Saturday, January 3, 2009


I want to talk about the condition called The Only Game In Town. It's a helluva condition and a lot of us are in it.

What if you had 40 banks in your city, reaching around a square block. All kinds of banks: First City, First National, State Bank, Big Bank, Little Bank, Goat Rapers Bank, and on and on. And they all had a line about how they were different than the other banks. You could look at that line of banks and think you might be able to find a real deal. Sure does look like the land of opportunity for someone needing a little financial help. But you start checking out the back doors of all these banks and they all lead to one big processing unit right in the middle of the block. Money going in and money going out. Accountants making entries on computers. And you realize that it is all one big bank with lots of names. It is called the banking game and it's the only one on town.

You walk across the street and you come to a block of stock brokers offices. Man! Do they ever have a lot of different programs for your investment dollars! Every kind of retirement, 401k, etc., etc. Long term, short term, maybe even jail term, but you notice that every stockbrokers office is really doing the same thing. They are all selling the same product. They all want your money and they all make you promises and they all give you some pieces of paper saying you are an investor. And then you walk out the door, poorer but supposedly more secure in your lifestyle. And millions have done it. Of course, the market is rigged and you are now going to lose everything you were depending on, but it's the only game in town.

You wander a few blocks and come to some churches. The parking lots are packed full and looking in you see huge rooms with thousands of people and enormous walls of TV screens to show the preacher's face as he speaks. A huge choir gets the people in the mood for a religious moment. An orchestra provides the soundtrack to the affair. Assistant pastors in flowing robes and ushers in nicely tailored suits keep thing moving along. The main guy comes out and gives his well written and rehearsed sermon, which mostly has to do with God loving all of them and please give as much as you can for the Lord's work. A bulletin trumpeting the latest triumphs of the pastor and his message is handed out to everyone. In about an hour the people are released to go their way, secure in the knowledge that they have fulfilled God's requirements for the week. You don't have to go to a church like this. You can go to a struggling church with poorer parishioners but you soon notice the preacher is trying to build the same thing the rich church has. It's pretty difficult to get away from these charlatans. It's almost impossible. Because it's the only game in town.

Then you stroll back to your car and drive out to the edge of town and find a place to buy some gasoline. All the gas prices are within a penny or so of each other at the pump. How is this possible? Well, the gasoline comes from very few actual producers. The manipulated commodity prices keep it all about the same price. The prices are raised until people are to the post they will not drive and then the prices come down for a while. When prices fall enough then people start to consume more gasoline and the prices start going back up again. It is an endless cycle of boom and bust in the oil business. When oil is booming the profits are obscene. The profits get reported and the mindless robots of consumerism back off of their usage. And you go with the flow or you don't go at all. It's the only game in town.

As you go to the grocery store you notice that food prices, while higher than they were a year ago, seem to be holding pretty steady. For this you are thankful. Food and fuel prices are not used in the governments figures on inflation. They say it is because they are so volatile. And I know that food prices are going to go up in the future and have very little chance of ever coming down. We are in deflation right now and prices on things like cars and houses and stocks are all down. With businesses failing all the time and credit being pretty tight a lot of consumerism has fallen off. Christmas sales were off so bad the retail community doesn't want to talk about it. They are going to let their lawyers talk for them in bankruptcy court. The way I understand it, the reason their was ANY sales to speak of during the Xmas buying spree was the gargantuan business done by Walmart. And no matter what the price or what the supply, we all have to eat. The food chain stretches all around the globe these days. We get our food from all over the planet. This is part of globalism. And those banks I was talking about are financing this globalism. Those stockbrokers are I mentioned are selling stocks of companies all over the globe and making good money handling the deals. The mega-churches are jetting their preachers all over the place in an effort to grow the church and swell the coffers and pay for those luxury planes they like to fly around in. The oil companies are getting rich powering the transports needed to move all this freight around the globe. The politicians are making deals and starting wars as hard and fast as they can go. Nazi Israel is trying to do a number on the Palestinians even as I type this post. This world is messed up pretty bad and it looks like it is going into the gutter economically. And at a furious pace.

But is this the end of the story? Is this where we throw up our hands, give up, and capitulate to the slavery of the system? Is this where we give up our manhood and womanhood and grovel at the feet of the global elite? Is this where we become total whores of the system? Is this where the brutes of pain and suffering come and tell us our daily tasks, which we will do or be beaten? Or killed? I SAY NO! I say take the principles of survivalism and the precepts of our heritage and start anew. I say Wisdom shall be our Leader and Truth shall be our Guide. What is right we shall do and what is wrong we will discard. He that won't work, neither shall he eat. But if your brother or sister breaks a leg you take care of them until they are mended. How will people recognize us? Because we have love, one toward another.

We need to buy land and build villages and that takes money and where we will get it I have no idea. But I know this coming together of people to straighten out their lives and reclaim some decency in their behavior is of God and he will make a way. I know we must gather together to break the hold of the system that would enslave us. We must be as free as we possibly can of the evil that has spread upon the earth. AND IT IS EVIL. No question about it. Millions have lost their jobs and millions are getting ready to join them in the march of the unemployed. Who will take up the battle to preserve these people who have done nothing wrong but lived their life as shown by their masters? Every day that passes we become weaker. Our resource dwindles. Our abilities fade. This thing must be turned around! At least the decent must have a place to dwell and raise their families. There must be abundant food for everyone. Our God did not give us a place of desolation, but of fertility and plenty. The earth will produce for us. YES! WE CAN EAT! But we can not eat at the table of the evil bastards called the Powers That Be.

We have things to do and work to be done. This can not be allowed to stop here with this post. We must go on into a real life, with friends and kinfolk we love. With our mates and our children. God help us stay alive.



Ken said...

...good one brother...i 'made' the whole crew read it...sometimes,they wonder why i read like i do...this post is one of the examples... i gotta share it...

Shy Wolf said...

Amen, Michael: shout it from the rooftops and the mountains, let there be no ear that has not heard the warning. Let them decide who they will follow, who will feed them, care for them.
Somehow, someway, we'll continue the good fight.
There is a time for having fun and a time for preparations.
There is a time to listen and a time to act.
There is a time for peace and a time for war.
Let he who has an ear hear what the Spirit is saying to the people.

Mayberry said...

Oh, if the sheeple would only listen.... Some are coming around, but it's painfully slow....

Natog said...

Excellent post. People wonder why I'm agnostic, after dealing with preacher, pastor, etc all with their hand out to do "God's Work" while driving expensive cars and living in expensive homes... Trophy wives and golf memberships.

I want a new game in town, the rules are easy! They are called common sense!