Monday, January 12, 2009


I'm finally getting around to writing this post for today. I think I am getting a bit worn out from watching the stock market fall and reading all the bullshit from the mass media. I'm ready for some EXCITEMENT! I'm ready to start pulling some guard duty. I'm ready for planting a garden. I'm ready for most anything but sitting around the house waiting for Winter to end. I'm even getting on You Tube and listening to old Seekers stuff, which is pretty good I might add. The DJIA is down about $114 and I could care less. Now if it was down a couple thousand I would be alert and ready to go do whatever had to be done to secure my home.

These Turkeys who are running the show do not know what the hell they are doing. They give great and solemn orations and then go mess it up some more. They could have stopped all of this about a year ago but didn't see it coming so now they play a failing game of catch-up. Poor babies. They would probably feel insecure except for the 20,000 troops that Dubya has brought home to protect them. 20,000 troops ain't shit for keeping order in this big country but it will do nicely to protect the District of Criminals. Maybe Obama won't have to declare national Martial Law. He can just declare it for D.C. and let us go our merry way. Sounds okay to me!

Big John Lipscomb is rumbling over in Kansas and I think he will get a new thing going pretty soon. Anything to get more people prepping.

And speaking of prepping, I got four ears of Golden Bantam corn and shucked all the kernels off of them this morning. They were not all intact. They were like ancient skulls with the teeth rattling around loose. But I got a surprising amount of seed for the next garden off of them. Good non-hybrid Heirloom seed. Just what the doctor ordered. That's what I love about Big Johns Seed deal. If you get it together to save your seed properly you can have seed all the time. You can grow food up until the time the ground starts to glow at night. Then you had better be gone somewhere else.

And being gone somewhere else is the next big step up for us preppers. We will pretty soon need to get underground. But we will get to that later.

Right now I have a bunch of business to take care of and as broke as my ass is I need to take care of it. So I will leave you now and get busy. Stay alive and stay prepping!


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