Wednesday, July 15, 2009


So here I am once again, sitting down to write and not having the slightest idea of what will come forth. I have read the blogs and the news and here has not been much to inspire me. The media and the government are still lying with every breath they take. Will America notice this and remember? Will they keep this kind of treatment in their mind? Or will they forget everything when the NFL season begins? Normally hard to say, but the amount of pain caused in their life might make it memorable for most. Remember the two great teachers, Pleasure and Pain. Pleasure teaches you to procreate and get fat. Pain teaches you most of the other stuff. Pain can cause you to remember who hurt you and who degraded you. Pain can cause you to remember the rotten banker who screwed your mortgage around. Pain can cause you to remember that a competitor got bailed out and you didn't and you got laid off. Pain causes you to watch the calendar and check the number of weeks you have left on unemployment. The time is getting short for unemployment you know. Millions of people will be running out in September. But they will come off the governments list of unemployed! And those who are making it on extensions are off the unemployed rolls right now. The top 1% of our people, the wealthiest, now have the same amount of money as the lower 80%. Isn't that clever? Never in our history has so much wealth been transferred to so few. The concentration of wealth is phenomenal. There are a few really rich people out there and the rest of us are sucking up the remains. And you can thank your bankers and your elected representatives and the stock market guys for this circumstance. And don't leave out the medical people, the ones at the top of it anyhow. I am sure you have read that medical bills are the chief cause of bankruptcy in America. These monolithic industries out in the country do not love us. Never think that they do. The day will come when we will hunt the representatives of these soulless entities with dogs. One utterance said we will hang them from street posts. I don't know about that but I do know that some people are very angry with the way things are going in this country. Very angry.

My garden is looking very well these days. The rows of beans look like hedge rows. Really healthy. The first ones planted are getting flowers on them. We are not too far away from the harvest and the saving of the nutritious beans. I love stuffing those garbage cans with bags of beans out of my freezer. You just have to leave them in there for about 3 days and they are ready to be stored. We let them sit on the kitchen table after they come out of the freezer and that seems to rid us of condensation pretty well. Then it is just a matter of slipping some Bay Leaves into the bag, closing it up and tossing it into the big metal can. Seems to work for us anyhow. The woman is drying food like crazy. Lots of fruit dried out and stored in sealable plastic bags. Now she is getting into vegetables. I have seen tomatoes, onions, potatoes, bell peppers and whatnot all being put away for later on. The fruit is tangerines, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, bananas and I don't know what else. But she seems to be working a survivalist miracle with her little set up. I don't know if we will can our tomatoes or dry them. The wife will decide that this year and we will take note of the results. Like I said before, I have a boatload of Cayenne Peppers planted and we intend to hang them from our ceiling beams for use this next Winter, Spring and Summer. Folks don't think about their canning and drying having to last a year. If you are like us and shell out your beans in October then you need to plant and harvest enough of a crop to last until the next October. That is the way it works if you are striving for food self sufficiency. And you older folks need to remember this because our pensions are going to be taken from us by the unscrupulous bastards on Wall Street. And our Social Security will fall by the wayside because the government will run out of money to pay it. So you have to get your act together to make it or be prepared to go some months with light rations. I know that I harp on food storage and garden and buying storage food a lot and I must say I do not apologize. This is how you might stay alive. And you almost can't lose on the proposition. You can always eat the food. It's like money in the bank only better. And any way you can get around putting money in a bank is a good thing. Invest in food and guns and ammo and medical supplies and you will always get your money's worth on the deal. Tools are always neat to have. I recently bought a wood fired cook stove from Northern Tool. Solid cast iron. It's too short but I can fix that okay. All assembled it only reaches a height of 28 inches. The wife wants something about 36 to 38 inches high. We can do that. And she deserves the added height. Not many women will get on the survival trip like she has. Consideration is due. Honor to whom honor is due.

I'll close for now but I leave you with the admonishment to keep on your survival trip as heavy as you can. The coming days are not looking too good for the home team and we must be ready to live on, no matter what. So stay alive!



Bitmap said...

"Pain can cause you to remember the rotten banker who screwed your mortgage around."

Don't let that pain cause you to block out the fact that you voluntarily signed for that mortgage.

The banker may have offered you a bad deal but that didn't force you to take it.

All those bad decisions combine to hurt everyone whether they made good decisions or bad ones.

Keep that garden growing.

Mayberry said...

You're a lucky man Michael! The Handmaiden sure is a rare find.... Glad to hear your garden is flourishing. Gardens down here are frying to a crisp, in spite of copious watering.... So are the people! Too much sun!

HermitJim said...

Good for you and the missus, my friend! The garden sounds wonderful, for sure!

Eating right out of the garden is not only healthier, but just taste so damn good!