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Military Dictatorship Coming To America

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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 18:00

THE WORSENING ECONOMIC CRISIS has prompted the US Army War College to issue a report urging the use of military troops to contain possible civil unrest throughout America.

Entitled, Strategic Shocks in Defense Strategy Development, issued on November 4, 2008, the report argues that the US military must prepare for a “violent domestic dislocation provoked by an economic collapse.”

The report was authored by Nathan Freier, an Army lieutenant-colonel and professor at the US War College in Carlyle PA - the Army’s main training institute for prospective senior officers. Freier consigns dissenting Americans to the category of “hostile groups:”

“Civil unrest would force the defense establishment to maintain domestic order. Under certain circumstances this would include use of military force against hostile groups inside the United States.”

Zionist Jews who control America’s banks also have a stake in a militarist usurping of America’s civilian realm. On November 22, 2008, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, former CEO of the Jewish investment bank, Goldman Sachs, threatened Congress of martial law if they did not pass a bailout bill. Because Jews fear an “Anti-Semitic” backlash during an economic downturn, an imposition of martial law would be welcomed by US Jewry.

Preparing to implement martial law, on December 1, 2008, the Pentagon announced its plans to deploy 20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 to help state and local officials respond to emergencies.

And General Tommy Franks, a former US Commander in Iraq, said in a recent interview, that if another terrorist attack occurs in America, the Constitution would be discarded in favor of a military form of government. This “military form of government” is now being set up by the newly-formed Obama administration.


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA has appointed 3 four star military officers to his cabinet since his election on November 4, 2008. With Obama’s choice of Admiral Dennis Blair as Director of National Intelligence, Robert Gates at Defense, & General James Jones at National Security, the launching of a military dictatorship is now in place in Obama’s fascist administration.

The leading warlord in Obama’s cabinet is Defense Secretary, Robert Gates. Gates answers to the powerful Trilateralists, David Rockefeller and his 80 year old protege, Zbigniew Brzezinski. The Trilateralist global agenda is presented in Brzezinski’s book, The Grand Chessboard. In Brzezinski’s call to escalate US military power, democracy is a hindrance to his militaristic goals:

“Democracy limits the use of America’s power - especially its capacity for military intimidation. Pursuit of military power is not a goal that commands popular passion except in conditions of a sudden threat to domestic well-being. Democracy is inimical to military mobilization.”

Obama is fully subservient to his masters of “military mobilization” - Brzezinski, Rockefeller, Gates, Blair & Jones. Spelling out his subservience to the Pentagon, on December 1, 2008, Obama declared, “To ensure prosperity here at home, we must maintain the strongest military on the planet.” To this end, Obama has pledged to increase the size of US ground forces by 100,000 soldiers.

Portending a full militaristic culture in America, Obama’s Chief of Staff, the Zionist Jew, Rahm Emanuel, has called for compulsory service for Americans ages 18 to 25. Service would include three months of basic training & civil defense preparation. Emanuel has also said he sees no reason why ALL Americans should not do national public service.

If the Zionists succeed in their plan for forced national service, Obama’s fascist warlords will have hundreds of thousands of SS Brown Shirts to enforce a military dictatorship right down to the neighborhood level. And this military dictatorship is…Coming To A “Theatre” In Your Neighborhood Soon.


Mitchell said...

You had me until you started with the zionist bankers and so on. You lost all credibility after that, except with the Tin Hat types.

Jack Napier. said...

Michael, glad to catch you on John's show the other day.

You might be interested to know that all these generals Obama has 'chosen' are -all of them- Council on Foreign Relations members, Trilateral Commission members, Bilderberg Group members.

The cabinet looks worse than that of the last Bush. Can you believe it?