Sunday, July 19, 2009


The weather is pretty damn cool outside. Feels like the lower 70's. The Global Warming guys are missing the boat. Like I said, we are in a solar minimum right now and it is going to be cool. It could be serious for a few years. And I know, I know, I know, there are places getting drought and high temps. But they are the exception. Gear up for Winter clothing, folks. It may save your ass. Global warming is a scam, a lie, a hoax. Do not fall for it. Remember rule number one: Do not believe a thing the government tells you. My brother-in-law wants to get a small delivery of coal and have CREDIT carved into each and every piece. When they come to tax you for your carbon credit you give them a piece of your coal. Seems reasonable to me! It will burn in my new stove too. Coal or wood. It doesn't matter. Coal is not as clean as wood but it will get you buy. Just messier to clean up though.

People are starting to want to tell me of rumors they have heard. Especially those of a conspiracy nature. I always tell them "Good!" Then I explain that it will bring this shit closer to an end.

Right now we are riding in an economic car that is being let down a steep hill by a winch with a long cable. And it is lowering us down the hill slowly, ever so slowly. But if something comes along and cuts the cable we are in for a short and merry ride to the bottom. The car will go like hell but it will cease it's travel much quicker. I am not running the cable. Someone else is doing that task. But I do not feel it will keep this slow creep down the incline forever. It is going into free fall sooner or later. Be advised to stock up on food and other tangibles at your earliest possible convenience. The Postal Service is telling it's people to get a months supply of food ahead in case of "hard times". One month my ass! I want six months to a year and that is all because my limited income wont allow me to buy much more.

I was listening to Gerald Celente today and his message has not changed. He is sticking with his trend research and it is telling him that we are headed into deep doo doo. I could not agree with him more. Philadelphia is now postponing payment to a lot of it's bills because the state government of Pennsylvania has not passed a budget and they cannot get their state funds. The city wants to pass a 1% increase on the sales tax so they can increase revenue. That's the way you do it, Philly! Times are tough so you raise your taxes! That will benefit the people for sure. And you can make yourself known as a town that beats you when you are down. What a triumph.

I'm getting ready to do out out dinner. It ain't my idea and I ain't paying for it. My brother-in-law wants to splurge because he has been off the insulin needle for a week. And I reckon that is a thing to be happy about. But the meal money would better spent on preps. However the man DID contribute a third off the cost of our recent food buy and that is a very nice effort in my book. He also chipped in a third of the cost of our new illegal wood fired cookstove. I swear on the Alter of Him with whom we have to do that if they come and try to shut down my stove I will resist to the maximum, if necessary. I won't endanger anyone else but I will put little old me right in their face. I don't think that will stop them from coming after me. What will stop them will be much greater rebellion around the country by folks who are truly pissed off and are looking for blood. A man will not sit by and watch his wife and kids starve. It just will not happen. And those kind of folks will be ready to go to the wall with the fedgov any ol' time. And our government knows this fully well. I was reading a piece on that closed door session of Congress that was held a year ago. It has been leaked that it was about rioting and civil strife right here in good ol' USA. They talked about troops that could protect Washington. They talked about protection for their families. They talked about the guarantee of their medical opportunities. They talked about stuff that we get accused of being extremists for talking about. KISS MY ASS! Don't anybody be dumb enough to accuse me of wrongdoing when the accuser is doing the same goddamn thing. I will stay right here at home if they don't bother me. I will not attack government agents. But they surely must leave me alone! I am a thinking creature. I have come to certain conclusions about life that cause me to be away from mainstream thinking. But I am not hurting anyone. So leave me alone and let things slide.

Stay alive.



Dragon said...

This one is above the rest Mike. Ya hit the ball right out of the park.
The cable that is holding us back is rapidly fraying,unraveling bit by bit and sooner than later it will have to let loose. Whether it will snap all by itself or the ones hauling on it will be forced to let go is anyones bet.
Never let anyone say preps don't pay.
I'm living on stuff i put away over a year ago april.

HermitJim said...

Faith in the government has been replaced in my mind by faith in my pantry!

I am a long time advocate of " Leave me the Hell alone, and I'll do the same to you!"

Excellent post, my friend!

Mayberry said...

Illegal woodstove??!! How the hell is a wood stove illegal??!! Now I want one!

I am now looking into retrofitting the Beast with one of Dragon's wood gas generators. To fuel the engine and the stove. I reckon a still could be incorporated into the contraption as well! Perhaps a small engine/compressor could be wood gas powered, to compress wood gas and fill storage bottles. Oh, the possibilities!

And I think Dragon is right, that cable is pretty frayed.... Fixin' to snap. I can't wait....