Friday, January 9, 2009


I have read the blogs this morning and people are getting edgy. And maybe for a damn good reason. In 2004 a young man had a dream and the Old Man came to him and told him that he had 5 more years of work to do. Let's see now...2004 plus 5 years would come to 2009! Hey! How's that for mathematics! I don't know what kind of work he had to do as yet but I know what he was dedicated to doing in life and that was getting ready for TEOTWAWKI. So if it starts this year then so be it and we are prepping. You are prepping aren't you?

I read an article on a MSM site yesterday that had a report that doctors were getting concerned that people might not be buying the right food for their diet now that financial hard times has come to our shores. Hell... They don't need to worry. What with starvation and fighting off cannibals and dodging trouble on the roads, most people will be in fine shape. Out here in Nowhere land we will be busy growing food and hunting and defending and getting water and all those myriad tasks that life in the hard lane involves. I reckon my big ass will lose a bunch of weight and I can't think of a better guy for it to happen to. Our prep food is based on the needs of our bodies and not so much on convenience. We have stuff that will keep you alive and nourished. We have SOME goodies for culinary diversion but not many. Our greatest variety is in our canned vegetables. The wife has insisted on good vegetables with good nutrition. The rice and beans and corn will take care of a lot of protein. If the electricity stays on we will have meat from the freezer. I'm gonna buy the wife a tank of gasoline today. The price has shot up to $2 a gallon and I don't trust these oil companies. They WANT the price to go up. They are not communal. They are global.

I listened to Don't Tread On Me this morning and Big John had a guy on that is a trucker and runs a store at He seemed like an okay sort of fella and he is selling Big John's Survival Seeds at a pretty good price. He also has some other things for sale but I won't go into the whole song and dance. Take a look and see if he handles anything you might have forgotten to pick up. You never can tell what you might have over looked.

Natog from TEOTWAWKIAIFF is gonna be on Big John's show tonight so give it a listen and see how our friend does with the radio. My bet is that he will do fine. After all, he is a blogger and a reader of Staying Alive and that moves him up the evolutionary scale quite a bit. He is trying to get out of Boston, Mass, and that is something you should call about and ask him how he is coming along with that project. He is a good guy and he needs to be OUT of that city he lives in.

Dragon has been active these last few days and I like to read his stuff. He's a hard ass and so am I and I can relate to his attitude. Treesong had plenty of stuff up this morning to read. Seems like she got into it with her sister-in-law over her lifestyle. Sis-in-law had better watch out!

That is about it for this bight, sunny, Friday morning. Haven't had a lot of sunlight of late. It's been cold. Good sleeping weather, however.

Stay alive!


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Mayberry said...

Crap! I didn't know Natog was gonna be on! I was busy rebuilding my neighbor's carbs on his outboard..... Guess I'll catch the 10 pm show, and hear the on demand replay when it comes on....

Doctors are worried we ain't buyin' the right food?! Where they been the last 40 years?!!!! HA!