Monday, July 13, 2009


I have no questions about Kingdomism so I will go on to other things. I will go on about those people who cannot, in any way, shape, fashion, or form, get out of town and into the country. You will have to try and make it where you are. And I don't like the odds. Buildings can burn very quickly. The food riots will go on for a few days but then the shops will be stripped bare and the looters will go looking elsewhere for their food. But if you have been reading this blog you already know this. Jim Dakin at can give you the knowledge of how to do it on the cheap. And those words may not appeal to you but they beat the hell out of dying in a building fire or being shot to death by zombie looters. Mickey Creekmore at has some very good advice on how to get it done for little money. I don't necessarily agree with everything they say or do but they are getting the job done. They set out to do it and they have the smarts to see it through to fruition. I read these guys every day and maybe you ought to do the same thing. It's not that I or they have the absolute secrets to life, but we have knowledge and viewpoints that can be a benefit. Just please get out of town. Get out where there are only farm people and no suburbanites or other losers. Stay away from the Obama voters and the hell they have unleashed upon us. We will watch his inappropriate methods go down the septic pipe from a distance. No sense going with it!

The economic news is hinting around about the computer program that Goldman-Sachs says might have been stolen. That program is a nation killer. And that is exactly what shitheads like G-S have in mind to do. I was reading a detailed study of Al Gore and his Green Empire. It is saturated with G-S employees. Al Gore is a system boy from the word go and we will see him rise to great wealth if he gets his way. "Cap and Trade" will be his crowning glory. It will be the key to him gaining untold riches. I cannot see it fail to get passed in the Senate. It will take something very huge and monumental to stop it. Like may the major cities of the US being on fire. That would stop it. Or if California was burning. The 9th or 10th largest economy in the world going up in smoke would be quite a heavy blow to try to deal with. But I doubt that California will have the heavy dollar economy much longer. They are printing their own currency now. That must mean the end is near. We have been printing our own currency , without having gold to back it up for about 38 years and we are going down the tubes Thank you, Richard Nixon, you soft headed moron.

Minyanville,, is reporting that a new wave of risk aversion is sweeping the markets these days. Who woulda thunk it? The Dow Jones Industrial Average went up about $185 dollars today. I tell you most sincerely that I have no idea what that means. It's all rigged to the maximum and numbers don't mean anything any more. The President has a team of men who he can call on to manipulate the prices of various stocks and commodities. They do pretty well at it, too. The price of gold should be at about $1500 dollars right now but the PTB have conspired to keep it artificially low so that people won't start forsaking the dollar and buying the precious metal. Don't think for a minute that the fedgov does not watch the value of the dollar like a hawk, because it damn well does. I believe that China will overturn the financial apple cart for the US and they will do it pretty soon. And why not? They have steadfastly bought our debt for 20 years and financed this country to keep it afloat so that they could advance themselves, which they have done. But now Obama has started the HUGE inflationary process that will make our money worthless. The effort to save it will be about a year long struggle buy it will not work. Dollar bills and Charmin will be worth about equal value when the SHTF.

There really isn't a whole lot to write about today. Obama's chief economic advisor says things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. Hells, belles. We told them that a couple of years ago. They just talk about it getting worse. They don't talk about the burning and looting and murder and future FEMA camps and all of that. We are not supposed to know about that. We can't handle the truth, you know. That is why we have food storage in our lives and we are going to have more. It looks like we will get some more on Thursday of this week. Spiritual. We might not have as much food saved as other preppers, but we have enough to get by for quite a while. And one more buy this week will set us up even better. And I have picked up a rumor that the Chinese will be backing their Ruan with gold pretty soon. This will be the death rattle of the US Dollar. But don't tell anybody! Hah! Stay alive.


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Mayberry said...

China is positioning themselves to make the yuan the new reserve currency, and they got the stroke to pull it off. They can pull the plug on the dollar at the drop of a hat. I reckon they're conspiring with the Russians on this deal, and are just waiting 'till the time is ripe. Or possibly, they want a "one world currency". Either way, we all need to prep like hell while we still can....