Friday, January 23, 2009


This story is a great thing in my eyes. Here is a couple with a bunch of kids fighting the good fight up in British Columbia and starting to make it! I'll tip my hat to having all of those kids. We need to build up the prepper mind in this world to its maximum amount. We just can't have too many people who know how to make it! Those six kids could end up feeding a lot of people with the skills they are learning at home. And if you can feed a lot of people then you can make a lot of friends and they will protect you from a lot of evil in the world.

In talking to Donna I learned that she has many friends who are into prepping also. Wonderful! The more the merrier. That is how it used to be. Folks took care of themselves and looked out for their neighbor as well. Now, if Donna and her husband can come up with some sort of well or spring that will give them water if the system collapses they will be way ahead of the game. Think of the morons trapped in the big cities who cannot conceive of growing food! They might get a chicken house with half of it devoted to egg layers and half to meat chickens and deepen their survival capability.

Another neat thing would be to build a Bulk Store and sell canned goods and what ever the law will allow you sell without too much licensing hassles. But you can sell cheap stuff to the masses and take the profit and buy organic for your group. It would be a good place to sell extra produce in season. And don't feel bad about using money form the sale of cheap canned goods to buy high quality for you and your friends. You can always talk to people and try to show them the better way, if they will listen. I have a problem thinking that a lot of people will only listen when the cupboard is bare and they have no way of refilling it. Then they will want to come and join your group. If you have the means to help them, do so. But use their labor in your own garden and grow it bigger.

Hello Michael,

I read your blog daily, but this is the first time I've written. I would like to start by thanking you for all the work you do for your blog. I have learned a lot, and I enjoy your honest, upfront style!

I am also writing because you asked for responses a few days ago, from other people that are prepping. I started prepping over a year ago, and at first my husband just shook his head at me, laughing gently that he thought I was making something out of nothing, but "if it makes you feel better go for it". So I guess you could say he was supportive, even if he wasn't "on board". But that has changed in the past 5 months, and he not only agrees with me, he keeps his eyes and ears open for specials and deals that will allow us to stock up at a cheaper rate. At the moment we have 4 months worth of stores, not enough yet I know but we are working with a limited budget and since we have a large (for now a days) family of six children it takes longer. If necessary we could stretch to 5 months, smaller meals. Anyway, I have saved and stored an extra years worth of garden seed, heirloom of course, and will be converting more of our small yard into more garden this spring. We were gifted with a pressure cooker last year, and made good use of it, thereby storing more of our garden produce and meat and saving money on groceries to add more to the storage plan! I am teaching my children the joys of simpler living, and how to garden, as well as how to recognize edible wild plants. My husband built a "rocket stove" last summer and we greatly enjoyed the entire experience. The children loved it!! Cooking and eating outdoors always feels like a celebration!

We live in British Columbia, Canada, our growing season is late May until September, which provides all the challenges of a short growing season, but I have learned what grows well and reliably and what doesn't so we have had success the past 2 years. I just wanted to tell you thank you for all I have learned from your blog, and let you know that you have had a positive influence on yet another family, this one from Canada!

Thank you again, you work is much appreciated.



Ps: We are also learning new skills (knitting, crocheting etc) and heat 100% with woodstove.

So stay alive out there folks!



scoutinlife said...

Great hearing that you have motivated yet another individual Michael.........

Mayberry said...

What a great letter! Thanks fer sharin' it with us Michael...