. They least you can expect is to get your teeth knocked out. But things can escalate from there quite easily. Don't tread on me can be an ugly thing to run up against if you ain't the right person, a member of the clan, one of the locals you know.

I don't know how most of you are faring in your preps but I am starting to feel like I have something accomplished. There are three of us now and we have laid in a major stash of food and non-hybrid seed. Coupled with what I already had, we are starting to look pretty good. Even the Handmaiden is starting to think we might make it. I am getting compliments on the blog about the articles I put up. Smart people who really have some nice things to say. Makes me happy I do it. As I have said before, there are others in our midst who are getting the message of beans, bullets and band-aids. There is more than one approach but they all intend to make it. One guy is intent on eating a lot of wild game. Another is going to can his whole garden. Another is eating his stash while his business is down and is planning on bringing it back up to snuff as soon as things get better. We are buying and gardening so we can get a double whammy going on food resources. You can't have too much food when the shit hits the fan. And when it does hit the fan, feed out real well for the first three days. That will see to most people's emotional needs and you won't have a lot of boo-hoo-ing going on in your camp. People are creatures of habit and when they get thrown off their normal routine the can get a bit depressed or out of sorts. Be kind. Be happy. Show a lot of care for these people. Let them now how happy you are that they are around. It will be the biggest morale booster you have ever seen. People have to feel wanted and needed or they start to freak out. And you do not need a freak-out on your hands. Give out lots of praise and little or no complaints. Hard times are a place for love, not harshness.

The news is of the comeback in the stock market. The Wall Street boys are having a jubilee. Bonuses are up and so are some stocks. The DJIA is running above 9000. But it is not real, folks. They are doing it with smoke and mirrors and monopoly money. Everything is rigged and controlled. People like Goldman-Sachs are making one quarter of a cent for every share of stock they send through their high speed trading program. Not much money but when you think of all the shares on a normal mega-billion day of trading it starts to add up. My computer will not handle that load so I don't get any of that money. Damnedest thing.

The weather here is nice and sunny and the sky has a lot of blue in it. Yesterday, while we were getting our 2" of rain it was not so nice and pretty. But the rain cleared out the lake of all of the grass clippings that were accumulating around the edge of it. We put some grass pike in the lake to control that sort of thing but it did not work out. Oh well. Stay alive!


Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am still thinking about George Ure and his talking about millions of dead. DAMN. I would hate to end up with such an ignoble end to my life. If God wants me to go out that way I will be going to do it but I would rather die at home with my boots on, sitting in front of my wood stove. The Handmaiden can have me hauled to the top of the hill where we bury folks and I can get buried. End of story. At least it is the end of me being on this plane of existence. The Old Man said he would have plenty of work for me when I passed over.

But there will be others still living and they will need help and guidance to make it the rest of the way. They will need seed and ammo and all kinds of things. They will need to understand healing herbs and salves. They will need to understand animal husbandry, which is something sorely lacking in our time. Cows and chickens can generally make it into this world by themselves but some critters need a little help now and then. Horses especially. Cats will do okay by themselves but a valuable dog may take a little watching. Watching assures you of another generation of a good dog. And then we have human births to deal with. Most likely not to have problems but when they do it is a spellbinder. Nurses and mid-wives can be invaluable. You want to do everything possible to get your new son or daughter into the world alive and well. Those kids are too precious to waste!

In the initial phases of the world collapse your guns will be your close friends and companions. They will allow you to kill game for food and hides. They will shoot zombies who come to take whatever you have. And just knowing they are there will deter many who are not quite willing to risk a bout with death. Meet them on the road coming to your retreat and after you have dispatched them to whatever reward they are going to get, let the bodies lay in the sun and let the scavengers eat the flesh from them. I know that sounds a bit distasteful but it sure will discourage the next bunch that wants to rip you off. Coming down the road and seeing a big pile of skeletons just might persuade a zombie to go elsewhere.

I have been gleaning what I can about the new ALTA report from Half Past Human. I talked to one guy who gets it and he says it is ugly beyond belief. A nuclear war, a famine, a horrible disease coming across the land. And silver is supposed to hit $600 an ounce! That web-bot can really spin some words, I'm telling you. I don't know if I believe all of the stuff Cliff and George talk about but it sure makes for some good stories. The only trouble is that what they say may come true. I know nothing to do but prepare. I have nothing to tell you but to prepare. We are prepping 7 days a week with our dehydrator. The Handmaiden is stashing bags of dried goodies every day. I had what looked to be a helluva bean crop coming on but it was raining when I got up this morning at 0630 hrs and it is still going at 1500 hrs this afternoon. I may not have a crop left! But maybe those weeds that didn't get tilled under this morning are holding the soil.

Lots of news about the economy. Some say we are out of the danger zone and headed back for good times again. Others are more of the Doomer variety and say we are headed for years of darkness. I am inclined toward the Doomer analysis. Britain, Europe, Canada, Australia, and the United States are pretty much doomed for destruction, the way I see it. The rest of the world does not give much of a shit about what happens to them anyway. They are the old rich, the colonial powers, the great makers of treaties and alliances. They cut throats like it was nothing. They have enemies all over the world. Now it looks like it is payback time and people need to get ready for the coming bummers. In reading the Internet as much as I do, it amazes me how many people do not have a clue as to what is going on in this world and their country. People don't dig deep to get to the root of the cause but rather accept the brightly colored gloss-over the mainstream media gives them. I have no idea how people can relinquish their rights as citizens to corrupt media, government, and financial systems. It staggers the mind. I got on the survival blog trip two years ago. I read Jim Rawles every day and read all of his archives. As I went along I picked up on other people and what their feelings were. Pretty soon the whole thing started to snowball in my brain and I started to blog myself. I felt I was qualified. It has not been easy but I have tried to carry on as best I could. My main resource in this endeavor is the 38 years I have been involved in group survival. That has at least kept me from experimenting with the "Lone Wolf" concept. I already know that a group can do a whole lot better than a single man out on his own. I hope you can see the goodness and safety of a group also.

Before I sign off I want to talk about the banking system and the economy. I hope you realize that the banks have ripped the country off for every thing it had. They cleaned it out. What Bernanke has done is re-finance the US economy. All new money, all new shady accounting rules, all new power structure visible to the citizens for a change. The toxic mortgages are still being carried on the books as assets. No one has ever burned the damn things. The banks are still selling funny mortgages. They are still in the derivative markets. They are still technically broke as hell. They are running off of money Bernanke has given them from the fed. It is nothing more than funny money that has been passed off as real. If they ever try to pay it back to the fed it will bankrupt the system again. The whole system is a hoax, Now you know why the old timers like President Jackson were so dead set against the central bank. Old man Rothschild knew exactly how to rip a country off and his minions in this day are faithfully executing his plans. They must be stopped! The banks cannot rule us in any sort of decent manner.

Stay alive!


Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have learned that Western Canada is going through a real estate bubble in the housing market. Cheap money and lots of properties are making things really warm up. I find a housing bubble very hard to believe after what the world has just gone through. But maybe Canadians really are stupid. The guys up in Michigan always said they were. You know those guys in Michigan, the ones who have had their asses handed to them by the government and the courts and the auto industry. The ones who are homeless and being ripped off by their state federal and city governments. Yeah. Those guys. I wonder where they get the idea they are fit to judge the Canadians? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

I heard from a little bird that there is a some talk about my speaking in our Sunday night meeting about the things I am inspired to say. They want to get into peace and mellowness and sing songs and not be troubled by their existence. But no one will cross me in the meeting. No one will dispute what I have to say. They do not want to think or evaluate anything they just want to feel the spirit. And feeling the spirit is good. I am for it 100%. But there are some other things to chew on the table that God has set and they want to set those things aside. Sounds like religion to me! You go for the things that you like and you discard the things you don't like. Lots of churches out there doing the exact same thing.

I am an old hand at dealing with religious people. I eat them for breakfast. A believer or a truly dedicated person is one thing, but when I get a person preaching a religion I generally give them a hard time. If you ever come up against me you would do well to remember that.

In looking at the stock market today, along with some other things, I have come to the conclusion that the market is going to be driven to about 9500 to 10,500 and when it gets up there the cry is going to be that we have whipped the problem and we are going to roll once again. Do not believe this horseshit. It is an attack on what remains of any wealth in this country. It is the milking of the last teat on the cow called America. When the market falls then, the collapse will be miserable. This is probably when you will see cities burning and people rioting and troops called in to protect Washington, D.C. The ugliness will have begun. When this happens you had better be gone from Dodge. Don't let any dust settle on your tires until you are at your retreat and bunkered in. The first night you might drink some wine but after that you had better be standing guard. Things will get nasty. To the maximum range.

People like Mayberry are getting their shit together and getting ready to survive the ugliness. I am tempted to invite Dragon to move in down here if he can rough it. We don't have any room at this time and we don't have an excess of people to build any more room. He would have to live in what he brought. A travel trailer, a fucking yurt, or what ever he can dig up will be fine. I don't approve of my friends living on the streets or not having a place to retreat to in the event of a calamity. Besides, he is a good shot and we can always use another trigger finger. Hah! Mayberry's group is very heartening to me. They all have land along a short stretch of country road and they are basically all related. This is a Clan, for sure. They will watch out for each other and help each other and that is what the whole thing is all about. I say congratulations!

I just read where the US Postal service is running out of money. What the hell is going on? We pay every postal increase they levy on us. How can they be broke? The only thing I can think of is that the money has gone into the general fund of Congress and has been spent by politicians. Maybe people are using the internet and not the mail. If you are already on line it would make a lot of sense. One of the few acts, besides prepping, that makes much sense these days.

I just got on for my last laugh of the night and there was a picture of Newt Gingrich with the quote: "We are living at the brink of catastrophe." Well done, Newt. Got preps?

I got on George Ure this morning and he has announced the new web-bot report. It said, among many other things:
Want to get a decent handle on what we're expecting in the way of news events over the next year and a half or so? Got $10-bucks? Then head over to and download the newest "Shape of things to come" report. This one runs 40+ pages and covers all kinds of things ranging from our expected price of previous metals by the end of 2010, plus a number of very unpleasant developments in the socioeconomic arena. Dead folks in the millions, just to give you an idea.

That thing about dead folks in the millions kinda got my attention. How do they die? From an invasion? From disease? From starvation? What the hell, over... If they come down here and try to rip us off they will die from lead poisoning of the highest magnitude. We will help whom we can but robbing us is not allowed. We have trigger fingers down here and we will use them. I would imagine there will be a die-off of some sort in this country. IF the dollar collapses and the money runs out there will be a lot of desperate people out on the highways and by-ways of this great land trying to stay alive by whatever means they can. And if it means cleaning out your storage then they will do that very thing. To all who would come here and do mischief, please bring your own body bag. Otherwise we will let the opossum and the crow clean up your mess. Things are looking pretty grim right now and I would be sure to get all the ammo I could lay my hands on. It might be years before you can buy any more. Get your canned goods bought while there are cans on the store shelves. Order non-hybrid seed from someone like Survivalist Seeds. But if it is impossible to buy from Big John then go buy regular stuff from anyone who is selling it. Non-hybrid seed is not a suicide pact. You gotta eat something! Get what you can but do not forget that non-hybrid plants will give you the seed to plant again the next year. My Cranberry beans are growing like crazy. Even my garden hardened wife, the Handmaiden, is impressed with them. They are from seed I kept from last year. Non-hybrid seed seem to have a little more vigor than hybrids.

Stay alive.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's warm and breezy and pretty nice outside and I thought to write about religion and spirituality. So brace yourselves cause here it comes.

I got into this area last night at meeting. It deals with the fact that we are not responsible for the era of time we came here, the genetic inheritance we brought with us, nor the events of the world that engulf us all of our lives. And to top it all off, the people of God are left pretty much to their own devices as they wander the planet trying to maintain and existence. And this is the area of a tribe of people I wish to call CAIN. Like the bible says, he was a killer from the beginning. Cain pretty much rules the planet at this time with fear of prison and fear of hell. If you don't obey his religious people he condemns you a life to burning hell. His burning hell is a fantasy that he talks up on Sunday morning to keep the offering plates full and the frightened perish-in-hers obedient and docile. Cain's forte is to create religions. He has created a lot of them. If there is something about religions that makes you uncomfortable you now know why.

Cain males his earthly living milking you and all the people you know. He is pretty good at it, especially in this country. We have the finest system Cain has been able to produce. All these huge churches with those slippery preachers running them are merely a manifestation of Cain. Stay out of those evil places. They will rob you of your money and your soul. Don't let Cain write on your psychic black board. Better you just prayed to God for guidance than to succumb to Cain. He is an evil bastard. The other method of controlling you is the civil power in this country. The USA is the worlds greatest incarcerator. We brag about having the highest percentage of people in jails and prisons of all countries on the earth. Remember when I said fear of prison and fear of hell? I was not kidding. I am being serious as a heart attack. The believer lives in dread of being a castaway or a cinder. The non-believer dreads his stay in prison. You walk the line or Cain will whack your ass very hard. If you have not been paying attention, let me assure you that Cain will also torture you to bend your will to his program. The way to get Cain to lay off is to reverse the direction of the flow and let HIM fear death. Let him fear quick and efficient execution. Let him fear being hanged from a lamp post. Let him fear the sounds of the dogs in pursuit. PUT IT ON THAT BASTARD! But in this time in which we live the best recourse you have is QUARANTINE. Let him stay in his house and don't go near him. Keep him out of YOUR house at all costs. Starve him of money. If you don't feed him he dies. You starve him to death. Nothing violent or illegal. Just quit paying up! Pull your head out of the stanchion and go free. Refuse to be milked by an obscene system any longer. "Oh that is Father Bob or that is Pastor Jim!" I don't give a shit. Cut them off of the milk of the flock and let them go to work the same as you do. Turning your collar around does not, or should not, release you from the responsibilities of being a man and earning your keep. Just remember that these guys are good at milking you. You will hear of the poor who will starve if you don't contribute. Don't fall for that bullshit. Those overseas missions are just new milking parlors for the future. These shysters never lose sight of the bottom line. Israel is still selling trips to the Holy Land to all takers. What a machine! And don't forget that these carnal dogs that say they are of God are the men who have raped and sodomized children all over this country. Let them starve!

Your next target is the civil powers. These are what we call politicians. They make the rules. They make up the fines and penalties for breaking their rules. They exempt themselves from most of these proceedings, if they can, and dare. You will notice that all of the pension funds being lost in this country are not disturbing our governmental rulers. Their pensions are guaranteed as long as the fedgov is in existence. So what if you lose your pension to the work of some greedy Wall Street bastard. That is what you get for not playing the game with your leaders! You should have gone into politics and got your governmental pension like a good boy or girl! About the only way you can whip the civil government at this time is to vote against them at every election. Throw the current bastards out of office! Every damn one of them! And if you don't make Obama a one term president then you are the dumbest people on the planet. If he does not completely collapse this economy he will have at least bankrupted it beyond belief. And if it goes bankrupt then you better have a congress that is afraid of you and will do your will. Otherwise they will give all of your nation away to the highest bidder to pay the debt we never made.Don't let them do that to you, America. Don't let them destroy the work of over 200 years of blood, sweat and toil. And I am telling you that the weasels we have in there now will screw you until your asshole bleeds if you don't get them out. You have seen the videos of them voting against your will this past year. Keep that image in your mind the next time you go to the polls. AND THROW THE BASTARDS OUT! The politicians need to fear the people, not the opposite. Make them fear YOU!

This little rant was courtesy of my mentor, Daniel A. R. Wright. He got this stuff from God. He called it the Three Hers. The Three Hers come from breaking down the GREAT WHORE into three smaller categories that make the concept easier to understand. The Three Hers were the Religious her, The Civil Her and that old nemesis, the Personal Her. We won't get into the Personal Her today. Right now we look through a glass darkly in that area. But it is coming, never fear. Have a nice day and stay alive.


Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm still stuffed form the seafood extravaganza of Saturday night. Red Lobster has gone all out to present America with all the Shrimp and Lobster they can handle. Quite a change in the menu from when I ate there many years ago. I didn't pay for it so I have no guilt to deal with. And the food was good.

The Handmaiden is still drying everything she can get her hands on. She is doing a marvelous job. I just checked her stash and it is growing by leaps and bounds. We have mostly shot our money with this last food buy and our storage effort will slow down a bit due to those good old money shortage things most of use run into. But that food dryer keeps us in the game. She started some grapes the other day and they are slower than molasses on a cold morning. We both read the instructions for grapes and it never mentioned peeling them so we haven't. But they sure are slow. ON the drying of food from your garden I had another question from Publius about putting away dried beans. You DO freeze them for three days. That will not hurt their ability to grow more beans. Most plants in most places have seed that will survive freezing. It is a natural thing for seed to freeze over the Winter, if the critters don't eat them. You freeze them to kill off any vermin that might be lodged in their interior. Got that little tip from Charli Gribbile of Alabama. She knows how it is done. Can't beat having friends like that! My bean seed this year was all from frozen seed from last year. It's down in the garden growing like gangbusters. And it was not all bug-eaten like it would have been without Charli's little tip.

I am looking for cheap skillets and Dutch Ovens right now. Cast iron is the coming thing on my new cook stove. It won't hurt my stove top one little bit because the stove top is cast iron also. I had a good friend tell me he could get me all the cast iron cookware I wanted at cheap prices at the yard sales he goes to every weekend. So far he has drawn a blank. So it looks like China Mart is going to get a visit. I want another skillet and a Dutch oven and I want a hand operated Pepper Mill. We have been grinding our Cayenne with an electric coffee mill which does an excellent job but requires that 120 volt A.C. current to work. The day may come when A.C. is not available. So we get the hand mill for the dried pepper. I will see if I can talk the Handmaiden into going to China Mart today and buying the stuff. I hate to go to town. It seems like you drive the miles to town and then you walk miles down aisles to find what you want. She will know where the stuff is a lot better than me. Like I said, I hate going to town. Town is nothing more than a warehouse to me. You go there and find the stuff you want, pay for it and get your ass back home with the loot before they know it will help preppers!. Don't want to give these scumbags a clue to life or they might live through the die-off. And that means they could come wandering down the road, in a mob, to rob us after the crash. Can't be aiding and abetting THAT effort. So the survival beat goes on. The Handmaiden has already gone to town to get the loot. The dehydrator is humming away in the other room, making goodies for us to eat in the future. We have the water and we are making the food. What could be sweeter?

My neighbor just put in a new sewer line that joins the rest of us. The old system that used to run the building on the other end has given up the ghost. So he put in a sewer line above ground. He says the sewer will not freeze in the Winter. He put up a series of 2 X 12's to act like down-hill barriers just below the pipe and brought some very rich dirt to cover the pipe. Actually he brought 50 bucket loads of dirt in to cover the pipe. The big bucket on the end of the backhoe. So now we have this strip of very rich dirt going around the yard and it will be made to grow things. They just can't be trees. A tree's root system would tear the pipe up. I am having the Handmaiden look for any onion starts while she is in town. I'll have me a 150 foot row of onions if things work out! I would imagine the Handmaiden will want to plant herbs in the strip of dirt next year. I can see that happening. We can have our very own pharmacy growing right off our porch. Purslane and other goodies that will really help you. My neighbor planted a Purple Coneflower on his end already. One ain't enough but it's a start. If I remember my observations pretty well you have to let Coneflower grow more than one year to develop a good strong root. Echinacea is the product of the purple coneflower. Good stuff. And just think, even if I plant beans in the strip next year I can guard them from the shade of my porch. You talk about the lap of luxury!

The handmaiden is back from town with a new skillet, a new Dutch Oven, and a new Pepper Mill. She picked up a huge old time can with a lid like they used to ship cookies and potato ship is. $2.50 at Goodwill. She also got us 2 one gallon glass jars with metal screw-on lids. She bought those brand new. Pretty nice for keeping herbs I bet! Then she had to go take her brother-in-law to the hospital because he thinks he threw his hip out of place. I wait at home to hear the news of this latest test of strength for the household. I hope he is okay. It's all part of staying alive.


Sunday, July 19, 2009


The weather is pretty damn cool outside. Feels like the lower 70's. The Global Warming guys are missing the boat. Like I said, we are in a solar minimum right now and it is going to be cool. It could be serious for a few years. And I know, I know, I know, there are places getting drought and high temps. But they are the exception. Gear up for Winter clothing, folks. It may save your ass. Global warming is a scam, a lie, a hoax. Do not fall for it. Remember rule number one: Do not believe a thing the government tells you. My brother-in-law wants to get a small delivery of coal and have CREDIT carved into each and every piece. When they come to tax you for your carbon credit you give them a piece of your coal. Seems reasonable to me! It will burn in my new stove too. Coal or wood. It doesn't matter. Coal is not as clean as wood but it will get you buy. Just messier to clean up though.

People are starting to want to tell me of rumors they have heard. Especially those of a conspiracy nature. I always tell them "Good!" Then I explain that it will bring this shit closer to an end.

Right now we are riding in an economic car that is being let down a steep hill by a winch with a long cable. And it is lowering us down the hill slowly, ever so slowly. But if something comes along and cuts the cable we are in for a short and merry ride to the bottom. The car will go like hell but it will cease it's travel much quicker. I am not running the cable. Someone else is doing that task. But I do not feel it will keep this slow creep down the incline forever. It is going into free fall sooner or later. Be advised to stock up on food and other tangibles at your earliest possible convenience. The Postal Service is telling it's people to get a months supply of food ahead in case of "hard times". One month my ass! I want six months to a year and that is all because my limited income wont allow me to buy much more.

I was listening to Gerald Celente today and his message has not changed. He is sticking with his trend research and it is telling him that we are headed into deep doo doo. I could not agree with him more. Philadelphia is now postponing payment to a lot of it's bills because the state government of Pennsylvania has not passed a budget and they cannot get their state funds. The city wants to pass a 1% increase on the sales tax so they can increase revenue. That's the way you do it, Philly! Times are tough so you raise your taxes! That will benefit the people for sure. And you can make yourself known as a town that beats you when you are down. What a triumph.

I'm getting ready to do out out dinner. It ain't my idea and I ain't paying for it. My brother-in-law wants to splurge because he has been off the insulin needle for a week. And I reckon that is a thing to be happy about. But the meal money would better spent on preps. However the man DID contribute a third off the cost of our recent food buy and that is a very nice effort in my book. He also chipped in a third of the cost of our new illegal wood fired cookstove. I swear on the Alter of Him with whom we have to do that if they come and try to shut down my stove I will resist to the maximum, if necessary. I won't endanger anyone else but I will put little old me right in their face. I don't think that will stop them from coming after me. What will stop them will be much greater rebellion around the country by folks who are truly pissed off and are looking for blood. A man will not sit by and watch his wife and kids starve. It just will not happen. And those kind of folks will be ready to go to the wall with the fedgov any ol' time. And our government knows this fully well. I was reading a piece on that closed door session of Congress that was held a year ago. It has been leaked that it was about rioting and civil strife right here in good ol' USA. They talked about troops that could protect Washington. They talked about protection for their families. They talked about the guarantee of their medical opportunities. They talked about stuff that we get accused of being extremists for talking about. KISS MY ASS! Don't anybody be dumb enough to accuse me of wrongdoing when the accuser is doing the same goddamn thing. I will stay right here at home if they don't bother me. I will not attack government agents. But they surely must leave me alone! I am a thinking creature. I have come to certain conclusions about life that cause me to be away from mainstream thinking. But I am not hurting anyone. So leave me alone and let things slide.

Stay alive.


Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's going to be cool the next few days. I have never seen a July like this one. The beans down in the garden are flourishing but the tomatoes are just getting by. Those luscious red beauties are not liking this cool weather a damn bit. I'd be better off having them grown in Mississippi or Alabama than I would growing them here this year. That might be a thing to remember if your live in the South and want to make a little cash. Load up a few tons of tomatoes and drive them up to Yankeeland for a good bit of cash sales. It will cost you about $300 or $400 dollars worth of fuel but 5 ton of tomatoes selling for a dollar a pound would make a nice nest egg to see you through the Winter. I am sure we will be able to get some sort of a crop harvested though. Indiana without tomatoes is almost impossible to imagine. But this solar minimum we have going right now is sure cooling things down. I know that Al Gore and Obama want to say we are in global warming, but it is a lie. Record lows are cropping up all over the country. Wisconsin, and New York are getting hit pretty hard by the cold weather. North Dakota guys are talking about the growing season being over sometime in August. That might play hell with their Wheat crop. I wish them well. But we all get dealt a hand and how we play it makes our life what it is. We could be planting a lot of cold weather crops next Spring. I think the best cold weather vegetables are Chinese in origin. I reckon I better keep a look out for Chinese seed. From what I understand the Chinese do not use many hybrids at all. Sensible folks.

The word is out that CIT is going to be allowed to fail. It is a huge bank and we be one of the biggest bankruptcies in American history but it is tied in with small businesses and therefore will be allowed to go down the drain. Only the big boys will get bailed out, you understand. A bank who wastes it's time loaning to 300,000 small businesses just ain't fooling with, you understand. And what is going to happen to the 300,000 small businesses? I guess they will just be allowed to go under. The big dogs eat first.

This Healthcare bill in the congress right now is one of those 1000 page marvels that will be voted on without a reading by anybody. Just a good excuse to vote against any congressman you can. And any Senator too! Turn them all out on the streets. I am sure they will all be well taken care of as far as pensions are concerned but at least they will not be voting our lives away anymore. And that is a good thing. The members of the House are the easiest to get rid of, They run every two years and people don't forget as easily as they do when Senators screw up. They only come up for election every six years.

I got an e-mail this morning from Publius wanting to know how to get beans out of your garden that you can just store and not have to can, in other words dried beans. Simple as hell. I just let my beans stay on the plant until the pod is dry. Good and crispy like. Then you go to your garden and just yank them off of the plant, bag 'em up and carry them home. You get out some pretty good sized bowls and start shelling your bean pods. Save the old pods for your compost pile. Green beans are just what their name implies. They are less than mature. You pick them when they are nice and firm but not dry, Then you snap them to however length you like them and let the wife cook them for supper. It is not rocket science.

It is apparent to me that after we get the collapse thing out of the way we are going to be homesteaders. There will not be zombies and scalawags to fight forever. They will go away. But the need for food will go on and on. And the kids will have to learn where the food really comes from so they won't be ignorant and helpless, like America is now. We will become more self reliant in our lifestyle and have less to do with the big global system. A man heard a voice many years ago and it said, "ROB SKAG." It has nothing to so with stealing or theft but rather using Skag's ideas and supplies to build what you want, to do it the way you can do it. Some folks have been writing to me about chicken tractors and I am finding them very interesting. I have a big garden where they can Winter and Summer both. Around the edges in the Summer and on the main body of the garden for the Winter. Some dreams and visions are going to have to come upon men and they will have to build the basis for the new age that is coming upon us. And it will definitely be a new age. If you haven't figured it out let me inform you that the old is going DOWN and the NEW is coming up. It is a wonderful time to be alive. Inspired men and women will build all things new and fruitful. That is how it always has been. When the present age became degenerate the God of Heaven already had a new day in mind. And it is so wise and so well thought out as to be very much advanced from the present age. What we really can use is all the Wisdom of our forefathers plus the Wisdom that God will impart to us in the future. We hasten towards a better day. There will be quite a mess to clean up as the Powers That Be try to blow everything to smithereens but that won't take forever. Not at all. We will get it clean and shiny again. We will get the fields fertile again. We will grow the herds to be big enough to give us meat again. We will get local economies built back up and running again. Healers will appear among us and those with the knowledge of herbs will come to the fore. Life will be good again as we are released from the shackles put upon us by degenerate men. Thank God you have witnessed this day that is dawning. It is a rare time and worth the ride. Stay alive.


Friday, July 17, 2009


Whoopee! We finished our food buy today. Cleaned me out of cash but I damn sure feel like something has been accomplished. The Handmaiden feels good about it too. I bought her a couple of pretty good sized packages of sliced mushrooms from the fresh vegetable section of the store so she could run them through her dehydrator. The way mushrooms are, they should dry down to something you can put in a pillbox. We bought plenty of fruit and vegetables and some skanky stuff like "just add water" pancake mix. I don't even bother to read the labels on those boxes but I know they taste good and will fill people up if need be. Bought more pancake syrup. Got myself 25 pounds of sugar and 3 boxes of Splenda in the little envelopes. That Splenda will last me 6 months with no problem. Bought a couple more big containers of Decaf coffee to offer us a little comfort should the system crash. A cup of coffee is a nice thing when the world is falling apart. Got a flat of Grape Jelly top go with the flat of Strawberry Jam I got last week. We bought flats of Chicken and Salmon to kick up the protein stash a little bit. I am a real bear on keeping enough protein around to keep us sane. We got ourselves a pretty good selection of stuff we needed to balance out our stash. You need to keep your diet balanced. You can't eat junk food all day long. You need the meat, fruit, and vegetables of a regular diet. And I know that the fruit is packed in sugar syrup but if we move around a little more we can handle the extra sugar easy enough. My one thought is how do I get a chicken coop made for a layers? I will go nuts without my eggs and Cayenne Pepper in the morning. I just called my neighbor and she said she might be able to come up with a spot that could hold some chickens and a small coop. We shall see!

A local supermarket in Bedford has a table set up in the back with disaster and emergency relief info on it. It ain't much but it sure beats the hell out of nothing. I have several people who will want to cook on my new stove. Hot damn. The more the merrier. Two families are prepping now and that is a big leap of faith. One of them ran into hard times this last month and used up some of their preps but if their markets come back this Fall they will make it all back. The other family has a plan of a few cans a week along with their regular groceries. They are also canning and drying their garden this year. Tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc. Could be some mighty fine eating if the SHTF.

I just checked the DJIA and it is up almost $100 here late on Thursday afternoon as I prepare this post. Boy! Those guys on the Presidential Push Team really get a work out. Anyone who believes this market is good needs their head examined. But the government and the media just lie their asses off every day and tell us it is getting better. And we are supposed to believe it. According to what I read on George Ure this morning, Oregon has supplanted Michigan as the top state for unemployment. The real numbers put them in the "over 20%" category.

There really isn't much to talk about today. The Sun is shining and the weather is fair and all looks to be in fine shape in the heavens. I saw a bunch of stars in the sky last night and that surprised me. As cloudy as it has been this Spring and early Summer I have not had occasion to see many stars. Grow your gardens and store your food. Prep like hell and don't look back. And stay alive!


Thursday, July 16, 2009


Did you ever wonder about how many things there are that can constitute an emergency situation? Around where I live it could be anything from a washed out road to a nuclear bomb. And many things in between. We have graveled country roads and they can wash out. The roads were put in at with a method called path-of-least-resistance. In these hills and hollers that means a lot of roads are build in the bottoms and when it rains the water from all those high hills shoots down into the narrow valley between the hills and it can really tear a road up. I have seen roads that were normally pretty good become impassable to all but a log skidder. All it takes is one good toad-strangler of a rain and you are blocked. I have experienced it. And when it is the only road in or out you have a problem.

And after the roads you must face power outages. Our power goes out if you look at the line harshly. It goes out all the time. At least once a day and most times at night. And a lot of times it is for just a second or two and it is back on. That only shuts down your electronic equipment. Your stove and refrigerator and freezer will keep right on working. Your computer and your clocks will not keep working. You will have to reset or reboot. We have had the power go out for 4 days straight. It pissed the Old Man off so bad he called the electric company and told them if it was not turned on immediately he was going to hook his big 3 phase generator up to the power lines, and they knew he would do it. We had power back on very quickly. Hell, we had 50 or 60 kids down here to feed and care for and we were not going without electricity! Today, at least at my house, we could probably get by for quite a while, but not back then.

Then there is always the matter of fires. No fire protection within 8 or 9 miles. If it catches on fire you will most likely lose it. Wooden buildings. You wonder how many buildings have had a fire and someone caught it immediately and put it out and just never said anything. Maybe too embarrassed to speak about it. But it can happen and with terrible results. And you have to figure out how to work around it when it happens. You have to get some housing up and going pretty damn quick, especially in cold weather. Women and kids sorta require shelter. Men do too, but maybe not as functional as what it takes for a family. On the food front, we have food in two locations and stand a good chance of saving at least some of it in the event of a fire.

A step up the ladder is a tornado. These suckers can tear up a whole town if they get loose. One thing about tornadoes is they are not lingering. They come in, smash everything they can, and then they are gone, looking for more targets. We have two underground cellars we can get into if necessary. One will hold a lot of people and the other will hold a few. The devastation from a tornado is very profound. A stick-built home or a house trailer can be wiped off the face of the earth in a heartbeat. BOOM! and it's gone. The way you handle tornadoes is to get good shelter and let it do what it is going to do. Get into a root cellar or a regular cellar or a cave or whatever you have and STAY THERE until the damn thing has passed. Hell, get into a culvert under the road if it ain't running water! There is no humanly way to fight a tornado. You can't whip it or put it out or anything else that might slow it down or halt it. Get to shelter and stay there until things have settles down. It will be over soon enough and you will have a terrible amount of work to do so don't get into a hurry.

Going higher on the disaster scale we come to earthquakes. If you go looking at a map of Illinois and you go off the Southwest corner, into Missouri, you will see a small town by the name of New Madrid. And it is the home of a HUGE fault in the earth. It went off in the early 1800's and rang the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. It caused the Mississippi River to run backwards for a day. The Ohio River also. Now just you go out and try to even halt the Mississippi. But don't get your hopes up. That river generates a whole lot of horsepower, well above what you can accomplish. But the New Madrid Fault can do it. Even cause it to run backwards. A hellish force to be sure. But that is history and we are in the present. If you look at the Southwest corner of Indiana you will see a fairly good sized town named Evansville. It sits on something akin to Jello. If an earthquake goes off Evansville will most likely be destroyed. Tall buildings are not where it is at in Evansville. But as you come Northeast toward Bedford you will find yourself on solid rock, either Limestone or Sandstone or a mixture of both. Ol' Brer Earthquake cant' do too much to solid stone, or so it seems. At least not from the distance away to New Madrid. But if somehow the earth got to rockin' and a rollin' with some big tremors the damage to my area would be minimal to what other places would endure. We would have to be on the lookout for downed timber across the road. We would have to watch for flooding in case a few trees got together and decided to block a river or creek. Towns would be liable to have broken gas mains and water and sewer mains. But we have none of that. Just 4' plastic pipe buried in the ground. Power lines being down could cause some excitement. But I do not see any bridges being torn out or buildings being shook down. Too much distance between us and the big shakin' thing.

Then we can get into man made disasters. How about economic collapse? Does that strike you fancy and get your attention? We could be looking at some of this stuff in the very near future. In act I think it is quite probable. I believe that most dangers of an economic collapse have been cussed and discussed to one helluva large degree here in this blog. You have to watch out for mobs and horse thieves. You have to avoid citizen round-ups by folks like FEMA and others. You have to feed yourself and those with you. You will most likely do your own doctoring. You will grow your own food and animals. For awhile it could get to be like the 1850's again, except for no steam engines pulling trains. You just have to be quick on your feet and quick on your ol' thinker. Your brain is your best survival weapon.

So there you have some thought on different kinds of survival, from taking a detour to bunkering down for a collapse of society. There are worse things than a collapse of society but we don't want to go there today. Just do your best to stay alive.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So here I am once again, sitting down to write and not having the slightest idea of what will come forth. I have read the blogs and the news and here has not been much to inspire me. The media and the government are still lying with every breath they take. Will America notice this and remember? Will they keep this kind of treatment in their mind? Or will they forget everything when the NFL season begins? Normally hard to say, but the amount of pain caused in their life might make it memorable for most. Remember the two great teachers, Pleasure and Pain. Pleasure teaches you to procreate and get fat. Pain teaches you most of the other stuff. Pain can cause you to remember who hurt you and who degraded you. Pain can cause you to remember the rotten banker who screwed your mortgage around. Pain can cause you to remember that a competitor got bailed out and you didn't and you got laid off. Pain causes you to watch the calendar and check the number of weeks you have left on unemployment. The time is getting short for unemployment you know. Millions of people will be running out in September. But they will come off the governments list of unemployed! And those who are making it on extensions are off the unemployed rolls right now. The top 1% of our people, the wealthiest, now have the same amount of money as the lower 80%. Isn't that clever? Never in our history has so much wealth been transferred to so few. The concentration of wealth is phenomenal. There are a few really rich people out there and the rest of us are sucking up the remains. And you can thank your bankers and your elected representatives and the stock market guys for this circumstance. And don't leave out the medical people, the ones at the top of it anyhow. I am sure you have read that medical bills are the chief cause of bankruptcy in America. These monolithic industries out in the country do not love us. Never think that they do. The day will come when we will hunt the representatives of these soulless entities with dogs. One utterance said we will hang them from street posts. I don't know about that but I do know that some people are very angry with the way things are going in this country. Very angry.

My garden is looking very well these days. The rows of beans look like hedge rows. Really healthy. The first ones planted are getting flowers on them. We are not too far away from the harvest and the saving of the nutritious beans. I love stuffing those garbage cans with bags of beans out of my freezer. You just have to leave them in there for about 3 days and they are ready to be stored. We let them sit on the kitchen table after they come out of the freezer and that seems to rid us of condensation pretty well. Then it is just a matter of slipping some Bay Leaves into the bag, closing it up and tossing it into the big metal can. Seems to work for us anyhow. The woman is drying food like crazy. Lots of fruit dried out and stored in sealable plastic bags. Now she is getting into vegetables. I have seen tomatoes, onions, potatoes, bell peppers and whatnot all being put away for later on. The fruit is tangerines, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, bananas and I don't know what else. But she seems to be working a survivalist miracle with her little set up. I don't know if we will can our tomatoes or dry them. The wife will decide that this year and we will take note of the results. Like I said before, I have a boatload of Cayenne Peppers planted and we intend to hang them from our ceiling beams for use this next Winter, Spring and Summer. Folks don't think about their canning and drying having to last a year. If you are like us and shell out your beans in October then you need to plant and harvest enough of a crop to last until the next October. That is the way it works if you are striving for food self sufficiency. And you older folks need to remember this because our pensions are going to be taken from us by the unscrupulous bastards on Wall Street. And our Social Security will fall by the wayside because the government will run out of money to pay it. So you have to get your act together to make it or be prepared to go some months with light rations. I know that I harp on food storage and garden and buying storage food a lot and I must say I do not apologize. This is how you might stay alive. And you almost can't lose on the proposition. You can always eat the food. It's like money in the bank only better. And any way you can get around putting money in a bank is a good thing. Invest in food and guns and ammo and medical supplies and you will always get your money's worth on the deal. Tools are always neat to have. I recently bought a wood fired cook stove from Northern Tool. Solid cast iron. It's too short but I can fix that okay. All assembled it only reaches a height of 28 inches. The wife wants something about 36 to 38 inches high. We can do that. And she deserves the added height. Not many women will get on the survival trip like she has. Consideration is due. Honor to whom honor is due.

I'll close for now but I leave you with the admonishment to keep on your survival trip as heavy as you can. The coming days are not looking too good for the home team and we must be ready to live on, no matter what. So stay alive!


Monday, July 13, 2009


I have no questions about Kingdomism so I will go on to other things. I will go on about those people who cannot, in any way, shape, fashion, or form, get out of town and into the country. You will have to try and make it where you are. And I don't like the odds. Buildings can burn very quickly. The food riots will go on for a few days but then the shops will be stripped bare and the looters will go looking elsewhere for their food. But if you have been reading this blog you already know this. Jim Dakin at can give you the knowledge of how to do it on the cheap. And those words may not appeal to you but they beat the hell out of dying in a building fire or being shot to death by zombie looters. Mickey Creekmore at has some very good advice on how to get it done for little money. I don't necessarily agree with everything they say or do but they are getting the job done. They set out to do it and they have the smarts to see it through to fruition. I read these guys every day and maybe you ought to do the same thing. It's not that I or they have the absolute secrets to life, but we have knowledge and viewpoints that can be a benefit. Just please get out of town. Get out where there are only farm people and no suburbanites or other losers. Stay away from the Obama voters and the hell they have unleashed upon us. We will watch his inappropriate methods go down the septic pipe from a distance. No sense going with it!

The economic news is hinting around about the computer program that Goldman-Sachs says might have been stolen. That program is a nation killer. And that is exactly what shitheads like G-S have in mind to do. I was reading a detailed study of Al Gore and his Green Empire. It is saturated with G-S employees. Al Gore is a system boy from the word go and we will see him rise to great wealth if he gets his way. "Cap and Trade" will be his crowning glory. It will be the key to him gaining untold riches. I cannot see it fail to get passed in the Senate. It will take something very huge and monumental to stop it. Like may the major cities of the US being on fire. That would stop it. Or if California was burning. The 9th or 10th largest economy in the world going up in smoke would be quite a heavy blow to try to deal with. But I doubt that California will have the heavy dollar economy much longer. They are printing their own currency now. That must mean the end is near. We have been printing our own currency , without having gold to back it up for about 38 years and we are going down the tubes Thank you, Richard Nixon, you soft headed moron.

Minyanville,, is reporting that a new wave of risk aversion is sweeping the markets these days. Who woulda thunk it? The Dow Jones Industrial Average went up about $185 dollars today. I tell you most sincerely that I have no idea what that means. It's all rigged to the maximum and numbers don't mean anything any more. The President has a team of men who he can call on to manipulate the prices of various stocks and commodities. They do pretty well at it, too. The price of gold should be at about $1500 dollars right now but the PTB have conspired to keep it artificially low so that people won't start forsaking the dollar and buying the precious metal. Don't think for a minute that the fedgov does not watch the value of the dollar like a hawk, because it damn well does. I believe that China will overturn the financial apple cart for the US and they will do it pretty soon. And why not? They have steadfastly bought our debt for 20 years and financed this country to keep it afloat so that they could advance themselves, which they have done. But now Obama has started the HUGE inflationary process that will make our money worthless. The effort to save it will be about a year long struggle buy it will not work. Dollar bills and Charmin will be worth about equal value when the SHTF.

There really isn't a whole lot to write about today. Obama's chief economic advisor says things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Hells, belles. We told them that a couple of years ago. They just talk about it getting worse. They don't talk about the burning and looting and murder and future FEMA camps and all of that. We are not supposed to know about that. We can't handle the truth, you know. That is why we have food storage in our lives and we are going to have more. It looks like we will get some more on Thursday of this week. Spiritual. We might not have as much food saved as other preppers, but we have enough to get by for quite a while. And one more buy this week will set us up even better. And I have picked up a rumor that the Chinese will be backing their Ruan with gold pretty soon. This will be the death rattle of the US Dollar. But don't tell anybody! Hah! Stay alive.



I think I ought to start a little dialogue on getting a community started. I am a little funny compared to most folks and I believe in a method of governance called Kingdomism. You won't find it in your dictionary or your encyclopedia, or at least I don't think you will. But it is the coming thing here on the planet and you may as well get into it on the ground floor. The government will be by Kings or Queens or Priests or most anybody. The important thing is that all people know from the beginning just who is in charge. That is why most Kinglets will be only 150 to 250 people. Of course, you start out with what you have and go from there. I was reading Mayberry this week and he said his group actually numbers about 85 people, give or take a few. They all have land in the same area. They all have relatives and kids and I believe they all know each other. And I must say that it seems to be a wonderful start in life for a group of people just starting out.

The trick is to get that first group to come along. They will be your foundation. They will be the examples the rest of the world will watch and analyze. In difficult times you won't have much trouble getting converts as hunger can make a man see reason very easily. Then, after you get your initial group you try and make them happy they joined up. You have kegs of beer on Saturday night and you build a building to have plays and parties. You develop your own band so you don't have to hire outsiders for your entertainment. That is the way it is done in our present society. Someone who has had a hit record or two will come to town, present a concert, pocket a huge sum of money and fly away with it. That is not going to be the way it is anymore. Or at least not at most places.

I keep thinking about the real heros of the little towns that will be forming. You know, the guy who can fabricate a metal part or contraption that does the work of 20 men will be a man who needs to be appreciated by one and all. This is someone who deserves the respect of the populace. People should call out to him and wish him good morning. A spot near the head of the table should be left open for him to sit. We always called these types of men Worker Priests. They share the common table and the lifestyle of everybody else but they do great things to keep everybody fed and housed and secure. You just can't beat having these kind of men around. You will not be well served by trumpeting the accomplishments of a drug taking homosexual who can wiggle his ass in a new and different way. For shame to America for ever doing this. For shame for giving adulation and praise to queers and perverts and whores and pimps. It is a travesty and a shame. The real heros are the men and women who keep the life support system running in your little town. The men and women who can find the energy to still strum a guitar or sing a song on Saturday night. These are the heros. Don't let the homosexual loving, anything goes, people in your midst. Keep yourself clean and upright. I ain't saying you won't have a drunk or two to watch or handle when you have festivities, but I am saying that their contribution deserves some respect and leniency. "Honor to whom honor is due", is what I am trying to say here. For too may decades we have given the freak and the unclean the place of honor and I say "No More!"

You sanitation people are hugely important. If you live in an area that is somewhat intact after the collapse then you might find yourself dealing with the Board of Health and they can get mighty sticky if your kitchen and dining areas are not up to snuff. But not being a dumbass, you want to keep those those pretty damn sanitary anyway. If you get to building quarters for your people you will find out that putting in a modern bath for every two or three people is a very costly process. You will want a few communal bathrooms. And whoever cleans them will be worth their weight in gold. Most people don't realize the work and energy that goes into an undertaking like keeping a bathroom sanitary for a group of people. If any of you guys out there are used to going into a spotless bathroom, give your wife a round of applause. It is a thankless task and seldom rewarded. And you can get mighty sick if it isn't done right.

Your school master is another important figure in your little town. Those young monsters need to learn to read and write and do some figuring and that requires a teacher. raise God if he gives you a good one. And I am just saying these different occupations because they all count in the end. If your leader is smart he or she will follow the dictate "A job for every man and every man for a job." And do not forget to congratulate everyone in the settlement who comes to the Saturday night party. If you are the leader it will mean a lot for people to get the recognition they deserve.

I'll drop this post right here. If you have any questions just email me and we will get to it. I know a lot and I will give it to you if you if you will but ask.

P.S. I would just like to say that my readers and commenter's are getting angrier by the day. And that story about the instant trade program that may have been stolen from Goldman-Sachs ain't over yet. That program and the people who use those sort of programs are crooked as a dogs hind leg. Those bankers, using OUR money, have been ripping-off the whole world. There is nothing in the economic life of this country that is not manipulated. They are all lying, filthy cheats! And their filthy bonuses keep right on going. We are laid off, unemployment insurance is running low, California is paying with IOU's, our pensions are gone, our houses are gone, and those bastards are partying like rock stars. God damn it!