Friday, July 24, 2009


I got on George Ure this morning as I usually do. He made a big part of his morning post a commentary on the Administrator of FEMA getting with the various Governors at their recent meeting in Mississippi. And the question is asked, just what does the boss of FEMA have to say to the leaders of our various states? He was telling them of plans and protocols that the fedgov has developed to handle emergencies across our fair land. I can't help but think that the emergency FEMA was getting ready for is WE THE PEOPLE of this fair land. I was just talking to an 80 year old man on the phone and I told him the HELL will start to break loose in this country when unemployment benefits run out. If they scuttle Social Security at the same time I will go sit in the lake all day so I won't be burned in the fire storm that will follow. It's all a pile of puke and the authors of it are going to pay one hell of a price for their actions. Look for troops to be moved into D.C. BEFORE the SHTF. Those boys on capital hill know what is coming and they will be ready. And they damn well ought to get ready! They will not be well thought of in the day of revenge. But they have huge supplies of storage food hidden underground, the best medical treatment available at no cost to them, troops to protect their asses, and places to bunker down in case things get really violent. And I say they will need every damn bit if it. Of course, if they stay out of Southern Indiana and leave me alone, I will do the same for them. We will have a meeting of the minds if they come to my home. I ain't coming to their home to bother them and they had better follow the same path in dealing with me. I know they have air superiority and all of that but unless they come with it, well, they had better be really careful. A lot of these old boys around here don't take to people interfering in their lives. They least you can expect is to get your teeth knocked out. But things can escalate from there quite easily. Don't tread on me can be an ugly thing to run up against if you ain't the right person, a member of the clan, one of the locals you know.

I don't know how most of you are faring in your preps but I am starting to feel like I have something accomplished. There are three of us now and we have laid in a major stash of food and non-hybrid seed. Coupled with what I already had, we are starting to look pretty good. Even the Handmaiden is starting to think we might make it. I am getting compliments on the blog about the articles I put up. Smart people who really have some nice things to say. Makes me happy I do it. As I have said before, there are others in our midst who are getting the message of beans, bullets and band-aids. There is more than one approach but they all intend to make it. One guy is intent on eating a lot of wild game. Another is going to can his whole garden. Another is eating his stash while his business is down and is planning on bringing it back up to snuff as soon as things get better. We are buying and gardening so we can get a double whammy going on food resources. You can't have too much food when the shit hits the fan. And when it does hit the fan, feed out real well for the first three days. That will see to most people's emotional needs and you won't have a lot of boo-hoo-ing going on in your camp. People are creatures of habit and when they get thrown off their normal routine the can get a bit depressed or out of sorts. Be kind. Be happy. Show a lot of care for these people. Let them now how happy you are that they are around. It will be the biggest morale booster you have ever seen. People have to feel wanted and needed or they start to freak out. And you do not need a freak-out on your hands. Give out lots of praise and little or no complaints. Hard times are a place for love, not harshness.

The news is of the comeback in the stock market. The Wall Street boys are having a jubilee. Bonuses are up and so are some stocks. The DJIA is running above 9000. But it is not real, folks. They are doing it with smoke and mirrors and monopoly money. Everything is rigged and controlled. People like Goldman-Sachs are making one quarter of a cent for every share of stock they send through their high speed trading program. Not much money but when you think of all the shares on a normal mega-billion day of trading it starts to add up. My computer will not handle that load so I don't get any of that money. Damnedest thing.

The weather here is nice and sunny and the sky has a lot of blue in it. Yesterday, while we were getting our 2" of rain it was not so nice and pretty. But the rain cleared out the lake of all of the grass clippings that were accumulating around the edge of it. We put some grass pike in the lake to control that sort of thing but it did not work out. Oh well. Stay alive!



KY Prep said...

love the blog.

Western Mass. Man said...

Me too.
And a daily read. ;)

Mayberry said...

Preps are coming along. Sure wish we could have some of that rain... A LOT of that rain. Hasn't rained a decent amount down here in eight months or more, and things are looking pretty bleak. Brown and crunchy. But it ain't the first time, and won't be the last. We'll get by.....

Rhino said...

nice post ,keep up the good work