Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I have has some good times today talking to a guy who knows a little about the fedgov's spying machines. He talked of very small spies the size of a fly that can fly into a room and send a TV signal back to it's master showing every thing the fly sees. He talked about a drug kingpin down in Colombia who was taken out by a little mechanized mosquito that flew into his bed room and stuck him in the neck with a deadly, fast acting poison. Pretty nifty little device. And all these things are marvels of technology that amaze and astound the common folks. But our government has these things and I don't trust those bastards. Who has died of an aneurysm and been buried and no one is the wiser. Was it really a burst in the brain due to some physical malfunction or was it someone playing with their new toys. You know, they already have these sophisticated drones they fly all over the world that can fly for days on end and take pictures with very expensive cameras from an altitude that leaves them virtually undetected. All the data goes to some place faraway from the scene, They can put air to ground rockets on these drones and smash whoever they please. They can shoot the rocket and it will overtake a speeding car and blow it up. Simply amazing. But you must remember that they had all of our tax dollars to pay for this weird stuff. If the economy blows up they might find it difficult to hire contractors to build the damn thing though. But that is about the only thing that will slow them down or stop them. They are flying these drones on the Canadian border in up-state New York right now. They introduce them with some little task like that and let it grow out to what they really want later. Bastards.

The wife went today and picked 11 pounds of Blueberries at a You-Pick joint a few miles from here. She took a young lady from the Valley with her and they split the cost and then the berries. $14 for the whole thing. Not bad. We are producing dehydrated Blueberries even as I speak. She is also drying Banana slices. I love Banana slices. I can eat them like potato chips. Love it. But I am on the Atkins diet right now and I can't eat the damn things. Life is a bitch sometimes. I talked the wife into getting seedless grapes and making raisins with the drier. She said she would do it.

Our garden is looking pretty good these days. All systems seem to be go. The tomatoes, Cayenne Peppers, onions, Swiss Chard, and three rows of beets. Plus my 40 rows of beans, of course. God gave me a victory with those beans. First thing I ever planted that I grew the seed the previous year. Great feeling.

The latest Gallop Poll has 46% of Americans believing the Democrat party is too Liberal. Well shucky durn, who would believe such a thing! They also believe the Republicans are too conservative. Wow! Another flash of brilliance. I am convinced that a third party must come on the scene to fix the ills of this country. We could call it the International Communal Utopia, the ICU for short. We could split up the country into little groups of 150 to 250 people and they could live as they please. They could have their own leadership and work out their own problems. They could adapt to their own climate. They could feed themselves and have the privilege of doing as they pleased, as long as God said they were okay. But it might be a while before we see the ICU. But you can rest assured that the seeds of it are in a lot of people right now. People have a longing to get back to something solid and secure. They want to get back to something that makes sense. I cannot blame them for that. It is such a shame that we have to go through this calamity before people will wake up and smell reality. I have always wondered if Moses really led the Israelite people across the Red Sea or if he was behind them with a whip. Interesting concept in light of today's hesitancy to prep.

Have and interesting day and stay alive.


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shiloh1862 said...

ICU? I like it!! A 3rd party is our only hope and that I fear is too late to make any difference.