Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It's warm and breezy and pretty nice outside and I thought to write about religion and spirituality. So brace yourselves cause here it comes.

I got into this area last night at meeting. It deals with the fact that we are not responsible for the era of time we came here, the genetic inheritance we brought with us, nor the events of the world that engulf us all of our lives. And to top it all off, the people of God are left pretty much to their own devices as they wander the planet trying to maintain and existence. And this is the area of a tribe of people I wish to call CAIN. Like the bible says, he was a killer from the beginning. Cain pretty much rules the planet at this time with fear of prison and fear of hell. If you don't obey his religious people he condemns you a life to burning hell. His burning hell is a fantasy that he talks up on Sunday morning to keep the offering plates full and the frightened perish-in-hers obedient and docile. Cain's forte is to create religions. He has created a lot of them. If there is something about religions that makes you uncomfortable you now know why.

Cain males his earthly living milking you and all the people you know. He is pretty good at it, especially in this country. We have the finest system Cain has been able to produce. All these huge churches with those slippery preachers running them are merely a manifestation of Cain. Stay out of those evil places. They will rob you of your money and your soul. Don't let Cain write on your psychic black board. Better you just prayed to God for guidance than to succumb to Cain. He is an evil bastard. The other method of controlling you is the civil power in this country. The USA is the worlds greatest incarcerator. We brag about having the highest percentage of people in jails and prisons of all countries on the earth. Remember when I said fear of prison and fear of hell? I was not kidding. I am being serious as a heart attack. The believer lives in dread of being a castaway or a cinder. The non-believer dreads his stay in prison. You walk the line or Cain will whack your ass very hard. If you have not been paying attention, let me assure you that Cain will also torture you to bend your will to his program. The way to get Cain to lay off is to reverse the direction of the flow and let HIM fear death. Let him fear quick and efficient execution. Let him fear being hanged from a lamp post. Let him fear the sounds of the dogs in pursuit. PUT IT ON THAT BASTARD! But in this time in which we live the best recourse you have is QUARANTINE. Let him stay in his house and don't go near him. Keep him out of YOUR house at all costs. Starve him of money. If you don't feed him he dies. You starve him to death. Nothing violent or illegal. Just quit paying up! Pull your head out of the stanchion and go free. Refuse to be milked by an obscene system any longer. "Oh that is Father Bob or that is Pastor Jim!" I don't give a shit. Cut them off of the milk of the flock and let them go to work the same as you do. Turning your collar around does not, or should not, release you from the responsibilities of being a man and earning your keep. Just remember that these guys are good at milking you. You will hear of the poor who will starve if you don't contribute. Don't fall for that bullshit. Those overseas missions are just new milking parlors for the future. These shysters never lose sight of the bottom line. Israel is still selling trips to the Holy Land to all takers. What a machine! And don't forget that these carnal dogs that say they are of God are the men who have raped and sodomized children all over this country. Let them starve!

Your next target is the civil powers. These are what we call politicians. They make the rules. They make up the fines and penalties for breaking their rules. They exempt themselves from most of these proceedings, if they can, and dare. You will notice that all of the pension funds being lost in this country are not disturbing our governmental rulers. Their pensions are guaranteed as long as the fedgov is in existence. So what if you lose your pension to the work of some greedy Wall Street bastard. That is what you get for not playing the game with your leaders! You should have gone into politics and got your governmental pension like a good boy or girl! About the only way you can whip the civil government at this time is to vote against them at every election. Throw the current bastards out of office! Every damn one of them! And if you don't make Obama a one term president then you are the dumbest people on the planet. If he does not completely collapse this economy he will have at least bankrupted it beyond belief. And if it goes bankrupt then you better have a congress that is afraid of you and will do your will. Otherwise they will give all of your nation away to the highest bidder to pay the debt we never made.Don't let them do that to you, America. Don't let them destroy the work of over 200 years of blood, sweat and toil. And I am telling you that the weasels we have in there now will screw you until your asshole bleeds if you don't get them out. You have seen the videos of them voting against your will this past year. Keep that image in your mind the next time you go to the polls. AND THROW THE BASTARDS OUT! The politicians need to fear the people, not the opposite. Make them fear YOU!

This little rant was courtesy of my mentor, Daniel A. R. Wright. He got this stuff from God. He called it the Three Hers. The Three Hers come from breaking down the GREAT WHORE into three smaller categories that make the concept easier to understand. The Three Hers were the Religious her, The Civil Her and that old nemesis, the Personal Her. We won't get into the Personal Her today. Right now we look through a glass darkly in that area. But it is coming, never fear. Have a nice day and stay alive.




Mayberry said...

Mr Wright was a wise man. And that's an excellent analogy, striking how similar the beast and religion are. Guess gub'mint took their que from the old churches of Europe, and the stranglehold they maintained over most everything. Even kings...

Shyster is the word. They can stuff their tithe up their hind end far as I'm concerned. The Word is in The Book, and I don't need some charlatan to "decipher" it for me. I can read for myself just fine.... For that matter, I don't need some self righteous stuffed suit in the District of Criminals tellin' me how to live either! My folks did a fine job of teaching me right from wrong. No further guidance required....

HermitJim said...

Excellent post, my friend! Thanks!!