Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have learned that Western Canada is going through a real estate bubble in the housing market. Cheap money and lots of properties are making things really warm up. I find a housing bubble very hard to believe after what the world has just gone through. But maybe Canadians really are stupid. The guys up in Michigan always said they were. You know those guys in Michigan, the ones who have had their asses handed to them by the government and the courts and the auto industry. The ones who are homeless and being ripped off by their state federal and city governments. Yeah. Those guys. I wonder where they get the idea they are fit to judge the Canadians? Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

I heard from a little bird that there is a some talk about my speaking in our Sunday night meeting about the things I am inspired to say. They want to get into peace and mellowness and sing songs and not be troubled by their existence. But no one will cross me in the meeting. No one will dispute what I have to say. They do not want to think or evaluate anything they just want to feel the spirit. And feeling the spirit is good. I am for it 100%. But there are some other things to chew on the table that God has set and they want to set those things aside. Sounds like religion to me! You go for the things that you like and you discard the things you don't like. Lots of churches out there doing the exact same thing.

I am an old hand at dealing with religious people. I eat them for breakfast. A believer or a truly dedicated person is one thing, but when I get a person preaching a religion I generally give them a hard time. If you ever come up against me you would do well to remember that.

In looking at the stock market today, along with some other things, I have come to the conclusion that the market is going to be driven to about 9500 to 10,500 and when it gets up there the cry is going to be that we have whipped the problem and we are going to roll once again. Do not believe this horseshit. It is an attack on what remains of any wealth in this country. It is the milking of the last teat on the cow called America. When the market falls then, the collapse will be miserable. This is probably when you will see cities burning and people rioting and troops called in to protect Washington, D.C. The ugliness will have begun. When this happens you had better be gone from Dodge. Don't let any dust settle on your tires until you are at your retreat and bunkered in. The first night you might drink some wine but after that you had better be standing guard. Things will get nasty. To the maximum range.

People like Mayberry are getting their shit together and getting ready to survive the ugliness. I am tempted to invite Dragon to move in down here if he can rough it. We don't have any room at this time and we don't have an excess of people to build any more room. He would have to live in what he brought. A travel trailer, a fucking yurt, or what ever he can dig up will be fine. I don't approve of my friends living on the streets or not having a place to retreat to in the event of a calamity. Besides, he is a good shot and we can always use another trigger finger. Hah! Mayberry's group is very heartening to me. They all have land along a short stretch of country road and they are basically all related. This is a Clan, for sure. They will watch out for each other and help each other and that is what the whole thing is all about. I say congratulations!

I just read where the US Postal service is running out of money. What the hell is going on? We pay every postal increase they levy on us. How can they be broke? The only thing I can think of is that the money has gone into the general fund of Congress and has been spent by politicians. Maybe people are using the internet and not the mail. If you are already on line it would make a lot of sense. One of the few acts, besides prepping, that makes much sense these days.

I just got on for my last laugh of the night and there was a picture of Newt Gingrich with the quote: "We are living at the brink of catastrophe." Well done, Newt. Got preps?

I got on George Ure this morning and he has announced the new web-bot report. It said, among many other things:
Want to get a decent handle on what we're expecting in the way of news events over the next year and a half or so? Got $10-bucks? Then head over to and download the newest "Shape of things to come" report. This one runs 40+ pages and covers all kinds of things ranging from our expected price of previous metals by the end of 2010, plus a number of very unpleasant developments in the socioeconomic arena. Dead folks in the millions, just to give you an idea.

That thing about dead folks in the millions kinda got my attention. How do they die? From an invasion? From disease? From starvation? What the hell, over... If they come down here and try to rip us off they will die from lead poisoning of the highest magnitude. We will help whom we can but robbing us is not allowed. We have trigger fingers down here and we will use them. I would imagine there will be a die-off of some sort in this country. IF the dollar collapses and the money runs out there will be a lot of desperate people out on the highways and by-ways of this great land trying to stay alive by whatever means they can. And if it means cleaning out your storage then they will do that very thing. To all who would come here and do mischief, please bring your own body bag. Otherwise we will let the opossum and the crow clean up your mess. Things are looking pretty grim right now and I would be sure to get all the ammo I could lay my hands on. It might be years before you can buy any more. Get your canned goods bought while there are cans on the store shelves. Order non-hybrid seed from someone like Survivalist Seeds. But if it is impossible to buy from Big John then go buy regular stuff from anyone who is selling it. Non-hybrid seed is not a suicide pact. You gotta eat something! Get what you can but do not forget that non-hybrid plants will give you the seed to plant again the next year. My Cranberry beans are growing like crazy. Even my garden hardened wife, the Handmaiden, is impressed with them. They are from seed I kept from last year. Non-hybrid seed seem to have a little more vigor than hybrids.

Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Well two kinfolk own land there, the rest are just good people. Good friends. As a plus, my Dad and Mom are now looking for a patch of rural ground! Hopefully they'll find something nearby the rest of the crew. Ha ha! It'll look like a mini RV park there come SHTF! A very well armed RV park... With a garden!

Dragon said...

Rant on....spouted off a little on my own...But I think the only person who got it was ole Jim Beam...I was celebrating my birthday...Sheep do not like to hear any of this. They will stay put until its way too late. Its coming Bro...Its a coming.

Sheepdogg76 said...

You might be on to something here with the stock market. Topped 9000 today and everything is rosey again!