Sunday, July 12, 2009


This will not be a big post today. There just ain't a whole helluva lot going on. You can't buy huge food buys every day with my income. It's mildly raining and we can't go to the garden. The wife has it pretty much under control anyhow. So it is a laid back day. I had my normal eggs and sausage for breakfast and drank some water and I feel pretty good. Terry only took one unit of insulin last night and is planning on not taking any tonight. That is progress. He has dropped 25 pounds and 25 daily units of insulin in 5 weeks. He thinks it is time to quite the insulin. He is taking the pancreas pills right now and they seem to be doing the work.

The wife is down buying eggs and milk and stuff off of her Amish friends. They have been running low on eggs of late. I don't like that. I want my Amish eggs every morning. Good eating.

The media is full of questions about whether or not Obama is going to have another stimulus. Sure, Obama, go ahead and print up another batch of phony money and see what it gets you. You popularity figures are sinking to Bush's level as it is.

I have seen a report that says there might very well be only about 8 to 10 million people in this country who do not have medical insurance and want it. The figure of 47 million is a bunch of crap. Just another lie to jack us around.

The mainstream media is still not reporting on Israel and what they are doing in Gaza. A Fox News guy went up to the fence that surrounds the place and the Israeli's gassed him. No mention of it in the news.

There is a lot of stuff to learn in this world right now. Pick your interest and start digging. It's abundant and it has not been cut off as yet. Go for the chrome.

Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

The dizzying array of crap to keep up with is a bit overwhelming. And I reckon that's by design.... We've seen such a barrage of bullshit legislation in the past six months, that even those criminals in DC can't keep up with it, and that's their job!!! It's all designed to keep us bewildered and in disarray. The weekly, if not daily changes of focus keep us from uncovering the real truth on any given topic, because it takes weeks of spare time to get to the bottom of just one thing. This way, they can keep pulling their fast ones on us, as most slugs out there won't bother trying to inform themselves. Interferes with beer and baseball.....

1200 pages of that Crap and Trade bill, the crooks who wrote it buried the real meat of the thing under so much manure and legal mumbo jumbo as to make it virtually impossible for an Average Joe to make heads or tails of it. Plus, you'll spend days on end cross referencing all the other legislation related to it, superceded by it, altered by it, etc... This has gotten way out of hand...

HermitJim said...

I get so burnt out when trying to find a site with some real news, I get dizzy! I can only imagine what the people feel that actually buy into this crap!

Almost makes you want to just give up...but that's what they want!

Michael French said...

Every word out of their mouth is a lie. Every move they make is against our interest. Everyone of them sold out before entering office. Every piece of legislation is designed to dissolve America as we have loved her.
Friends it is well and truly over for hope and change in the way we would have liked it. Right now banks get your money without having to loan you anything, Car companies get out from under their debt and years of mismanagement and get eh money to start over without even selling a car. Companies are firing American workers and keeping those on H1-B visas, and the southern border no longer exists. In fact illegals have more rights than you do.