Monday, July 27, 2009


I have been reading The Coming Depression at . It is sorta scary. The story is about a huge Valley in California that has grown the nations vegetables for decades. I think it is called the Central Valley. There is an Interstate that runs though it going North and South and for 200 miles there is no crops in the ground. This is America's vegetable bin. It grows most of the stuff you see in your supermarket in the vegetable section. And it is not producing. And if this is allowed to continue then America is going to go hungry in the future, like the future we call next Fall. Here is a short paragraph from this frightening story.

"On July 15th, as I began my trip to Utah, I came off the Grapevine decline and hit the flat 250 or so mile stretch of interstate which begins the farming belt in the valley. Almost immediately I noticed what I had only heard about on the radio and in the papers. Where once there were vast fields of green, now there where empty, barely recognizable rows of unplanted dirt and growing weeds. Only sporadically at first, but once I passed Bakersfield and for about a 200 mile stretch, I could not believe my eyes. Field after field laid fallow. And not really fallow, but unattended... as if it was not going to be planted in the near future either. Signs were staked in the ground on almost every patch of barren farmland. The most common one, which was yellow and obviously a group effort to wake up the sleeping travelers of their future plight, read:"CONGRESS CREATED DUST BOWL"

You must get out of town and out into the countryside. You must do it where there is adequate rainfall and plenty of rivers and streams. Hermit Jim , you better get the hell out of Houston and get North and East where they have enough rainfall for crops. The wife is buying vegetables from the Amish every weekend and dehydrating them for our storage. She likes to do it and it makes us more stable in our food supply. I was reading yesterday that America is OUT OF GRAIN. There ain't any surplus stored away for anything. The Wheat is gone, the Corn is gone. People! We are about to get the green wienie shoved up our butts! They have a Swine Flu epidemic on the way. They have a food shortage on the way. And currency collapse is waiting in the wings ready to take off! The bankers are all bailed out. The stock market guys are getting rich. And you and I are left to pick shit with the chickens. All we need is a nuclear war in the Mid-East to drive the price of oil through the roof and we are leveled like a sidewalk. And Obama is more interested in passing his healthcare bill than he is in protecting our food supply. He is also interested in cutting off the carbon dioxide that feeds our plants with his 'cap and trade' bullshit. I have been thinking about starting a national campaign called FEED OUR PLANTS in order to combat his insanity.

This country needs to grow up. This country needs to take a look around and see what is going on. I am not asking them all to become survival bloggers but they can at least read them! There is a whole lot of news that is not on TV. The TV news is basically used to hide the important stuff form the masses. We can read about needle tracks on Michael Jackson's arm but we will not hear about Israel's plans to attack Iran until it is history. What the hell is going on? Why are we the Mushroom People, fed shit and kept in the dark? Why has all of this chatter gone on about the stimulus and the banks and the stock brokers? I'll tell you why it is going on. They are getting all of the money! And they are putting mine and your names on the IOU for the cash. Hows that for an underhanded trick? The governments stimulus plan cannot work! You cannot borrow your way out of debt! And to give you a big clue that things are not what they seem, this country is setting records for low temperatures this Summer by the 1000's. A portion of Texas and another place is hot and dry and the rest of us are wearing long sleeved shirts to keep warm. And that man Obama is trying to tax the living hell out of us for GLOBAL WARMING. Reality and the news are not matching up! Read it at:

The City of Exeter down by Cornwall and Devon, in England is planning on using old catacombs for burial if the Swine Flu gets to be too much. Does Fox News tell you about this? They will only if it helps Big Pharma sell more tricked out vaccine. They gotta keep their customers satisfied! It just seems to me that we are about to get screwed pretty damn rude. No Vaseline and no kiss. Lock and load, Muthas! And stay alive!



Anonymous said...

This has been coming down the pike for awhile. California ain't the only place going fallow. The central states are having a hard time of it too. Crop production is said to be only 30% this year. I don't think people will notice till early Spring and it hits them in the face.

Western Mass. Man said...

I sent out another general e-mail to my family and friends about this story and a couple of others. I told them all to e-mail me if you needed any help or questions. Not a freekin peep from anyone. I know i'm preaching to the choir about this subject. The video I sent out was from Hannity a couple months ago.
Here it is.

HermitJim said...

I have totally given up on reaching any of my people on this matter!

Like we used to say in the military "AMF..." I am so outta here!

Good post , buddy!

Anonymous said...

Water and water rights has always been a problem in the western states, so much so that men used to kill over it. Fact is, much of California, including the central valley, is a desert, and without water being pumped in from 5 other states it will quickly return to desert. Yet they try to grow lettuce, grapes, and for god's sakes even rice there, three of the most water-intensive crops on earth. Couple this with a general drying trend in the US SW (the last couple of centuries have been, historically, the wettest in several millennium, but that is ending) and you have all the makings of a fresh Anasazi-style dieoff. Mc-Agriculture in the desert was always unsustainable.