Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I feel pretty good about prepping this morning. I am quite pleased with it. And I know all of you are also. But there may be a few folks reading who are not prepping and are just lurking. I have a little message for you: "Get off your ass and get prepared." Simple as that. The system out there has not changed a damn bit. It is still the same beast it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. A slight bit of intelligence should show you this. It is not rocket science. The collapse is coming and you may as well get ready for it. Like Big John Lipscomb says, you buy car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc. So why not buy some edible resource insurance? This economy is going to go tits up pretty soon and how are you going to make it? I was reading Commander Zero yesterday and he laid it out how Mountain House has moved it's free shipping order from $3000 to $10,000. I think it is the wealthy who are driving this up. They are starting to buy and they buy BIG. Your government is already stocked up beyond belief. What the hell is your problem? Why would you be scared or intimidated or ashamed to have a good amount of food put back? We spend hours every week to keep you informed and give you advice and tips on how to do it. We know the word is going out there to the public. You might take the time to send at least an email and let me know that you are in the program. The COMEX in Nu Yawk Sity is getting all kinds of orders for delivery. People are buying and taking the gold with them. This is a sign that the big boys are getting out of town and taking their wealth with them. And I am no fool. I haven't missed the fact that many financial advisers are telling you about great wads of cash that can be made in hard times. But have your seen anyone make any money off the stock market lately? Maybe a few day traders buying on lows and waiting for the Plunge Protection Team to go in and raise the market for them. But how long is that going to last?

You keep getting told about Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids. I call it the litany of life. I guess some call it the litany of boredom. Well, I will be eating that boredom while your tardy ass is starving. Unless you decide to repent of your foolish ways and get some preparation going for yourself. It is getting down to the wire right now. Like the old jokes with the guy carrying the sign saying THE TIME IS AT HAND. Well, the time IS at hand folks and there are no second place winners. You either get ready or the system eats you like a Buffalo Wing. Food can be used to control humanity. No real mom or dad is going to let their kids go hungry. No real man is going to let his wife starve. So what are you going to do if you haven't got your own stuff to eat? Well, you are going to the nearest FEMA camp and you are going to sign up for benefits and you are going to get your RFID chip and your picture taken and your Biometric ID made and you will then do as your goddamn well told or your ass will be mud. If they want your kids they will take them. And what will you do about it, little man or little woman? If you start to protest your ass will be sent to "detention" where you will learn who is the boss and who is the slave. You'll walk out of detention dancing with Bubba. You will walk out of detention fully aware of your lack of rights and your lack of freedom. Just getting back to regular confinement in the FEMA camp will be such a joyous occasion.

For those Brothers and Sisters who prep I say God bless you. I say ROCK ON! You show the spirit of a free person. To those who don't prep I say "Kiss Me Where The Sun Don't Shine." You can't tell me that you are so ignorant as to not know to prep. You have enough brains to read this blog. Now get your butt out there and get some groceries stored away while you still. can. And stay alive!


P.S. It colder that a well diggers ass in the Klondike here and it's gonna get a lot colder. Stay prepped and you will be okay.


Grumpyunk said...

"It colder that a well diggers ass in the Klondike here..." - One of my Fathers regular Wintertime expressions. Yep, cold and spitting snow this morning and a lot of wind.

I've been having a lot of conversations with strangers about the state of things and just about everyone seems open to the idea of putting some food back and raising a garden. Don't know how many will actually do it, but no one has called me crazy yet. At least to my face.
You can tell who is really thinking about it and who is not. Seems that the higher income folks are not as interested in hearing it. Oh well. All you can do is plant a seed and hope it catches.

LuciferWar said...

Michael you really got my blood pumpin with that call to preps. Damn! Now i feel like climbing up on the roof and bullhorning the nearby clones: "awake! awake you fools!" But its too dang cold Michael. You keep sending that cold Indiana air over here to Ohio!
I never miss "Staying Alive", no way. I am prepping. Every week. Every day. A comet is approaching Earth. This is a herald of woe for those who will not prepare. The comet will soon be visable to the naked eye, i cant remember what the heads named this one. Probably like comet j-p4 or something. ha ha

Natog said...

I cannot agree more. Up here in New England we are bracing ourselves for bitter cold and 3 days of snow starting Saturday.

Because I'm prepared, I pay it no mind other than to wear long underwear. In the past I would have been one of the sheeple killing themselves buying milk, bread and eggs at the last moment.

It's strange how having food and water at the house adds comfort when things are getting crazy.

mmpaints said...

LOL I sent it to Indiana first! M, your metaphors today are sweet and reflect my own thoughts

Staying Alive said...

Joel. I am glad you got enthusiastic about prepping, but I am a little dubious about the comet headed our way.

By the way, I was going to email you this morning but I cannot get an emaill addy for you.. Also, I cannot comment on your blog. What's going on?

Natog, "The snow is snowing, the wind is blowing, but I can weather the storm!" We have 5 quilts, a Y2K stove for cooking, and a ton of food. Let 'er rip!

mmpaints, I certainly hope you are not infering that YOU sent this miserable weather to us. Most unkind. And as to the metaphors, well I got a little enthusiastic this morning. Listening to Big John for an hour will do that to you!


Loco Gato said...

Great post!
I hate to say this but it is sunny and 76 degrees today out here on the left coast! Now what a grat describtion is that with Arnnie and the gang figuring out how to totally ruin this place, along with all the illegals.
But garden is prepped, seed are a sprouting in the green house, rifles are sighted in, one at 700 yards, pistols and shotguns are cleaned, 2 locked and loaded at all times. I know but we don't have kids, just dogs,cats.goats,chickens and pot belly pigs, and none of them know how to soot1 Damn!
I also wish more of my neighbors took this coming year seriously but you can't lead a horse to water and make hin drink. A couple see me working the dirt and ask questions. I don't let on as to how much I have,I just tell tell that according to Warren Buffett, the best investment for 2009 is food! And btw have you seen the price of potatoes? OUCH! Most times that gets to them and keeps them away from asking to many questions as to what I have. They'll find out when the SHTF and need a hand.
Geat post once again and keep up the good work.
Trapped in Kalifornia