Friday, January 30, 2009


It seems to me that the more I read and the more I listen I find that preppers have too many enemies. We create most of them. They are not hard to find! It is not hard to discern those who are against preparedness. But we must remain focused or we will lose our salt, as they used to say. Now you can call the enemy the NWO or anything your little heart desires, as it makes no difference to me. And NWO will work just fine because it is exactly what we are facing. But our primary foe is anything that causes us to falter in our prepping. No matter who the enemy is, we must be prepared to eat and drink and stay alive. We must be prepared to grow our own food. We must be prepared to defend our homes against invasion and intrusion. We must be prepared to help our neighbor and our neighbor's children. We can't be a bunch of greedy bastards that would have us become just like the bastards who cause us alarm. We must be different. We must have the highest principles. We carry a big banner on our flag pole and while we might falter in our own thinking from time to time, we can never let the banner fall. It must always fly proudly in the air, so that everyone can see it and understand our motivation. They must understand that we are here to help humanity and not destroy it. We must exercise patience. We must exhibit care and understanding. And through it all we must be focused. We are to stay focused because we are few in number and thus are precious to the whole of us.

As an aside I have noticed that if I wear a knit hat I stay warmer during these cold January days. You produce a lot of heat through your head and a small hat will keep you very warm. We are supposed to get some warmer weather this coming Sunday. Not that I want to put a lot of faith in the long term forecast but they are saying we will get up to 45 degrees. I will sort of miss the icicles out on the porch. But I am prepared to be lacking in Winter beauty in order to feel some warmth.

I listened to Big John again last night. As per usual he was very good. John is not too much the tin hat type of guy. He tries to stay well grounded and logical. He got on a thing last night about the Psychiatric drugs they hand out like M & M's in this country. If it ain't one thing trying to control you it's another. Mothers, don't let them give your babies those goddamn pills. We lived for centuries without those pills and we don't need them now. Do what you must to avoid having them given to your child. We all know that Big Pharma is crooked and relentless and that does not change one iota when they start doctoring your kid. It's the same group with the same lack of moral scruples and they are screwing around with your child's brain. Stay away!

I got a big bag of Rice and Beans put away yesterday. The Handmaiden broke the big bag down into a few smaller ones and I carried them to the storage area. I have about 20 more pounds of Old Fashioned Oats to get stored also. Can't have too many buckets of Old fashioned Oats in your preps. Just a little hot water and you are ready for some nutrition. The Amish are great candy eaters. Their Bulk Store has a huge supply of candy. I wiped out a 2 pound bag of dark chocolate ships since Monday. Cost me $2.50. Pretty cheap poison if you ask me. I have to stay away from those chocolate chips.

The Congress passed their economic stimulus bill and the Democrats are wallowing in their victory. It is a waste of money and a possible burden to the people, but a lot of folks are going to say it is salvation and you don't want to run down someone's salvation. Since I don't think it will be anyones's salvation I will complain loudly and constantly. It ain't going to work. It is a thinly disguised piece of welfare legislation and it is not what we need. What we need is to go back in time and castrate the bastards in the banks and the stock brokerages who allowed this sit to happen. How about boiling some politicians in oil who passed legislation to keep the whole thing going? But we can't go back in time and we will pay the price for the greed and excess of our money people. They have run us into the ground and there ain't much we can do to avoid it. England is all but bankrupt and a few other European countries are right behind her. Japan is about to throw in the towel and that could get a little ugly. China is closing factories right and left. Guys who came to the cities to work in the factories are going home to the countryside in order to eat. It seems there is a measure of security in living in the country and having a garden. Funniest damn thing.

There is all kinds of anti-gun proposals making the scene on the Internet. All kinds of sirens and flares are being set off, warning us of impending doom. But nothing has even been assigned to a committee as yet and it's damn sure nothing has been voted on and passed. And I don't think it will. If it could happen I think Air Pelosi would be cramming it down our throats as hard and fast as she could go. If you ain't figured it out by now, Ol' Nancy is a couple bricks shy of a load. Her brain ain't her strong point. But I think the dumb broad can add and subtract and thus she has not gone after the guns. But she may. And if she does the battle will be joined to it's maximum extent. I ain't comin' on this gun ban shit.

Got preps? Stay alive!


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Shy Wolf said...

ROFLMBO, Michael- Pelosi has a strong point? LOL.
Sorry, couldn't resist.
She does have a big mouth and does tend to say the wrong things- like killing babies is good for the economy- but too damn many listen to her and believe it, so that makes her very dangerous. Almost as dangerous as having a muslim in the White House.