Thursday, July 9, 2009


It has been a noxious day, to say the least. I got a paper in the mail that said I would be charged $96.40 a month for medical insurance and it would be taken out of my social security. Put that up with the 'cap and trade' which I have been told will at least double my electricity bill and I am going to the poor farm pronto. I absolutely cannot afford that kind of money out of my meager income. I was told today by a man in Maryland who knows about this kind of stuff that the 'cap and trade' bill would be the biggest source of income ever handed to the US Treasury. It will bring a staggering amount of money into the federal coffers. Unbelievable. Here we are in the worst depression this country has ever seen and that Soviet Socialist Obama is going to levy the biggest tax increase in history. This cannot be! We cannot afford this in a country that has 20 to 30 percent unemployment. We have states about to go bankrupt and Obama wants our blood! It must not come about! And they have already told us that there will be no cost of living increase for social security next January. I don't know what to do. I guess I will have all of my electricity turned off. We have a new cast iron wood cook stove ordered and paid for. We can at least cook our food.

In reference to 'cap and trade' let me give you an example of what will go down. They are going to levy a carbon tax on every tire made in this country. And it will be high. Figure a minimum of $20 a tire. So some guy gets the idea to import tires and save the tax. The government then posts a carbon tariff on imported tired of $20 each. My God how the money will flow to Washington, District of Criminals. And this is just one example. How much carbons tax will go on a barrel of oil? How much on a gallon of gasoline? How much on a quart of oil for your crankcase? And it will affect your grocery bill. You don't think all those trucks that haul your food to the store will not be taxed for the carbon they produce do you? And the fertilizer that goes to make the crop bear fruit. And the carbon tax that will be levied on the mills that grind your flour. And do not forget those guys who bake your bread. All that electricity will be taxed double what it is now. And your milk and butter. Wow! does it ever warrant a goodly dose of carbon tax. On top of all the things that use oil and what not, think of the cow farts we have to pay for. And if you say that this carbon dioxide thing is a scam and you want a debate, the lefties will just tell you that it is already proven and there can be no debate. Unnecessary. Unwarranted. Just drop your trousers and lean over that log. This will only hurt for a little while. You'll get used to it.

Jim Sinclair, of the financial web page Jim Sinclair Mine Set, said for publication on Wednesday, July, 8, 2009, that there is something coming down in 121 days and I think he was talking about the American financial system. Serves the system right and proper. We have the best congress that money can buy. We are a disgrace to the other people of this planet. We have ripped and torn and looted and tortured and cheated until we are despised for it. China and Russia have now been joined by India in raising hell to get a new reserve currency. If this country is not the world reserve currency then our money is worth nothing. You got that folks? It's toilet paper. And the public is just now starting to become aware of how badly they have been screwed. Our people have a streak of degeneracy in them a mile wide. They believe anything that boob tube will tell them. And the boob tune lies and distorts everything. Our politicians and our bankers and our stocks and bond traders are all in on the game. They are milking us like ants milk aphids. I am reminded of the son of Solomon who when approached by the elders of Israel to have their tax burdens eased told them he would council with his advisers and get back to them. His advisers were a bunch of young punks who thought they ruled the world. They told the young king that he needed to RAISE the taxes. So he went back to the elders of Israel and told them that he would lash them with scorpions and that the tax would be greatly increased ! So the elders went away unsatisfied and with a fire in their guts put their by the young king. I think they killed that sonovabitch, finally. And that split Israel into two camps. But it seems to me that there is historical precedent for a young ruler who follows poor advice and wrecks the kingdom. Surely this young man Obama has the presence of mind to avoid a calamitous decision. I don't see it but maybe. I heard him give a speech where he said he favored 'cap and trade' for the country. Therefore, "Woe unto the people when their king is a child." Get ready for debtors prison, folks. But you won't be in there alone. You will have many sympathetic ears when you get in there. You won't have to walk a step to find agreement with your political beliefs.

I am a prepper and that means I have love in my heart. I love my clan and I love my family and I love this big valley that God let us live in. I write a blog telling all who will listen that it is time to get ready for hard times. And I do it because there is an element of people who have the common sense to face up to reality. And those are the people who are looking out for others the same as I am. I am not in this for a dollar or a joke. I am in it for the people who care about what is going on. I have given good advice for the last year and a half. I hope I have helped a few people along on the path to survival. I really do. It ain't easy and that is a fact. Money problems and family problems and job problems and God only know what else. But some folks are stepping up to the plate and taking their cut at the ball. I like that. I admire that, as a matter of fact. I just want to say, especially to those who read the Wednesday blog and listened to Cliff High talk for awhile, that time is running a it low at this point. This country is at a very low point and may never recover. And you folks didn't do it. The people who are supposed to be watching our backs did it! If there is one thing that will drive me to anger it is someone who treacherously uses my trust to stab me in the back. But I can tell them, though they won't believe it, that there is a God and as a man soweth, so shall he reap. Stay alive.



Jacob Gittes said...

You have helped me, for one.
I have had family problems due to my desire to get ready. I have overcome them to some degree...
I have some food stored up. Other necessary "tools", such as my Russian friends Mosin N. etc.
But boy, was it hard to learn the way forward.

I had to stop trying the "frontal" assault and get crafty. Pretend to get along... prep more silently with a smile on my face.

Because, let me tell you: less than 1% of the people here in the city on the Father of Waters even wants to know what is happening. But I have been lucky enough to find a few such people among my old friends, and we are planning. Thinking. Talking... prepping.

I don't agree with everything you say, but I like your honesty and forceful words.

Regarding electricity, I suggest you look into small-scale solar panels with a small deep-cycle lead-acid battery bank (gold-cart or wheelchair batteries are perfect), and a small inverter. This could take care of some lighting and radio needs. I won't say TV needs, because TV is not a necessity. It's a poison.
One hint: never let your batteries discharge more than about 30%, and they will last a long long time.
Leave a note on this page if you want more ideas, and I'll email you... we've corresponded by email. I'm the guy you warned about the dream you had about the Chinese spilling across our northern border.

Bitmap said...

You mentioned trucks and fertilizer but you didn't mention insecticide and you didn't mention tractors.

I've got a small diesel farm tractor and the transmission and hydraulic systems take 38 quarts of fluid. I don't know what the big tractors use but I suspect that this nonsense will add a hefty price to the maintenance of all the big farm machinery.

This will hit you at the store when you go to buy a can of wasp spray, or WD-40, or fire ant killer.

How about when you have the shingles on your roof replaced?

The people wanted change and they are going to get it good and hard.

Northwoods said...

The fed's are rapidly tightening their noose on us for sure!
Through unconstitutional bill after bill they are totally dismantling the Constitution and the bill of rights (in broad F'N day light)!
We no longer have representation in Washington, this is proven by 90% of their constituents opinion's being completely ignored!
They are owned, they are controled, they are nothing more than NWO puppets and treasonist pieces of F'N shit!
As we no longer have a voice in our government, we are left with defending our liberty at our own fence lines as they try to enforce their tyranny.
If they persist on this path, I'm afraid the bloodshed about to ensue may well dwarf the first civil war.
May God be with you and your's and may God bless our Republic!

Mayberry said...

Folks never seem to "connect the dots" with all the things that can and will be effected by all this garbage goin' down. I get bewildered stares when I tell some folks how this "crap and trade" nonsense is gonna increase the price of EVERYTHING, substantially..... Then they say "well that'll never fly". Well suckers, it sure flew through the House, as it will likely fly through the Senate. And it's the Obamination's creation, so there ain't gonna be no veto......

Staying Alive said...

Publius. Sounds like you realized the pointlessness of arguing with morons or at least the unbelieving folks we find oursleves saddled with through life. Stay the course and try to get out of town with your retreat. YOu can send me all the ideas you want!

Bitmap. I was reading Mayberry's comment and he says most people don't even know what the hell is coming at them. But if it passes the Senate you can kiss your money, what you've got, good bye.

Northwoods. And you have stated the very reason why I don't have a lot of sympathy for mainstream americans. They have been warned and admonished and pleaded with and I don't care for them too much, anymore.

Mayberry. You keep telling stories like this one and foks are going to think maybe you don't like 'em.