Sunday, July 5, 2009


It's drizzling rain outside. And after a dry week I am glad to see it. Where I am from, up North in the flatlands, we would call this a million dollar rain. A real slow soaker. A lot of people think it has to really rain pretty hard to water their plants. Not so. A nice slow drizzle will handle it just fine. I enjoyed my breakfast at one of the local greasy spoons this morning. Four eggs, two sausage patties, no toast or coffee came to $5 plus a small amount of change. Not the best deal I have found, but a whole lot better than most. The Handmaiden is doing her thing at the Amish this morning just like normal. You can really tell the difference in the taste of commercially produced eggs and the eggs you get off the Amish. I'll take those Amish eggs any day.

Degringolade had a blog yesterday that brought me to attention. I thought I was the only one who ever had misgivings about the survivalist trip. But here was my man, who I read every day, wondering if this thing would turn around and the problems evaporate. What ever you do, don't fall for those feelings. We have some pretty big economic guns telling us the thing is going tits up. We have a lying, treacherous,media that has to admit SOME things are going bad. And we have a multitude of nations around the world who hate our guts. They are literally all over the place. The REST OF THE WORLD is suffering the crash like we are. And we have our beloved politicians who we can count on to tell us just the opposite of what is going on 99% of the time. We are the Mushroom People. We are fed shit and kept in the dark as much as possible. We face the biggest propaganda machine known to man. DON'T BELIEVE THEM! I believe the bloggers before I will believe the media. I get most of my news off of the blogs. There are some die-hard people out there who are writing the truth as they know it. STAY WITH THEM. Read the survival blogs, the economic blogs, the anti-government blogs. These are real people and they are trying to get a message out to you. Simple as that.

The bloggers have found out about the section of the new bill passed by the house that is to insure that we all live as carbon free as possible. And it appears that Obama will be able to claim some job gains because there is a pert of it that sets up a corp of inspectors across the nation who will have the right to request entry into your home to see if you are living in a building that is up to snuff. This is driving my up a wall. You don't have to let them in but you will get fined and they will come back and try again. So good. Bastards.

The other thing sticking in my craw is the campaign to stifle the short sellers on Wall Street. And I have no love for the clowns on Wall Street, believe you me. But short selling is just as good a way to make money gambling as playing as Texas Hold'em ever was. Just do not take institutional money of bank money to do the deal. Leave the retirement money alone, please.

I still have no viable offers for a wood cook stove. Surely someone out there can help me with this. I cannot afford any $3000 to $5000 price ordeal. I have to buy at the down home price.

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Mayberry said...

Well the bastards can come inspect my house all they want when it's gone back to the bank. If there's still a bank! Meanwhile, if they ain't got a warrant, they ain't coming in, and they can stuff their fine up their ass, I'll not be paying. There's a name for this garbage: "Illegal search and seizure", and I'll be DAMNED if I'm gonna put up with it!!!