Saturday, January 31, 2009


I got some comments for Thursday's post and they have spurred me on to greater heights. This one, from Jim Haddix, was an especially good one. Take a look.

I would think that bringing back the Civil Defense Program would be a tremendous shot in the arm for the economy, and the good of the country. In the sense of the medical phrase for doctors to do no harm, this is it. I can see no down side to helping everyone in the country prepare for uncertain times. Perhaps the government could even start a job works program to get it going, like the old CCC and WPA programs. Shelter building and stocking (all made in USA) of shelters, training of the population, setting up a cadre of county civil defense planners. Maybe even a tax break for people who do their own preparing. Where is the down side ? Even the media could get in on it, publishing news about the program, notifying people where their nearest shelter is, airing programs for general population education regarding the aspects of surviving life in this changing times. Could even be some jobs for us preparedness oriented people. I repeat, where is the down side to making this a safer, stronger and better country ? J.A.H.


Not a bad idea. Wont' happen and probably won't work but the thought was there. The thing that will cause failure in the venture is the fact that the people of this country do not believe that what is coming is real and they will be miraculously saved. The folks who make up the masses of this country KNOW that right over the horizon is a fleet of semis loaded with wide screen TV's, Nike tennis shoes, and all the pizza they could possibly eat. And it is coming in perpetuity. We ain't never going to run out of that stuff cause we are too big to fail. Like Lehman Brothers, remember? I think the way life boils down is this: We are on our own. Sad to say, but that way we know who can prep and who can't. I am now figuring we have 1/2 of 1% active preppers and 1/2 of 1% unknown preppers. That would put our numbers up to about three million.

We do, however, communicate. The Powers That Be have not shut down the internet as yet. And I am happy about that. If they do shut it down I will miss reading some fine people but that will just be the way life is, I reckon. But I learned about surviving before there was an internet. I learned about "He that won't work, neither shall he eat." before Microsoft was ever in existence. I learned the eight most important words for describing the state of the world: Them that got, gets, and, Ain't no free lunch. There is a lot of science behind those two statements but the facts speak for themselves. I am simply amazed at the stupidity of politicians of the left or the right and their ways of doing things. You know that Hitler and Mussolini were leftists. Those bleeding heart liberals will kill your ass in a heartbeat.

My brothers in preparation are doing okay. Big John is ready and will make it if they don't overrun him. Charles out in Maryland will figure out when it is time to come to Indiana. The Hermit down in Tennessee will surely do well except he will be scanning for the sounds of gun fire so that he might advance towards it. The Hermit is a gentle soul and full of the love for God, but he has a streak in him that will make your skin leak if you are on the wrong side. Mike Kemp down in Mississippi will come along just fine until his insulin runs out. Bubba Bruce will be okay. I just need his brain here to program the garden. We shall see.That is all for today. Stay alive!


Friday, January 30, 2009


It seems to me that the more I read and the more I listen I find that preppers have too many enemies. We create most of them. They are not hard to find! It is not hard to discern those who are against preparedness. But we must remain focused or we will lose our salt, as they used to say. Now you can call the enemy the NWO or anything your little heart desires, as it makes no difference to me. And NWO will work just fine because it is exactly what we are facing. But our primary foe is anything that causes us to falter in our prepping. No matter who the enemy is, we must be prepared to eat and drink and stay alive. We must be prepared to grow our own food. We must be prepared to defend our homes against invasion and intrusion. We must be prepared to help our neighbor and our neighbor's children. We can't be a bunch of greedy bastards that would have us become just like the bastards who cause us alarm. We must be different. We must have the highest principles. We carry a big banner on our flag pole and while we might falter in our own thinking from time to time, we can never let the banner fall. It must always fly proudly in the air, so that everyone can see it and understand our motivation. They must understand that we are here to help humanity and not destroy it. We must exercise patience. We must exhibit care and understanding. And through it all we must be focused. We are to stay focused because we are few in number and thus are precious to the whole of us.

As an aside I have noticed that if I wear a knit hat I stay warmer during these cold January days. You produce a lot of heat through your head and a small hat will keep you very warm. We are supposed to get some warmer weather this coming Sunday. Not that I want to put a lot of faith in the long term forecast but they are saying we will get up to 45 degrees. I will sort of miss the icicles out on the porch. But I am prepared to be lacking in Winter beauty in order to feel some warmth.

I listened to Big John again last night. As per usual he was very good. John is not too much the tin hat type of guy. He tries to stay well grounded and logical. He got on a thing last night about the Psychiatric drugs they hand out like M & M's in this country. If it ain't one thing trying to control you it's another. Mothers, don't let them give your babies those goddamn pills. We lived for centuries without those pills and we don't need them now. Do what you must to avoid having them given to your child. We all know that Big Pharma is crooked and relentless and that does not change one iota when they start doctoring your kid. It's the same group with the same lack of moral scruples and they are screwing around with your child's brain. Stay away!

I got a big bag of Rice and Beans put away yesterday. The Handmaiden broke the big bag down into a few smaller ones and I carried them to the storage area. I have about 20 more pounds of Old Fashioned Oats to get stored also. Can't have too many buckets of Old fashioned Oats in your preps. Just a little hot water and you are ready for some nutrition. The Amish are great candy eaters. Their Bulk Store has a huge supply of candy. I wiped out a 2 pound bag of dark chocolate ships since Monday. Cost me $2.50. Pretty cheap poison if you ask me. I have to stay away from those chocolate chips.

The Congress passed their economic stimulus bill and the Democrats are wallowing in their victory. It is a waste of money and a possible burden to the people, but a lot of folks are going to say it is salvation and you don't want to run down someone's salvation. Since I don't think it will be anyones's salvation I will complain loudly and constantly. It ain't going to work. It is a thinly disguised piece of welfare legislation and it is not what we need. What we need is to go back in time and castrate the bastards in the banks and the stock brokerages who allowed this sit to happen. How about boiling some politicians in oil who passed legislation to keep the whole thing going? But we can't go back in time and we will pay the price for the greed and excess of our money people. They have run us into the ground and there ain't much we can do to avoid it. England is all but bankrupt and a few other European countries are right behind her. Japan is about to throw in the towel and that could get a little ugly. China is closing factories right and left. Guys who came to the cities to work in the factories are going home to the countryside in order to eat. It seems there is a measure of security in living in the country and having a garden. Funniest damn thing.

There is all kinds of anti-gun proposals making the scene on the Internet. All kinds of sirens and flares are being set off, warning us of impending doom. But nothing has even been assigned to a committee as yet and it's damn sure nothing has been voted on and passed. And I don't think it will. If it could happen I think Air Pelosi would be cramming it down our throats as hard and fast as she could go. If you ain't figured it out by now, Ol' Nancy is a couple bricks shy of a load. Her brain ain't her strong point. But I think the dumb broad can add and subtract and thus she has not gone after the guns. But she may. And if she does the battle will be joined to it's maximum extent. I ain't comin' on this gun ban shit.

Got preps? Stay alive!


Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ten thousand gathered in the street outside the main headquarters of the state's biggest broadcasting company. They were all armed and shouting "GIVE US SURVIVALISM!" No Police would go out to meet the crowd as they were severely out gunned and their cowardice was gleaming like a pewter dollar in a a mud hole. The Governor was trying to get up enough National Guard to make a difference but they were mostly in the Middle East fighting the oil wars and that non-existent terrorist group that got blamed for everything. After a day of terrible argumentation and hollering and threats, the TV people agreed to meet with three representatives of the survivalist movement and talk a little sense. The three were chosen and immediately ushered into the big office building to meet with the high up corporate officials. The corporate types wanted to know what the problem was and they were quickly told that preparedness was not getting near enough play on the airwaves and that needed to stop. The three survivalists wanted videos shown during the day that explained the mechanics of getting prepared. They wanted non-hybrid seed data released to the general public. They wanted a nightly half hour show devoted to survivalism to be shown all over the state every night. They wanted full discussion concerning which firearms were best for those at their retreats. They wanted medical training shows to go out to all the people at a reasonable hour of the day. They wanted people to talk on the survivalist show about investing in TANGIBLES and not Wall Street bullshit. There was also insistence that survivalist people be presented as pretty much average folks and not slobbering Neanderthals as portrayed by most of the media. The corporate figures finally agreed to the terms as given by the preppers and offered to have them typed up and signed. The preppers told them to never mind the paperwork. Everybody knew what was to go down and if the media people didn't keep their word then the next go around would be a little more harsh.

The state had never seen anything like it. The people went wild. The topic of conversation at the work places still in business was the message of the night before. Strange little stores opened up all over the place. Places with names like KICKASS SEED COMPANY and DRY AS A BONE canned food came on the scene. A chain of gun stores called ZOMBIE PUT-DOWN started up and were doing a tremendous business. They just couldn't keep Wingmaster and Mossberg shotguns on the shelves. FN/FAL rifles flew out the doors. Ammunition was sold by the truckload. Medical supply houses were doing a land office business. Water filters soon looked like the move of the future. Canned goods at regular stores were hard to keep in stock. TOUGH AS NAILS camping gear was a major seller to the growing prepper awareness of the public. Companies with back-hoes were getting a lot of business. Concrete blocks and re-bar were popular items. The survivalist message was actually causing a minor economic turnaround for the horribly depressed nation. Summertime brought an abundance of curbside vegetable sales. Eggs and milk and cheese became popular with the people again. Horse drawn delivery within a section of a town became the normal method of getting your purchases home. Men with well trained horses got a lot of business plowing gardens in the suburbs and small towns. Life and hope started to return to the brainwashed masses. To survive became the main thing in life, accepted and worked for. As men once again became proficient at harvesting their hay without diesel machinery, other men got busy with small herds of goats and milk cows for the growing demand of the market. Hope was returning to the people.

And this is just fiction and I am sure you are aware of it, but think of the possibilities. If we could get our hands on something with high enough ratings we could trigger the greatest sociological upheaval in the history of this country. But maybe not. Let us not forget that most folks are just waiting for a fix to come along and make things normal again. NORMAL. Who the hell wants to be normal? Britain is all but declared totally insolvent. America is just a step way form joining her. Several European countries are bankrupt. China is having a horrible time, as is Russia. What are all of these billions of people gong to do? Start wars to jump start their economies? It's been done before!

Take the path of the prepper. Take the path of being ready when this shit hits the fan. Don't let it splash on you. You have been lied to and tricked and deceived and it is all coming home to roost. Get ready to stay alive folks!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am still on the trip of knowing that we are not the prime consideration of the media. I am, in fact, aware that our politicians are complicit in this arrangement. But money drives the machine and those with money are to blame. Money rules the media. Seven men control the film industry in this country. They are the bosses of the film production companies. Take the four major TV networks and you have the power base of America. What the leaders of those companies say is what we see. They will tell you how you might protect your 401k but they will not tell you how to preserve your food. They don't want you to preserve your food. They want you to live right on the line of your nutritional needs. They want you to be buying the genetically mangled food that their advertisers put up the money to sponsor their shows. They want to tell you that things will be getting back to normal. And who the hell wants normal? Normal got us into this mess! Normal has bankrupted the whole world! The Bible says the love of money is the root of all evil and I believe it. To pursue money while your fellow man is in bondage and starvation is a sickness beyond cure. And I want everyone to remember this little lesson. It will make some of your future decisions a lot easier. When you have food put up for your little boy or girl and some pig comes by and says that they are going to confiscate your food, don't worry a bit about feeding the corpse to the pigs out back of the barn.

I listen to talk radio some evenings so I can tune in to Big John. And I know that John has some detractors out there. I heard him wishing one of the bastards a rise in their maturity level last night. But everyone may as well accept the fact that we are in direct opposition to the way this country wants to go. They want to go on in their 98.6 cocoon of life, totally oblivious to the things going on around them that might be unpleasant. It is sorta like they want to go back to the womb. They seek a life of no responsibility or care. They want their food automatically fed to them. They want their poop and piss whisked away to a place where it will not be offensive to them. They never want to dress out an animal carcass or pick food out of a garden. And to afford all of this they will need slaves. They will need hungry, obedient slaves who are ready to do their bidding at the slightest provocation. And we stand four square in their way of accomplishing their goal of the servitude of mankind.

As preppers we sorta follow the scriptural dictate of never seeing the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread. We will work long and hard to keep it from happening. We will store up this worlds good in order that our brothers and sisters may live and walk freely upon the earth. Greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. This is what goads us into what we do. We are just not the type of people who can turn their back on a monster world and let it run over us. We can accept that some of us are stronger than some of the others, but we cannot accept that they have to accept slavery.

There are two distinct lineages within the human family that I want to talk about right now. We will call one of them the lineage of Cain and the other the Seth Remnant. We need to accept the fact that Cain has taken over the world and is making it tough on all of us. Cain rules by fear of prison and fear of Hell. And stupid Christians believe his lies, failing to grasp the scripture that says that God does not bring the spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. Be not afraid of these scumbags out here ruling the world. And this time they are going to take an ass whipping like they have never had before. It will be horrible for them. Got preps? Stay alive!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I really mean it when I say that the Mainstream Media should be telling people how to prepare for the hard times coming at us. The people who make the whole system go are down on their luck and out on the street. The ones who still have money are not the ones to worry about. THEY can't keep it afloat! If they could the economy would not be in the shape it is in. The segment of society that is unemployed and foreclosed upon is the power for the train. If that is not true then why is the economy so far down in the bucket?

We can see the hypocrisy of our media as they skip over the real news of the day and feed us the bullshit their corporate masters want us to read and hear. There should be a whole section of CNN devoted to preps. A BIG SECTION. There should be some mountain man type telling how to do things and some mountain woman type telling the stuff the big guy missed. Why should some backwoods, live-in-a holler type of guy be the one who has to tell you that your protein has to be there. Think of the videos that CNN could produce showing nutrition and how to make soap and how to keep vermin out of your preps and all kinds of stuff. BUT THEY DO NOT GIVE SHIT ABOUT YOU! And if that is not obvious then you need a wake-up call.

I just listened to Big John's Friday night show. He is getting to be such an old softie. He hardly tells people just how dumb they are any more. But to be serious, he did get on a good topic of gardens and bees not being entirely where it is at. He got to talking about chickens and rabbits and cows and so forth. I have to get on with that myself. I am going to raise hell until I get a chicken coop. Actually TWO chicken coops. I want one for layers and one for meat chickens. I don't give much of a rat's ass about rabbits but some folks do like 'em so let 'em be raised I say. Beef and hogs can get my attention, especially hogs. Hogs can eat damn near anything that grows. You can raise 5 straight generations of hogs in total confinement and turn them loose and they will make it no problem. And I love that sausage in the morning, with my eggs. We have a cluster of wild hogs that live about 35 miles from here. Not a huge area but big enough. You can go hunt them all you want and there is not season. They are considered a nuisance. Don't know how they got where they are but they are Russian pigs. You don't have to feed them or call the vet for them or build farrowing pens for them. You just get the hell out of the way and let them go. They have been where they are for many years and have made it just fine. Seems like since they are a nuisance we could trap them and bring them to our valley and turn them loose in a remote area and have our own free hog operation. These hogs know how to make it. They are survivors of a high order of magnitude.

I'm going to go check out the Amish Bulk Store this day. The woman goes there every week and I have never visited the place. I will check and see if they want to deal with Big John's seed while I am down there. May as well make a buck for a fellow survivalist and prepper if I can.

As a late note, I didn't see once single Amishman while I was in their area. No one doing chores, no one running their sawmill, and no one at the Bulk Store. When I got home the news was out on the Internet that 71,400 jobs were announced as gone today. 71,400 people out on the street. Got preps? Stay alive.


Monday, January 26, 2009


Uncle Vlad sent this one in and it really does need to go up on the blog. I appreciate you, Vlad.


Expect a total media blackout of this story. How dare an Armed citizen prevent a mass killing in a hospital?===========

Confirmed: There was a shooting incident in Glasgow, Montana On Saturday (1-17-09) afternoon. Besides the shooter, one Person was killed and two were injured. Police locked down The community, warned people to lock doors and stay inside, And followed a blood trail which eventually led to the Deceased shooter.

Unconfirmed but probable: The shooter made his attack at a Local hospital and killed a female Emergency Medical Technician. Scott Billingsly was present because his wife Works at the hospital. Scott has a Montana concealed weapon Permit, was armed, and engaged the shooter in defense of Himself and others. Scott was injured in the hand and Scott's wife was also injured. The shooter was seriously Injured and was driven off by Scott's armed engagement of The shooter. The seriously wounded shooter sought shelter, Leaving the blood trail that law enforcement followed, Where they found the shooter dead of a possibly Self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The people of Glasgow who know these details are highly Thankful that an armed citizen was present and able to Interdict the killer before he could kill more than the one Person murdered, possibly saving the lives of many other Hospital employees.


Just saw this on CNN.

Economists expect an already deep recession to get worse in 2009, according to a new survey. CNNMoney reports that if business conditions do worsen, they will sink from historic lows. Just 22 percent of economists believe the U.S. economy will grow this year, down from 62 percent who thought so in October.

Where do these jerks live? What is in their minds? Why are they trying to jerk me around with this bullshit? What is an economist? Is that another term for a stockbroker or a bank bail out specialist? The Main Stream Media should be promoting preparedness, not trying to drum up support for a failed economy.

The next economic bubble they are trying to create is the CLEAN TECH bubble. I read a news article that it is going to be BIG, this morning. We are all going to run out and buy $20,000 photo voltaic systems to power our homes and recharge our electric cars. Don't it just give you that warm fuzzy feeling? We are going to buy this stuff when we take a break from standing out on the corner with our WILL WORK FOR FOOD signs.

I have 60 to 80 pounds of rice and beans out freezing on my porch right now and I have more faith in those rice and beans than I do in ALL of the promises I get from the system. I need to get busy with putting up my Oats from the Amish Bulk Store in plastic pails. We will buy more this coming weekend.

Got preps? Stay alive.


Sunday, January 25, 2009


California unemployment rate jumps to 9.3 percent in December; highest level since 1994
Samantha Young, Associated Press Writer
Friday January 23, 2009, 2:09 pm EST

SACRAMENTO (AP) -- California's unemployment rate jumped to 9.3 percent in December, capping a tumultuous year of massive job losses and a housing slump that has struck most of the country.

The land of the big mortgage! Everybody plays and everybody wins. Oops. Sorry about that everybody wins thing.

The jobless rate announced Friday by the state Employment Development Department represents a jump from the 8.4 percent figure in November 2008.

This only matters if you believe their numbers. I don't. I say the unemployment is double what they say it is. Ahnold can't get the legislature to cut back. They have too many votes bought and paid for to let them go away.

Excluding farmworkers, California lost 78,200 jobs in December as employers sliced payrolls to deal with the slowing economy.

See! I told you their numbers were a bunch of lies. We now know they are not counting farm laborers who are out on the street.

California's unemployment rate hasn't been at this level since January 1994, when the state was coming out of its recession in the early part of that decade, said Stephen Levy, senior economist for the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy.Highest unemployment in 25 years."California, like the nation, is in the midst of a terrible and deepening recession," Levy said. "We all expect the job losses to continue and unemployment rates to go higher."

This guy is getting to it! He is actually telling something close to the truth. He has not used the word DEPRESSION but he is close.

The national unemployment rate jumped to 7.2 percent in December.

Well, that number ain't gonna go down! Maybe when the official rate is 20% it will slow up.

About 1.7 million Californians were looking for work last month -- up by 166,000 since November and up 653,000 since December 2007.

First goes California and New York and then goes the rest of the country. Hang on tight folks!

Some 785,200 were laid off, while 125,300 chose to leave their job. The rest were either temporarily employed or new job seekers.

Yada, yada, yada. Break it down into categories and sub-categories and people get bored and sleepy. Makes 'em want to go look at the ball scores and forget this other bullshit. Let's go see what Lesbian Lindsay Lohon and the oft screwed Ms. Spears are doing! Let's forget this bad stuff and maybe it will go away!

The construction sector, hit hard by the housing slump and foreclosures, accounted for the most job cuts over the past year-- 92,600 positions, a 10.8 percent annual drop.

But you can still get a helluva deal on a new house! Thousands of them. And they make the price pretty attractive. Nobody is bidding anything up these days!

The latest job figures followed a revised loss of 73,500 payroll jobs in November. That means California has lost nearly 152,000 jobs in the last two months.

When it gets another 0 on the end of it, as in 1,520,000 jobs, things will get shaky on the Left Coast.

The state's unemployment rate was 5.9 percent a year ago.

But that was before we understood how deep the banks had taken us into the water. Now we must store FOOD.

California labor leaders said the skyrocketing job losses should persuade Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and state lawmakers to expand the state's unemployment insurance system and provide benefits to seasonal and new workers. That would make California eligible for an additional $900 million as part of a federal economic stimulus bill Congress is considering, said Art Pulaski, executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation.Expand the unemployment insurance.

See, that is BULLSHIT. All those Californicate companies have been paying into the unemployment fund for years and the money has been used for something else. I wonder if they invested the money in real estate default swaps. I know they invested some of the state employee pension money in that area. Lost everything they stuck in there. Over a billion dollars.

"It's crucial that we update our unemployment system to ensure benefits get to those who need it most," Pulaski said in a statement.

It's crucial because they don't want an armed citizenry coming to Sacramento looking for their money.

And for our finishing touch we bring you this from

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) -- 1st Centennial Bank of Redlands, Calif. was seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and state regulators on Friday. It was the third bank failure this year, and brings to 28 the number of banks that have closed since the beginning of the current credit crisis.

First California Bank, based in Westlake Village, Calif., will assume the bank's insured deposits, the FDIC said in a statement. The six branches of 1st Centennial will reopen on Monday as branches of First California Bank. Depositors of the failed bank will automatically become depositors of First California.

As of Jan. 9, 1st Centennial had total assets of $803.3 million and total deposits of $676.9 million, of which there were approximately $12.8 million that exceeded the insurance limits.

1st Centennial also had approximately $362 million in brokered deposits that are not part of Friday's transaction. The FDIC said it will pay the brokers for the amount of their insured funds. The FDIC said First California agreed to assume the insured deposits for a 5.29% premium. It will also purchase approximately $293 million of the failed bank's assets. The assets are mainly cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities. The FDIC will retain the remaining assets for later disposition. The cost to the FDIC's Deposit Insurance Fund is estimated to be $227 million.


Stay alive.


Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today was a prep buying day. The Handmaiden picked this load and I was very happy with her choices. She went to Chinamart for the stuff. She bought these little cans of green chilies for 67 cents apiece. Already diced up and ready to go in your food. Those kind of things will keep your food interesting and enjoyable instead of dull and boring. She got some cans of chicken also. We already had some and now we have more. Due to the influence of Charles Bell we now have three 3&1/2 pound bags of just-add-water pancake mix. Next buy is some table syrup. But in cold weather those pancakes will fill an adult or a child up pretty fast. We got 3 pretty good sized bottles of Louisiana Hot Sauce to sorta keep the spice level of the food up to a noticeable level. Those little cans of diced Green Chilies will do wonders for common ordinary rice and beans. We got cans of Collard Greens, Turnip Greens, Black Beans, Chick Peas, and Mustard Greens. Gotta keep those vegetables coming! She also bought multiple bags of Split Peas, Lentils, and Black Beans. We also got three more cans of Chocolate made with only hot water. Good for keeping kids happy and me too! I have a Chocolate jones about as big as a truck. But this stuff we have now will go primarily to please the kids. I will be forced to stifle my chocolate gluttony for the benefit of the brats. Couldn't find a better cause! The prize of the whole excursion was a very large metal can of Decaf Coffee. My favorite.

I want to add that I switched my Saw Palmetto from the soft gels to the Whole Herbs capsules and it made a big difference. Much better.

I weary of bloggers who post things OTHER people have said and call it Obama. Not that Obama isn't in a position to do some nasty things, because he damn sure is, but he has not done them and until he does I will hold my verbal fire. We have all kinds of time to nail Obama if he screws up. But he hasn't so let's not. You have to give someone a little time to get settled, to get used to the press and so forth. I liked the remark Obama gave to the author of Primary Colors the other day. Michelle had asked if the man was going to write a book about them and Obama cut in and said no, "We were too boring!" I liked that remark. It showed an understanding of the media and the world's interest. Of maybe a bit of prepper interest, the Governor of New York is appointing a female representative from up-state New York to replace Hillary Clinton. This lady is backed by the NRA, doesn't like the bail-out bill, and ain't too keen on gay marriage. And she is a Democrat. Will wonders never cease. I can't help but feel that Obama was consulted on this appointment. The only negative was that Charles Schumer recommended her to the Governor. Anytime you see Schumer mentioned you can smell AIPAC in the air. It's obscene. So, we watch and wait.

The old style Pepto Bismal is making a comeback. It contains Bismuth and has the power to kick ass on cold sores and such. Apparently the virus that causes these little irritations does not like Bismuth. Bill Sardi, the health guru, says that Bismuth will also fight serious cases of food poisoning. At the very first symptom of the food poisoning you immediately start taking Pepto Bismal and you take it every hour, like clockwork. And that good ol' Bismuth will work on those nasty flu poisoning meanies and make the bastards go away. Funny how something as common as Pepto Bismal would be so effective against these nasty critters. For the colds sores you dab it on the sore with a Q-tip or a reasonable facsimile thereof. And you dab it on often.

Natog, over at TEOTWAWKIAIFF says he is going to start planting his garden. Good Lord! How can you plant garden in frozen dirt in January? I must be missing something here. Maybe he is talking about stating some plants inside in anticipation of this coming Spring. I can understand that. As an aside, we did an inventory of our stash and some of the beans we never froze have bugs in them. They go out into the frozen weather for a few days. All the stuff we froze is coming along quite well but we forgot to freeze this stuff. Well, I preached it and didn't do it and now we have more work to do. Fitting. I ain't throwing it out though. Bugs are high in protein and we will eat the bastards and gain from the experience. But the inventory did us some good. Every time we do inventory we get a clearer picture of our preps. :Little things that can make a big difference show up on the paper and we can see them in black and white. It gets better every time we do it. We get a little more comfortable with our situation. We get a little more sure of ourselves in a time of turmoil. It is so gratifying to read the news and watch the Chicken Littles run around squawking about the sky falling and we know it ain't gonna fall on us. Because we have preps! And our inventory is just our food stash. We have other stuff stuck all over the house. Seed and books and medical supplies and just lots of little things, like a firesteel and a magnesium bar and things like that.

So stay with it and do the best you can. We all get tired of treading water, waiting for the ship of state to blow a hole in the hull that cannot be patched. But it is not working that way right now so we deal with it in the manner we are presented with it. Keep prepping and say alive.


Friday, January 23, 2009


This story is a great thing in my eyes. Here is a couple with a bunch of kids fighting the good fight up in British Columbia and starting to make it! I'll tip my hat to having all of those kids. We need to build up the prepper mind in this world to its maximum amount. We just can't have too many people who know how to make it! Those six kids could end up feeding a lot of people with the skills they are learning at home. And if you can feed a lot of people then you can make a lot of friends and they will protect you from a lot of evil in the world.

In talking to Donna I learned that she has many friends who are into prepping also. Wonderful! The more the merrier. That is how it used to be. Folks took care of themselves and looked out for their neighbor as well. Now, if Donna and her husband can come up with some sort of well or spring that will give them water if the system collapses they will be way ahead of the game. Think of the morons trapped in the big cities who cannot conceive of growing food! They might get a chicken house with half of it devoted to egg layers and half to meat chickens and deepen their survival capability.

Another neat thing would be to build a Bulk Store and sell canned goods and what ever the law will allow you sell without too much licensing hassles. But you can sell cheap stuff to the masses and take the profit and buy organic for your group. It would be a good place to sell extra produce in season. And don't feel bad about using money form the sale of cheap canned goods to buy high quality for you and your friends. You can always talk to people and try to show them the better way, if they will listen. I have a problem thinking that a lot of people will only listen when the cupboard is bare and they have no way of refilling it. Then they will want to come and join your group. If you have the means to help them, do so. But use their labor in your own garden and grow it bigger.

Hello Michael,

I read your blog daily, but this is the first time I've written. I would like to start by thanking you for all the work you do for your blog. I have learned a lot, and I enjoy your honest, upfront style!

I am also writing because you asked for responses a few days ago, from other people that are prepping. I started prepping over a year ago, and at first my husband just shook his head at me, laughing gently that he thought I was making something out of nothing, but "if it makes you feel better go for it". So I guess you could say he was supportive, even if he wasn't "on board". But that has changed in the past 5 months, and he not only agrees with me, he keeps his eyes and ears open for specials and deals that will allow us to stock up at a cheaper rate. At the moment we have 4 months worth of stores, not enough yet I know but we are working with a limited budget and since we have a large (for now a days) family of six children it takes longer. If necessary we could stretch to 5 months, smaller meals. Anyway, I have saved and stored an extra years worth of garden seed, heirloom of course, and will be converting more of our small yard into more garden this spring. We were gifted with a pressure cooker last year, and made good use of it, thereby storing more of our garden produce and meat and saving money on groceries to add more to the storage plan! I am teaching my children the joys of simpler living, and how to garden, as well as how to recognize edible wild plants. My husband built a "rocket stove" last summer and we greatly enjoyed the entire experience. The children loved it!! Cooking and eating outdoors always feels like a celebration!

We live in British Columbia, Canada, our growing season is late May until September, which provides all the challenges of a short growing season, but I have learned what grows well and reliably and what doesn't so we have had success the past 2 years. I just wanted to tell you thank you for all I have learned from your blog, and let you know that you have had a positive influence on yet another family, this one from Canada!

Thank you again, you work is much appreciated.



Ps: We are also learning new skills (knitting, crocheting etc) and heat 100% with woodstove.

So stay alive out there folks!


Thursday, January 22, 2009


There is a huge amount of speculation going on among the bloggers about what Obama government will do about our guns and so forth. And at this point it is just that: speculation. Now don't get me wrong. I don't trust a professional politician as much as an inch. But I do require the crook to commit the crime before I hang him. And hanging is what most of them deserve. Bush and Cheney first. Then Rumsfeld and a few others to follow. Scooter Libby would make the list easily. Condi Rice would have to go in there with them. Then a few Generals and Colonels. They convicted a few enlisted men over the prison tortures at Abu Graib but they didn't get the big boys. And the big boys need to be gotten. Call it a Witch Hunt or what ever you will, but these people need to be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Everything Bush based his going to war on has turned out to be false. He is a corrupt and treasonous man and the people who did his bidding should go down the tube with him. And America has a tendency to just push these people out of their minds once they leave office. "Aw, he's gone now and can't hurt us any more." Well, his crimes have been excused for too long and there needs to be a calling to account. This will let the next generation of politicians know that they can't succeed with their crimes and get away with it. It is what this country needs to clean it's soul and should be done as quickly as possible. The Democrats are not immune from this. They were put in congressional power two years ago and kissed Bush's ass the whole time. And you can't tell me that they didn't know why Bush got his power base taken away. They damn sure did. And then they turned right around and stabbed us in the back for us having the idiocy to vote them in to power. American politics would gag a maggot. It's like the first bail-out bill, when 99+% of the people contacting congress were being very negative about buying the crooks on Wall Street out of their richly deserved mess. They are totally set on giving their money backers exactly what they want and to hell with us dumbass voters.

We are in a state of perpetual fear that our government will turn on us and try to totally control our lives, take our guns, burn our Bibles, and tell us what to eat. And I say they would if they could. But Slick Willy got his ass handed to him during his first midterm election as President and that showed the bastards a little bit of what was gonna be swallowed. The public did a fine job with that one. Take our guns, you dirty sonovabitch! It is proven before our very eyes, every day, that this government is crooked as a dog's hind leg. They do not serve us! They serve their campaign funds! They lie about, twist, distort and confuse every fucking issue that comes before them. Like the Bushites and their calling the greatest civil rights hindrance in the last 100 years the PATRIOT ACT. What a foul deed. Break out the tar and feathers! Run them out of town on a rail, naked, in a blizzard!

My garden seeds will be going in the ground this late Spring, God willing. Good clean food to feed people and give them nourishment and the necessary amendments to their diets that will make them healthy. The cry this year will be to EAT and PRESERVE. Eating goes without explanation as to it's necessity. Preserving is something the morons cannot seem to grasp. Winter always follows Fall and then vegetables are gone when the cold gets to them. But we still have to eat and the only way we can do that is to store up what we have produced. Wife says we have a pressure canner and we may do some of that. I don't like it because the seals and jars can run out and then you are up a stump. No seals mean no canning. If you have a big stash of these mighty important little items then you can go for some time with no worry. But it can't last forever. The answer is alternative preservation. Drying, lacto-fermentation, freezing, root cellaring, and the use of oil, vinegar, salt and sugar. You can put potatoes and rutabagas in a cellar and they will keep a long while. Same with cabbages and tomatoes. Study this stuff! Read my wife's blog called The Handmaidens Kitchen. And there are other places to look for data and info. Backwoods Home Magazine is about the best source of food preserving on the market. Some fine writers and some great experience for the general public to peruse. I know, I know, it won't have any articles on Hugh Hefner's latest harem but it has the knowledge of saving your life in it. I also have a book I bought that tells me how to raise things organically and another one to tell me how to save seed. You can read Sally Fallon's book called Nourishing Traditions and learn some neat stuff on Lacto-fermentation. And this stuff needs to be studied! The knowledge is lost to 99% of our people in this country. They are helpless without the system to provide for them. And I mean HELPLESS. Most people don't understand the helplessness of the citizenry of this country. They can't make it without supermarkets and restaurants. Nu Yawk Sity has a 3 day supply of food on hand, Got any idea what they would do on DAY 4 of an emergency? If the trucks don't run the Big Apple don't hum. Simple as that.

So I intend to plant a huge garden this year. More than I have ever attempted before. I will try to save seed that I have never saved before. I will try to feed as many people as I can this year, which I have never done with a garden before. An enormous amount of people. The task is maybe more than I can comprehend but it has to be taken on if we are to stay alive as a group. Thus I once again speak out for group survival. However you can arrange it, do it. We have always lived in tribes, no matter what Obama says. He wants the One World Order and it ain't going to happen. What do you think the Tower of Babel was all about? It was a bunch of men who wanted to conform the people of this world to their image and likeness and they got their asses handed to them. God don't like that crap. He will set up his own order and the little puppies playing rulers on this planet can just forget about that job. And hey, guys, don't feel all that bad. If you paid attention to what I just said then you can escape the destruction that is to come and prepare for it. I know, I know, it's not as exciting as playing Julius Caesar but the life span is a lot longer. So give up your castle or your Whitehouse or your Kremlin or your Forbidden City and start living the simple life like the rest of us do. It DOES have it's adantages.

I just read where Obama has signed and Executive Order halting the trials at Guantanamo for 120 days. That is because all those guys who have been tortured are gonna get off anyhow. He has also signed an EO closing the facility down within a year. There extra time is to find places for these people to go. Some of them can't go home and have applied for sanctuary here in the United States. This is a dirty little matter that needs to be cleaned up and it is being done, or so we are told. Cheney is pissed about this. I am pissed about Cheney. Cheney is gone and I am still here. Love it.

Stay alive.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Obama is now our President. So good with his speech, so honest in his appearance. You could get absolutely caught up in it if you cared to do it. But I watched BRAVEHEART this week and it tells me that no matter what Obama wants to do, the entrenched power structure will remain in place and doing it's thing. Just like the Nobles did in Scotland when Wallace begged for their help to fight Edward Longshanks. They did what was good for them and to hell with Scotland. Nancy Pelosi is already marking her turf against Obama. Obama is idealistic and Pelosi is a party hack with no scruples what so ever.

But it was a good clean day and I liked the feeling. The pundits were not cutting down the new guy and everyone was happy and hopeful. Tomorrow will be the day the knives come back out.

The stock market puked for Obama's inauguration. Welcome to reality, Barack. The world economy is collapsing and there is noting you can do about it. It is a cruel jest that the Bushites have left for you to reap. You want America to roll up it's sleeves and get to work and there is 10 million unemployed out there. I am sure they would like to get back to making decent money again. I listened to Big John Lipscomb again last night and he was talking about the code words the speakers all know to use to get the crowd going their way. And that is true. The politicians are told by some very expensive advisors what to say and how to say it and it brings the cheers the politicians want to hear.

One thing I can take a lot of satisfaction from is the fact that Bush and Cheney are gone. Praise God they are gone. This administration could be worse but at this moment it is hard to figure out how.

I have not written in a few days and now I write today. I hope to start feeling some sort of satisfaction from all this work. It gets to be lonely at times. So take care and try your best to stay alive.


Monday, January 19, 2009


I think I will take off for a few more days. I am coming down with the Aunty May. That just stand for Anticipating Maybe's. But I intend to be back and that is true. Keep on buying and storing and what ever you can do. I know I will be doing it, God willing.

The next three days should give us a clue or two as to what is gonna go down. We might get an Obama Bounce. That just means the hysteria of having a Savior for a President will raise the stock market and we could have a few days of joyful predictions. Do not be fooled. The chickens are coming home to roost and it is going to be bad.

Joe Biden and Colin Powell have both said that Obama will be challenged right after he has been sworn in. This should be interesting, to say the least. I sure hope he doesn't have lace around the legs of his boxer shorts. If you haven't picked up on it, we have had two bank failures this year. Too bad.

I hope to have some news of a new level of prepping for you within a few days. If it happens you will be informed, of course.

Take care and stay alive.


Sunday, January 18, 2009


Richest apartment block in US becomes a house of horrors
The crisis has hit the denizens of 740 Park Avenue hard, says James Doran
James Doran
The Observer, Sunday 18 January 2009

The financial crisis forged in the American housing market may have spread to every corner of the planet, but there is a single address in New York where the credit crunch, the stock market collapse, the implosion of Wall Street and even the Bernard Madoff affair are being felt more than any other place on earth.

The lavish apartments of 740 Park Avenue are home to 30 of America's wealthiest and most influential families. At least they were until the historic confluence of financial disasters struck, lopping billions of dollars off their combined net worth. Now the formerly untouchable denizens of this famous apartment building look like they could lose it all.

From the penthouse to the ground floor, there is hardly a household in "740", as the building is known across New York, not reeling from the impact of America's financial earthquake.

On the top three floors, in penthouse 15b, Stephen Schwarzman, the chief executive of private equity firm the Blackstone Group, lives with his wife Christine. The owner of 15b holds a special place in New York society: John D Rockefeller lived in it until his death in 1960, when it was sold to Saul Steinberg, the billionaire former owner of Reliance Insurance.

When Steinberg was forced into bankruptcy in 2001, he sold it for somewhere between $29m (£19.4m) and $37m, depending on who you believe, to the Schwarzmans. The pad had 24 rooms and 12 bathrooms when Rockefeller lived there. The Schwarzmans took over another floor - of course.

It is said that whoever inherits the biggest penthouse at 740 inherits the throne of New York society itself. But for how much longer the Schwarzmans will remain on top of New York's social heap is uncertain.

Blackstone group gave up its coveted private status in 2007 when it listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The company sold a 12.3% stake for $4.75bn, or $31 a share. The whole company was valued by the market at more than $33bn. Schwarzman, who owns 24% of the firm, watched his stake soar in value to $7.7bn overnight.

But in the 18 months since the listing, Blackstone shares have charted a steep downward course, and with them has gone the fortunes of the Schwarzman family. The shares are now worth a little more than $5 each, a true bargain basement price. And Schwarzman's stake, when the same mathematical decline is applied to it, is worth just north of $1.2bn.

The fall in Blackstone's share price has caught the attention of Michael Gross, a New York author who in 2005 published the history of 740. "I chose 740 Park as my subject because I was looking for a microcosm of New York society. When I discovered that 740 Park was literally the richest building in the city, the building became the obvious choice."

The apartment building is no stranger to controversy or financial hardship. The grand Art Deco block, just 17 stories high, was built in 1929 by James T Lee, grandfather of Jackie Kennedy Onassis, just months before the Great Depression. By 1933 the building had failed financially, even though the cream of New York society had moved in, and its finances would remain underwater for 50 years.

But still the rich and influential would pay ridiculous sums to live in 740, and go through a rigorous vetting procedure by the board of residents, who can veto a purchase, before they would be allowed near the place. And once the massive asking prices are met, average tenants must pay a $10,000 a month service fee, while Schwarzman and other penthouse dwellers must fork over in the region of $20,000 a month to pay for the legions of doormen, cleaners and other servants on hand 24 hours a day.

John Thain, the former chief executive of Merrill Lynch, and now second in command at Bank of America, owns one of the lesser penthouses in the building. But BoA's fortunes suffered last week after the banking giant was forced to ask the US treasury for a further $20bn of bail-out funds. All of a sudden, Thain's fortunes looked as unhealthy as Schwarzman's.

In Rockefeller's day, the inhabitants of 740 were largely industrialists and landowners. Then came the wave of corporate types - masters of the universe such as Henry Kravis of Kohlberg Kravis Roberts. Today, the building is dominated by hedge fund billionaires and private equity types who have all suffered terribly as the credit crunch wiped billions of dollars from their firms.

Gross believes the financial crisis could affect just about everyone at 740, from the liveried doormen to the Schwarzmans at the top. "In different ways, they have all been hit very hard. I am sure they won't starve, but these events are doubtless very troubling to everyone who lives at 740 Park."

Friday, January 16, 2009


Thursday morning temperature is minus 1 degree. A bit nippy. But we are staying warm and that is what counts. I have some good preps in my stash and we will eat pretty much no matter what happens. It is such a good feeling to know that you have some things covered. You don't have to worry and fret and stew over possible problems. Prepping is such a positive thing. It brings confidence and calmness into your life. I was reading Abraham's Blog at this morning and he had a real nice article about his wood stove. Lots of good pictures to go along with it. Wood stoves are the main thing if you live out in the country. Our electricity can go out at any time and the repair trucks are most generally quite a ways off from this neck of the woods. But if all you have to do is throw some more wood in the stove and you get to keep warm, you experience a feeling of triumph and gladness. Nothing quite like winning.

Ahhh...Someone, I can't remember who it was, had an excellent post of about the people surviving in Gaza City. After you get down to almost the end of the article you see a notation that the people who have canned goods are way ahead of the game. They are eating and staying alive under some very harsh circumstances. We can learn from these survivors in Gaza City. They say they have little or no firearms among the people. I didn't think much of that. But maybe that is a circumstance specific to their location. I know I would be ready to send members of the IDF on their way to hell at all times. Fucking Nazis! And I know that there are a lot of people out there who are pro-Israel and I can't help that. They learned a lot from their master Adolf Hitler and they are applying those lessons quite efficiently. I am for the Semitic people and Palestinians happen to be Semitic people. Israel happens to be an Anti-Semitic people. And the bastards use anti-Semitism charges to hurl at anyone who would speak against them. Well, I will speak against them so hurl away, vermin. The people of this country are so befuddled and misinformed by their clergy it is absolutely pathetic.

I got my interview for Food Stamps over and done with. Not too bad at all. The ladies on the phone did not act like they were giving away THEIR money and I appreciated that. It was rather business like as a matter of fact. I found out that two people living within the confines of my income can get up to $1900 worth of income a month and still get the Food Stamps. My wife makes about $70 a month for doing some book work for a landscaper so we have about $900 a month to go before our Food Stamp money is imperiled. But that Food Stamp money coupled with my Social Security raise this month is gonna be sweet. My bills are not getting any bigger so we will breathe a bit easier as long as the free money is coming in. And the free money should hold up until the garden is due to be harvested. At least I hope it does. But we will make it on our little bit of income as long as we can and I think we can go a long time if the garden doesn't get eaten by critters or insects.

I have gotten some emails from people who do not blog or comment. People you never hear from. But they are out there and they are reading and learning and prepping. There seems to be a certain amount of marriages out there consisting of a man who wants to prep and a woman who doesn't want to prep, or vice versa. I got asked what I would say to the person who DIDN'T want to prep. I would do two things. I would give a guided tour of the news concerning our financial distress and I would talk about how people buy insurance for everything else so why not get insurance for food and protection? You have to approach these things in a calm and reasonable manner. Have all of your thoughts ready to go with the proof to back them. But don't attack! Reason with your mate. Do it in the spirit of being partners in life and not adversaries who happen to sleep together.

I got an email from Charli Gribble last night that was very interesting and I will share it with you.

Were you aware that there is now milk that comes in a carton that will last 6 mo.? You can get it a wallyworld.........either reg. milk, 2% milk or skim......I do not use much milk other than in cooking, so this is worth it to me. A box of 8 pks of powered milk lasted me over 3 years (still have 1 pk left) but this is drinkable, right from the carton.


I mentioned it to Mike Kemp and he said that they have had this milk in Jamaica for over ten years. It is Gamma rayed and takes a long time to go bad. Probably a good idea for those in the tropics without refrigeration. Strange science, but that is nothing new to the American scene these days. You should check out the science of foreign relations or the science of economics we have in play at the moment. Ugly.

Stay alive.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


The government is acting like it is going to spend us out of the economic mayhem we are presently in. Spend, spend, spend. What morons! The money is worthless and the world economy is going to tell us all about it pretty soon. We have been running on debt for so long it has become the thing to do. These people are called Keynsian economists and they are full of shit. But they are doing what they are supposed to do as far as I am concerned so I let the alone. This is the time of change. This is the time of making something different of the world in which we live. It is an opportunity like the world has never seen before. And it is gonna be tough, you understand. Things are going to be bad and times will be tough. Those prepared to feed and defend themselves will prosper. Those who are not will probably die off. The system out here is rigged for the super rich to get even richer. The not so rich can just push mud up their ass. Funny how things work out. I was never taught to existin a world like we have today. But I am learning. I am studying and reading as hard and fast as I can go.

The thing that matters is how we can get around this mess and go on with our lives in some sort of reasonable fashion. We know we won't be able to depend on foreign trade. Who the hell is going to be dumb enough to sell into this broke down economy? The answer is no one with any brains. So we must prepare to get along without globalism. Who ever needed it anyway? We always had enough food. We always had decent jobs. Our elected officials were half way afraid of us and minded their manners. But it has gotten out of our control and we must take action to insure our lives, our viability.

We must prepare! God have mercy, we must prepare. We must buy food to take us through the initial bad times. Right now is the dad of Winter but it won't last forever. Grow anything you can when you can. Cattle, pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc. Keep laying hens so you can have eggs. Eggs are a wonderful food and are to be looked upon with great favor. Grow gardens, using non-hybrid seed so you cant get ripped off by the hybrid boys anymore. Grow BIG gardens. Lotsa work but damn sure worth it. Get you a book on how to save seed and learn it from cover to cover. :Learn how to forage for free food. It is free and it is SO GOOD FOR YOU. What a blessing.

Get you some guns, or A gun, and learn how to shoot it. A 22 LR will kill a deer if the bullet goes to the right spot. It will also kill small game and birds. Through some sort of magic, a dish of rice and beans will provide you with a good amount of protein if you throw a bird carcass in while it cooks. Just a little meat will give you a good uptake on the protein in the beans and rice. Much better than the beans and rice alone. Thus you can make Tweety bird your friend. And you can still buy 22 LR pretty cheap at Walmart. You can probably by you a Ruger 10/22 while you are there also. Get a decent scope and have someone who knows what they are doing install it for you. Poorly installed scopes are a real bummer.

But the thing to do right now is to buy canned food. Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, whatever floats your boat. But get it bought! Get it in your pantry or wherever you store extra food. The old saying was buy it cheap and stack it deep. Well, things ain't so cheap anymore. But they are cheap enough! And you can still buy things! The day might not be too far off when buying things is not so easy as pulling up to the store. So get as much storable food as you possibly can and get it stored away in your home. You almost cant buy too much food. There is always going to be hungry people for you to feed so just get prepared! And those smart ass children of yours will come around for free meals just like they did the first few years of their lives. Those so call adults that you have talked to and pleaded with can just go fly a kite as far as I am concerned. The only thing I have for them is some work when the garden gets put in. I'll always give a meal to a good weed puller, if I can.

And learn the nutritional value of different foods! You have a computer so you can look stuff up the same as I have been doing for a year. Learn your plants and what they will give you. And if your favorite food is not much good as far as nutrition goes, then shit can it and grow something better! We are preppers, if you will remember. And we are preparing to preserve our lives and health and the same for those we love and who help us. Got preps? Stay alive.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I feel pretty good about prepping this morning. I am quite pleased with it. And I know all of you are also. But there may be a few folks reading who are not prepping and are just lurking. I have a little message for you: "Get off your ass and get prepared." Simple as that. The system out there has not changed a damn bit. It is still the same beast it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. A slight bit of intelligence should show you this. It is not rocket science. The collapse is coming and you may as well get ready for it. Like Big John Lipscomb says, you buy car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc. So why not buy some edible resource insurance? This economy is going to go tits up pretty soon and how are you going to make it? I was reading Commander Zero yesterday and he laid it out how Mountain House has moved it's free shipping order from $3000 to $10,000. I think it is the wealthy who are driving this up. They are starting to buy and they buy BIG. Your government is already stocked up beyond belief. What the hell is your problem? Why would you be scared or intimidated or ashamed to have a good amount of food put back? We spend hours every week to keep you informed and give you advice and tips on how to do it. We know the word is going out there to the public. You might take the time to send at least an email and let me know that you are in the program. The COMEX in Nu Yawk Sity is getting all kinds of orders for delivery. People are buying and taking the gold with them. This is a sign that the big boys are getting out of town and taking their wealth with them. And I am no fool. I haven't missed the fact that many financial advisers are telling you about great wads of cash that can be made in hard times. But have your seen anyone make any money off the stock market lately? Maybe a few day traders buying on lows and waiting for the Plunge Protection Team to go in and raise the market for them. But how long is that going to last?

You keep getting told about Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids. I call it the litany of life. I guess some call it the litany of boredom. Well, I will be eating that boredom while your tardy ass is starving. Unless you decide to repent of your foolish ways and get some preparation going for yourself. It is getting down to the wire right now. Like the old jokes with the guy carrying the sign saying THE TIME IS AT HAND. Well, the time IS at hand folks and there are no second place winners. You either get ready or the system eats you like a Buffalo Wing. Food can be used to control humanity. No real mom or dad is going to let their kids go hungry. No real man is going to let his wife starve. So what are you going to do if you haven't got your own stuff to eat? Well, you are going to the nearest FEMA camp and you are going to sign up for benefits and you are going to get your RFID chip and your picture taken and your Biometric ID made and you will then do as your goddamn well told or your ass will be mud. If they want your kids they will take them. And what will you do about it, little man or little woman? If you start to protest your ass will be sent to "detention" where you will learn who is the boss and who is the slave. You'll walk out of detention dancing with Bubba. You will walk out of detention fully aware of your lack of rights and your lack of freedom. Just getting back to regular confinement in the FEMA camp will be such a joyous occasion.

For those Brothers and Sisters who prep I say God bless you. I say ROCK ON! You show the spirit of a free person. To those who don't prep I say "Kiss Me Where The Sun Don't Shine." You can't tell me that you are so ignorant as to not know to prep. You have enough brains to read this blog. Now get your butt out there and get some groceries stored away while you still. can. And stay alive!


P.S. It colder that a well diggers ass in the Klondike here and it's gonna get a lot colder. Stay prepped and you will be okay.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I was reading Mickey Creekmore this morning and he had a big article up on surviving in the city. How disgusting! And he was disgusted by having to write to the folks who insist on doing it. Can't say as I blame him. I read about Mountain House Foods upping their free shipping order to $10,000, up from $3000. Big jump there. And Mountain House is not a bunch of fools. They want to sell their product and make money. What this is telling me is that while some people may be doing group buying, there must be a lot of people buying BIG chunks of freeze dried food for storage. $10,000 worth is a pretty good load. And most preppers I know don't have that kind of money. A few maybe, but not many. So the well-to-do are getting into the act while the getting is good. A lot of the COMEX buyers are taking delivery on their gold these days. That means the smart money is getting out of town. And why not? If you intend to use gold as a safe haven for wealth you damn sure don't want it sitting in a vault in Nu Yawk Sity. I want it out of that town! Besides, they just might loan it to a Bernie Madoff kind of guy and he might take a hike with the gold himself. Always remember to keep your wealth in TANGIBLES. Promises may let you wipe your butt once on the paper but that is about the extent of it's usefulness. Promises have a habit of wasting precious Oxygen. If I could not hold the gold in my hand then I didn't buy it. Because I am the kind of guy who doesn't buy worthless pieces of paper and try to enter them on the asset side of my financial ledger. Those kind of deals are for the elite bankers to pull, like Washington Mutual. Real wizards those guys.

Mickey did have a real nice link on his screed that tales you to a neat Food Storage Calculator. I think it is a Mormon site and they know more about food storage for hard times that most Americans. I BOOKMARKED the Food Calculator Site and I suggest you do the same thing. You just never know when it could come in handy. And when you read over the calculator notice that there are no meats on the list. It is pretty much a vegetarian diet. It has the necessary protein and all of that but no meat. Me, I have lots of Sardines and Tuna. Acquiring a small stash of Mackerel to go with it. We also have a small stash of Salmon. Gotta do something about that Tuna and Salmon. I like them both and I love the protein they give you. I also have a very large stash of Beef Stew. It tastes pretty good and it has a lot of fat and protein and carbs in it. We have the usual cans of Chicken and Beef to amend our diet should the need arise to get off of Rice and Beans. A few jars of Pickled Pigs Feet would be a nice change of pace should the need arise. Pigs Feet are supposed to be a southern dish but I ate the hell out of them living in northern Indiana. Yummy.

I have three 5 gallon buckets with lids ready to store stuff. I am not too happy about plastic buckets. I prefer my metal garbage cans. But these buckets will allow me to keep things like Old Fashioned Oats a lot fresher and better tasting than just throwing the bags of them in the garbage can. We can buy the Oats for 50 cents per pound at the Amish bulk store. I bought pure, unadulterated steel wool to make my Oxygen traps. You put the steel wool in a napkin with a small serving of table salt and you have a cheap and effective Oxygen reducer for your bucket. Keeps things pretty nice.

I have been buying local Honey from the Amish bulk store also. Honey is a great sweetener and a good cure for low blood sugar. It has antiseptic qualities which can help you out in an emergency. Just try not to get a bad wound in a producing Clover field in the Summer. A field full of bees could give you more of a problem! One of the great things about honey is it's ability to vaccinate you against a lot of different pollens. Honey can really help people with allergies sometimes. If you have allergies and you don't have a problem with Honey, give it a try. If you have a sugar problem you might want to go to a doctor and find out about yourself and Honey.

The pep stash is getting stuff in it you wouldn't think about when you first start to prep. I have a brand new manual can opener that has never been used, put away. I have 3 pair of brand new blue jeans put away. We have spices by the container full, unopened, stashed away. I can't tell you have much Salt I have in the stash but it is a bunch.

We spent a lot of our prep money this last Summer and Fall buying canned vegetables. I would say it would add up to maybe some where around 800 pounds, net weight. If you can heat the canned veggies up in the juice that is in the can you can hang on to a lot of nutrition. The Handmaiden foraged a lot of greens for our table last year and froze a bit of it. We had our last meal of Lambsquarters last night. I will miss them. Good food and good fiber. A little butter and salt and you just chow down. We probably won't get any more free greens until the middle of March when the Nettles come back into view. I like Nettles. The Handmaiden says she is going to save a lot more Lambsquarters this year so we don't run out in the Winter.

The freezer is full of Chicken and Venison. Our neighbor gave us a ton of Venison and we bought 30 pound of chicken for $6.00 a little over a week ago. Helluva bargain. I have a 50 pound bag of feed corn yet to eat. I also have a grinder to make it into something I can digest. No electricity needed just Armstrong power.

It is snowing outside as I type this. And I don't care. If we got a foot of snow and couldn't get out of the Valley I would be okay. Part of the Handmaiden's dowry is her little Y2K stove that runs off of cans of Butane. We have enough for a few weeks or so. I just noticed that the snow had turned into big flakes all of a sudden. We are forecast to hit 0 degrees here in a couple of days. I like that! We have lots of good quilts to help us make it through such a spell.

So mind your preps and consider the idiots who won't do it, though obviously some people with money are starting to pick up our train of thought. We can make it through this coming hard time. We are not stupid and we are preparing. Even the fedgov is catching on. But they have the big money. Our money. But they also have the Continuity of Government Act to back their play. Wonder why no one ever submitted a Continuity of the Citizenry Act to Congress. Must have slipped their minds and Obama will make up for lost time in that area. You believe that? Okay. I really didn't think you would but I had to ask.

Stay alive!


Monday, January 12, 2009


Chavez: Venezuela sending plane with medicine to Gaza

Venezuela Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that a plane carrying 12.5 metric tons of medicine was preparing to leave for Egypt, which will transport the supplies into Gaza.

Chavez said in his weekly broadcast, "It's the least we can do."

Chavez has strongly condemned Israel's military offensive in Gaza. He expelled the Israeli ambassador last week to protest air and ground strikes that have killed at least 870 Palestinians, about half of them civilians. Thirteen Israelis have also died since the conflict erupted December 27.

Since taking office in 1999, Chavez has forged strong ties with numerous Arab nations.


Iranian aid ship nearing Gaza Strip
Date: 12 / 01 / 2009 Time: 18:04

Gaza – Ma'an/Agencies – A ship loaded with humanitarian aid en route to Gaza from the Islamic Republic of Iran is scheduled to make landfall within hours, according to a statement from the Foreign Ministry. "We are intent on helping (people in Gaza)," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said on Monday. "Our ship has passed through Port Said (Egypt) and is now about to enter the Gaza region to dispense the relief operation," he added. It was not immediately clear how the ship expects to pass through the naval siege imposed on the Gaza Strip by Israel’s military. Iran has repeatedly criticized Israel for its war on Gaza, as well as what the Islamic republic claims is Arab nations’ silence on the “atrocities” ongoing there.


I'm finally getting around to writing this post for today. I think I am getting a bit worn out from watching the stock market fall and reading all the bullshit from the mass media. I'm ready for some EXCITEMENT! I'm ready to start pulling some guard duty. I'm ready for planting a garden. I'm ready for most anything but sitting around the house waiting for Winter to end. I'm even getting on You Tube and listening to old Seekers stuff, which is pretty good I might add. The DJIA is down about $114 and I could care less. Now if it was down a couple thousand I would be alert and ready to go do whatever had to be done to secure my home.

These Turkeys who are running the show do not know what the hell they are doing. They give great and solemn orations and then go mess it up some more. They could have stopped all of this about a year ago but didn't see it coming so now they play a failing game of catch-up. Poor babies. They would probably feel insecure except for the 20,000 troops that Dubya has brought home to protect them. 20,000 troops ain't shit for keeping order in this big country but it will do nicely to protect the District of Criminals. Maybe Obama won't have to declare national Martial Law. He can just declare it for D.C. and let us go our merry way. Sounds okay to me!

Big John Lipscomb is rumbling over in Kansas and I think he will get a new thing going pretty soon. Anything to get more people prepping.

And speaking of prepping, I got four ears of Golden Bantam corn and shucked all the kernels off of them this morning. They were not all intact. They were like ancient skulls with the teeth rattling around loose. But I got a surprising amount of seed for the next garden off of them. Good non-hybrid Heirloom seed. Just what the doctor ordered. That's what I love about Big Johns Seed deal. If you get it together to save your seed properly you can have seed all the time. You can grow food up until the time the ground starts to glow at night. Then you had better be gone somewhere else.

And being gone somewhere else is the next big step up for us preppers. We will pretty soon need to get underground. But we will get to that later.

Right now I have a bunch of business to take care of and as broke as my ass is I need to take care of it. So I will leave you now and get busy. Stay alive and stay prepping!


Sunday, January 11, 2009


I wrote the post I put up yesterday because I am coming against the dog and pony show we are shown everyday in the mass media. I am against the endless palaver of a government that is essentially keeping their goals and methods a secret. What we are told or not told is the crux of the matter. Our government is lying to us constantly. And the sin of omission is as great as the sin of commission.

Our nation is involved in warfare in the Mid-East. So is Israel. They are the wars of bullies. They are the wars of tyrants and despots. And they will come to no good end. Both aggressors will lose these wars. But in the meantime we will be making enemies of some people who are getting stronger every day. And when the charges get reversed, we poor preppers will be sitting here hoping we get spared the destruction. While we are prepared, we are in bad field position as far as surviving. But we are 10 times as likely to make it as those unprepared. Our basic tenant is that no matter what our government or our enemies do, we intend to make it.

But the mass mind is being fed mass lies. The talk of the media is "getting us back to normal." Who the hell wants to be NORMAL? The very definition of normal as used by the media simply means getting back to the ignorant system that got us in this mess to begin with. I keep repeating the phrase "error is it's own reward." You keep doing something wrong and you will get deeper in the hole with every attempt. A definition of insanity is to do the same thing time and time again and expect a different result to come about every time. Duh. What the hell is wrong with people to fall for shit like this over and over?

You do not need to be a renowned internet search sleuth to discover that while the dog and pony show of the media is being paraded before our eyes on the tube, showing us the great and not so great achievements of our national masters, the government is preparing for the worst by stockpiling supplies like crazy. But this connection is never made. I suppose that when an invasion starts or rioting takes off we will hear an announcement telling us to prepare for the coming lack of good and services we have paid for with our blood, sweat and tears. There will probably be something about so many weeks of provisions, etc., etc. But our government has supplies like crazy! Millions of tons! They make us preppers look like pikers and beggars. BUT NO ONE IS SAYING ANYTHING ABOUT THIS! You have to get on some crazy ass survival site to get a clue about what is really going on. You can get all the latest news and gossip about the pimps and whores of Hollywood, a few instances of dog bites man, and myriad other bits and pieces of triviality. Very seldom anything of any real value. Just junk news.

Our preps are our ace in the hole. With our preps and our non-hybrid seed we have a chance to really make it. I gave up on city preppers several months back. They are going to stay there and try to ride it out and I say Amen. I just ain't going to do it myself, God willing. You know, it could get so bad in the cities that anyone who does not look like they are starving can become a target for freebooters. Not my type of lifestyle, thank you. I'll sit out here in the countryside, clutching my beans and rice and my Wingmaster pump shotgun and just be fine. Shotguns are so nice.

Our media, the media of the preppers, is basically each other. A lot of us are putting hard earned dollars into this program and we haven't got much room for error. So we beat the bushes of our favorite survival blogs to see if there is a better way and so forth. We learn survival chemistry and medicine. We learn storage techniques. We learn structural methods. We learn about good foods to put away for the big day. We learn about different ideas to keep our body and soul together, like Jim Dakin and his junk land trailer arrangement. Ornery Bastard is another guy who has contributed a lot to the survival discussion. If society turns to shit I would not want to go mess around with these guys. It could be a case of sticking a hand in and pulling back a bloody stub, if you catch my drift.

The Valley is alive, but just barely. We are back in the deep freeze again and not showing signs of coming out for a while. Some blast of Artic air is blowing down our way and things are pretty chilly in these parts. Than God the snow has mostly stay North of us. Chicago, Detroit, New York, and New England are taking the brunt to the snow. More power to 'em, I say. Mostly sissy governments up there anyhow. They are called People's Republics of whatever their name is down in these parts, though I wouldn't give you 10 cents for all the political loyalty locally. I watched that scene in Congress when they passed the first bail-out bill. The response from the voters was 99% against passage of that bill and they went ahead and enacted it. They said that Bush scared them with talk of Martial Law if they failed to go along. I would have immediately enacted legislation to impeach him if I had been there. Threaten me you little Texas dweeb.

I'll go now. Prep and prepare the best you can. You are going to need it.

Stay alive.


Saturday, January 10, 2009


I don't really feel like writing this morning but I am doing it because there is nothing better to do. I listened to Natog on Big John Lipscomb's show using the on demand function this morning. It cut me off when Natog was getting ready to say something about Rhode Island. Bummed me out. Natog is a prepper with some spark and imagination. I read him every day. He seems like the kind of guy who would get your back. He is hung up right now living in Megalopolis on the East Coast. He has his mother there and other things that he doesn't want to run off and leave. But he will get out eventually, I believe.

Pearls is turning into a real bleeding heart this week. I read her every day but she is testing my patience. She needs to get a little firmer in her preps and to hell with the society that is going down anyhow. Good personality, good writer, seems to be a good mother and wife. She'll come along okay.

The news is all about nothing. No pictures of the damage that Israel is doing to the Palestinian civilians. Obama is issuing policy statements every day but has not authority to do anything about them. The boys in the know said he would be tested on the 22nd of this month and I reckon he will be ready. The powers that be want to pull his trousers down and see if he has lace sewed around the legs of his boxer shorts.

I am getting stretched pretty tight these days. The news is doing it. I get a lot of news HERE. And I will just tell you, there ain't anything good going on. Horrendous unemployment. Businesses shutting down. Countries reeling on the edge of total shut down. Even China has had a 20% drop in export shipments and it looks like it is going to get worse. The USA is getting ready to go so far into debt that we will never get out of it. No way in hell. This country, the greatest debtor on the planet, is going to try to borrow it's way out of this financial morass. Can you believe it? They say they want to save the economy. I say, "For what?" So everyone can go right back to doing the same old dumb shit? And if I can figure this much out sitting back in a holler, then you know the powers that be have it all figured too.

Put your mind in forward gear and think what the powers that be are doing about the inevitable calamity that is going to befall the earth and it's peoples. It's easy to figure out! You are survivalists and preppers! YOU KNOW! They are going to have their Beans, Bullets and Band-aids all stockpiled and ready to go. Only they are doing it on a scale we can't match. We have our pantries we are trying to fill and they have huge underground caverns already bursting at the seams with food for the troops and the power elite, and they have then from coast to coast.

You don't think they are going to starve the Whitehouse do you? You don't think the congress and the cabinet will be excluded from the plan do you? You don't think the super moguls will do without do you? If you answered yes to any of these questions you have a little catching up to do. And they will have armament out the wazoo! You don't think they will have all this survivability and leave themselves open to foreign attack do you? If you answered yes then it's back to school time.

Our military will have fuel to run the jets and the tanks and the trucks for YEARS ahead. Don't kid yourself. They know what they have done and they know what they deserve and they are going to avoid that comeuppance as best they can. And they have all of our money to afford their protection. The powers that be will take good care of our armed forces in the near future. They have to because their asses will be hanging by a thread!

And as far as medical care goes, the sky is the limit. They will have a veritable HOST of doctors and nurses and technicians. Their diagnostic equipment will be second to none. Way above our prepping pay grade.

What we do on our little prepper scale they will do on a continental scale. They are not stupid and they want to live as much as we do. Only they ain't helping us a damn bit. We are to make do as best we can. We have to fight the big city gangs that Natog was talking about last night on our own. Don't it just give you that warm fuzzy feeling?

But stay tuned, folks, as Mayberry would say. The story is not over and the plans of mice and men seldom work out like they are supposed to work out. We are the little guys, clutching our Bibles and our guns out here in the country. We ain't much. But I think we have God on our side and that counts!

Stay alive!