Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ten thousand gathered in the street outside the main headquarters of the state's biggest broadcasting company. They were all armed and shouting "GIVE US SURVIVALISM!" No Police would go out to meet the crowd as they were severely out gunned and their cowardice was gleaming like a pewter dollar in a a mud hole. The Governor was trying to get up enough National Guard to make a difference but they were mostly in the Middle East fighting the oil wars and that non-existent terrorist group that got blamed for everything. After a day of terrible argumentation and hollering and threats, the TV people agreed to meet with three representatives of the survivalist movement and talk a little sense. The three were chosen and immediately ushered into the big office building to meet with the high up corporate officials. The corporate types wanted to know what the problem was and they were quickly told that preparedness was not getting near enough play on the airwaves and that needed to stop. The three survivalists wanted videos shown during the day that explained the mechanics of getting prepared. They wanted non-hybrid seed data released to the general public. They wanted a nightly half hour show devoted to survivalism to be shown all over the state every night. They wanted full discussion concerning which firearms were best for those at their retreats. They wanted medical training shows to go out to all the people at a reasonable hour of the day. They wanted people to talk on the survivalist show about investing in TANGIBLES and not Wall Street bullshit. There was also insistence that survivalist people be presented as pretty much average folks and not slobbering Neanderthals as portrayed by most of the media. The corporate figures finally agreed to the terms as given by the preppers and offered to have them typed up and signed. The preppers told them to never mind the paperwork. Everybody knew what was to go down and if the media people didn't keep their word then the next go around would be a little more harsh.

The state had never seen anything like it. The people went wild. The topic of conversation at the work places still in business was the message of the night before. Strange little stores opened up all over the place. Places with names like KICKASS SEED COMPANY and DRY AS A BONE canned food came on the scene. A chain of gun stores called ZOMBIE PUT-DOWN started up and were doing a tremendous business. They just couldn't keep Wingmaster and Mossberg shotguns on the shelves. FN/FAL rifles flew out the doors. Ammunition was sold by the truckload. Medical supply houses were doing a land office business. Water filters soon looked like the move of the future. Canned goods at regular stores were hard to keep in stock. TOUGH AS NAILS camping gear was a major seller to the growing prepper awareness of the public. Companies with back-hoes were getting a lot of business. Concrete blocks and re-bar were popular items. The survivalist message was actually causing a minor economic turnaround for the horribly depressed nation. Summertime brought an abundance of curbside vegetable sales. Eggs and milk and cheese became popular with the people again. Horse drawn delivery within a section of a town became the normal method of getting your purchases home. Men with well trained horses got a lot of business plowing gardens in the suburbs and small towns. Life and hope started to return to the brainwashed masses. To survive became the main thing in life, accepted and worked for. As men once again became proficient at harvesting their hay without diesel machinery, other men got busy with small herds of goats and milk cows for the growing demand of the market. Hope was returning to the people.

And this is just fiction and I am sure you are aware of it, but think of the possibilities. If we could get our hands on something with high enough ratings we could trigger the greatest sociological upheaval in the history of this country. But maybe not. Let us not forget that most folks are just waiting for a fix to come along and make things normal again. NORMAL. Who the hell wants to be normal? Britain is all but declared totally insolvent. America is just a step way form joining her. Several European countries are bankrupt. China is having a horrible time, as is Russia. What are all of these billions of people gong to do? Start wars to jump start their economies? It's been done before!

Take the path of the prepper. Take the path of being ready when this shit hits the fan. Don't let it splash on you. You have been lied to and tricked and deceived and it is all coming home to roost. Get ready to stay alive folks!



Mayberry said...

Wouldn't that be nice.... But the scenario would be more like "the preppers "mysteriously vanished" and were never heard from again"....

Unknown said...

Meh, I don't actually try and convert anybody to my survivalist/prepper mindset.

I've got a supply of firearms (which needs to be expanded), and I'm working on a year's supply of food. I live less than 1 km from a major waterway, and have a reverse-osmosis desalinator that works on muscle power.

I figure, in an ultimate SHTF scenario, like disruption of the food supply, I'm just gonna hunker down at home, practice light and noise discipline, and starve everybody else out. Works good for anything short of nuclear war, and given nuclear winter etc., the living will envy the dead.

The last thing I want is 'the golden hoard' stockpiling stuff too.