Thursday, July 30, 2009


It has been a beautiful day here in southern Indiana. Just gorgeous. I lay down before supper, got a half hour nap and while I was sleeping we got a brisk rainstorm that cooled everything off. Super.

My email is getting to be a lot of folks talking about getting the hell out of Dodge. And right now, not later. I concur with those plans. as much as I know. Folks are looking at federal intervention into their lives to a degree not seen before in the history of our country. People are looking at forced vaccination and possible incarceration. Not the things a reasonable person would expect from a reasonable country. But that is the price we must pay to stay in the global world economy. If you haven't been paying attention lately, globalism is collapsing like the unrealistic house of cards it really is. I heard a city planner back in the 80's say at at one of our conventions that globalism would not work. The supply lines were too long. It's too cumbersome to work for the planet. You basically got to make do with what is close to you. You gotta grow your own food and dig your own minerals and grow your own trees. Or maybe get them close at hand, if you have the good sense and good fortune to stay on good terms with your neighbors. What goes around comes around and the idea of America being the baddest stud on the block may not be good foreign policy any longer. The scripture says, "For God shall not be mocked, for as a man soweth so shall he reap." That is why I feel good about preppers. They are not spreading hate and pain around the globe but rather love and understanding and truth. We are not mocking God and that is a good thing. A very good thing. The rest of the world may not see it as I do but I think I am on the right track and so the world can go to hell.

The latest word on the Web-bot is that they have been rescued by their ISP and their former $15,000 a month fee has been reduced to $15,000 every THREE months. That ought to help Cliff pick up a nice piece of change. I am about of the same mind as Mayberry on the matter of the web-bot. Cliff has already given us so much information that I don't know if I can process any more. Hell! We are looking at a nuclear war in the Middle East yet this year! Ain't that enough? I will listen to what others say about the web-bot but I don't know if any more will matter. It is saying we are already in over our heads!

Swine Flu is getting a lot of play this time of year. Doctors and Nurses testifying before the FDA are saying they would not take the flu vaccine if it is not tested and it has those booster additives called ajuvants in it. The booster additives are to lessen the amount of vaccine needed for each person. I do not believe I will be taking any shot, myself. I will be self medicated. I will stay at home and stay out of the public's face and not mix with people. I will take nourishment of a kind to boost my immune system. I will wash my hands often. If it gets too bad I will wear a face mask. A friend of mine is sending me a box of N-95 face masks and I will use them, Damn right I will. No shot can kill the flu. It is a virus and we don't have a virus killer. Our bodies have to kill the virus. Be advised of this and talk it over with a professional healthcare worker. You just may learn something. The federal government has bought almost two billion dollars worth of vaccine from Big Pharma. Two of the most untrustworthy groups in the country. And we are supposed to trust them now? I don't think so. Not me at least! The bloggers are the people who are getting this story out at this time. The mainstream media is pro-government and pro big business so you will have to take what they say with a grain of salt. Make up your own mind and stay alive.



ErinAndBrad said...

Couldn't agree more - I trust the preppers more than most anyone out there in the big, bad world. We are the patriots and we are the ones that want to help - not the gov or the news or the fancy TV stars.
God Bless - Ernie

shiloh1862 said...

We are the Remnant!


Jacob Gittes said...

Look up squalene, which they seem to be adding to the new flu vaccine.
Read about its connection to Gulf War Syndrome (it was added to the anthrax vaccines many soldiers were given).

Read about squalene's effects on the immune system and health. Then consider whether or not you want this injected into your children, wives, and your boyd.

Dragon said...

I'm past due to bug...The woods be calling my name.First I must tidy up a few things here, Then split.

Staying Alive said...

Ernie- They only thing I worry about is your nearness to Indy. Other than that you and your husband will do fine, I believe. And your husband ought to be able to deal with zombies. I hoe ypu have some people joining you for the festivities!

Shiloh- And we want to make damn sure we stay as a remant and not as what used to be.

Dragon- I have faith in you beyond a lot of pthers. We are looking for the fuel money to get to Pittsburgh. Everything else is arranged. Enjoy your mountain top.