Tuesday, July 7, 2009


My word processor ate my post for today so you may not get very much. But that is the way it happens and we must adjust. I am wanting to write about personal security and defense anyhow. We maybe leave that one alone too much.

If you live in the city you are in the wrong place. You can be burnt out of house and home with one Molotov cocktail. It is just too easy to get you when things get a little tricky outside your door. So be like me and several others and get the hell out of town. And get out a good ways, not just a mile or so past the suburbs. Get some wooded property with a field or two. The trees will afford you protection and the field will give you land to plant and grow food. And these are two very important items should things turn sour in society.

The first thing you do on your property is get some shelter for yourself and those with you. You ain't much good until you have some shelter. Everybody can use some of it, men, women, and kids. some more than others. We are not practicing to be pirates or looters but rather families and clans. You do have a Clan started don't you? If you are thinking about going it alone or as a single family you can just forget that. The same Molotov cocktail that can burn you out of the cities and the suburbs can burn you out of a countryside retreat just as easily. Your worth to society will not help you one bit if all the attackers want is your food stash and maybe your woman. And you have to understand that. These people will be traveling light and fast and they want what you have. They will be very quick about hitting you and getting your goods and some of what your wife has between her legs. And they will not be kind in their dealings. They will want your food and your guns and ammo for sure. They have to have strength to go on and guns and ammo to mount their next attack. It is a lifestyle. The way to beat it is to have 24 X 7 security guarding your place. And you can't keep watch all day and all night. You will fall asleep after awhile and that is a fact.

After you and your clan have settled in to your shelter, you must think about water. If you live with a nice clean Spring then you have a head start on life. You build your shelter close to your Spring and overlooking your proposed garden area. You put your clan in a group and not spread out all over the place so that in case of an attack you are already together. That is also a good way to have help fighting a fire. Fires can be devastating to people out on the land. A group will put it out quicker and rebuild quicker if necessary. Mighty important things to think about. You do not build so close together that if one building catches fire it ignites others.

So there you have the beginning of your survival community. You have land, shelter, water, security, and a place to grow some food. You have your anchor in the earth and a base of operations. You grow from there and you stay alive!



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