Saturday, July 11, 2009


I am a happy guy today . I made my food buy yesterday. Lots of canned goods put away so that the sheep may eat. And that word sheep does not mean sheeple! Quite the opposite. The people who have supported my fat, out of shape, ass will surely share in this bounty. And I am losing weight at a right smart pace and when the weather gets cool a little I will be out walking and regaining a little of my vaunted strength. I used to be a very strong man but this heart problem has hurt me in the strength and stamina area pretty bad. But the food I bought will keep me and a few others going for a long time. When the cold of Winter hits and the economy is in the cellar and there is a famine in the land, we will eat. And that is a big part of being a prepper. Yeah, you gotta have your medical and your guns and ammo up to snuff, but that food and water will keep you going so you can do what you have to do. I still have my Cranberry Beans to harvest yet. Shell outs! I'll have company at the dining room table this year and it will be a good time. Shell 'em, bag 'em and freeze 'em for a couple, three days to kill the vermin. Shove 'em in a steel garbage can and they will keep. I bought 8 canned hams today to go along with what I already had and those beans will do wonders with some ham cooked in them. We already have 2 sweet new Cayenne Peppers from the garden. I bought 36 plants and the wife might have a few down there on her own. And they are doing it! My little plant babies are producing. My kitchen-dining room will have many ristras hanging form the beams in the ceiling. Many! As they dry the woman grinds them in her little coffee grinder and makes my breakfast pepper seasoning. Breakfast just ain't right without eggs with Cayenne pepper on them. That pepper kicks our pancreas in gear and that is good for your insulin level. Think of the people who will not believe that we need to prep and you will see my advantage over them. They will be begging or stealing food and I will be eating like normal. Hopefully I can be back in shape a little bit before tings get too bad. I intend to walk my guard mount like every other man will be doing. And walking is good. It can keep you alive. I still have another food buy or two to go before I shave spent my ideal sum on food. We will get it stored somehow or another. People in the stores don't seem to pay any attention to someone stocking up these days. Kinda makes me think that there are some stealth preppers out there. And if I lived in a town like Bedford where everyone has a $70 a month sewer and water bill I wouldn't be telling anyone of my plans either. All this raising of taxes is insane! Goddamn it, we are busted! What the hell is this getting-blood-out-of-a-Turnip trip all about? The elected officials in Washington are crazy! I know they are all owned and paid for but they should know better than to tax us like they are doing, and going to do. It's not right. People should be left alone to make their way in this type of economy. Government needs to back off and leave us alone !

Business looked pretty tacky in town. The shopping centers had their stores rented but they are not your mainstream businesses. They are the El Cheapos. The people really doing the business are the Dollar Store, Dollar General, Big Lots, Walmart and Aldis. I guess the other guys are trying to hang in there. You see a nice new shiny car ONCE IN A WHILE, but not very often. Lots of used Pontiacs with a miles on them are running around. A cheap ride until the price of gas goes through the roof again. But it won't for a while because I think the price of oil is dropping and we will get a break at the pump for a few weeks. This country is awash in crude oil and gasoline and diesel. Ain't anyone buying and driving. We are all broke! Sure, a few still drive on their job and whatnot but the average American cannot afford to go crusing for burgers or taking driving vacations. Remember this is the country who coined the phrase STAYCATION.

Lots of talk here in the family and even in town, about the banking problems. People are buying just what they have to and I cannot tell you where they are keeping the cash. But a lot of businesses are full of clerks and managers wearing the mask of BUSINESS AS USUAL. Do the job, stock the shelves, take the money, yada, yada. yada. I think most of them are scared to death. I know there were no stares or questioning looks when Terry and I went through the check out this morning with two full shopping carts full of canned goods on flats. No one seemed to notice anything out of the usual.

I want to destroy something you have been taught since you were capable of thought and that something is that to lose weight you have to consume less calories than you burn up. That is a lie. You can sit on your ass all day long and lose weight on the Atkins Diet. You can consume calories until your gut bursts and you won't gain weight, you will lose it. You just can't have any carbohydrates. Simple as that. You test this and you will know that the diet food business is nothing more than a complete hoax. You can eat meat, fat, and all the green leafy vegetables you can hold and you will not gain any weight. But that slice of bread or that baked potato will pack it on you like crazy. I gotta go eat. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

The government won't leave us alone. Ever. We've allowed the beast to grow too large....

Yes, the yuppies now shop at wal mart, and the wal mart crowd is reduced to the dollar store. I guess the dollar store gang is just shit outta luck!

Saw a feller yesterday. Clean cut, maybe early 30s, decent clothes, sitting on the hood of a well kept late '90s Ford Ranger, with a sign reading "I WILL work!". Can't even go to Home Depot any more, the parking lot is full of illegals looking for work. Gettin' bad out there.....

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with the heart problem. Best thing is walking as you noted. You're doing the right things. Keep us posted.

Staying Alive said...

Mayberry-The dominos are falling just like they should be falling. We didn't make this mess but we may have to clean some of it up. I remember that thing from Half Past Human that said bankers would be seen hung from lamposts. The cheese is about to get more binding.