Thursday, January 15, 2009


The government is acting like it is going to spend us out of the economic mayhem we are presently in. Spend, spend, spend. What morons! The money is worthless and the world economy is going to tell us all about it pretty soon. We have been running on debt for so long it has become the thing to do. These people are called Keynsian economists and they are full of shit. But they are doing what they are supposed to do as far as I am concerned so I let the alone. This is the time of change. This is the time of making something different of the world in which we live. It is an opportunity like the world has never seen before. And it is gonna be tough, you understand. Things are going to be bad and times will be tough. Those prepared to feed and defend themselves will prosper. Those who are not will probably die off. The system out here is rigged for the super rich to get even richer. The not so rich can just push mud up their ass. Funny how things work out. I was never taught to existin a world like we have today. But I am learning. I am studying and reading as hard and fast as I can go.

The thing that matters is how we can get around this mess and go on with our lives in some sort of reasonable fashion. We know we won't be able to depend on foreign trade. Who the hell is going to be dumb enough to sell into this broke down economy? The answer is no one with any brains. So we must prepare to get along without globalism. Who ever needed it anyway? We always had enough food. We always had decent jobs. Our elected officials were half way afraid of us and minded their manners. But it has gotten out of our control and we must take action to insure our lives, our viability.

We must prepare! God have mercy, we must prepare. We must buy food to take us through the initial bad times. Right now is the dad of Winter but it won't last forever. Grow anything you can when you can. Cattle, pigs, chickens, rabbits, etc. Keep laying hens so you can have eggs. Eggs are a wonderful food and are to be looked upon with great favor. Grow gardens, using non-hybrid seed so you cant get ripped off by the hybrid boys anymore. Grow BIG gardens. Lotsa work but damn sure worth it. Get you a book on how to save seed and learn it from cover to cover. :Learn how to forage for free food. It is free and it is SO GOOD FOR YOU. What a blessing.

Get you some guns, or A gun, and learn how to shoot it. A 22 LR will kill a deer if the bullet goes to the right spot. It will also kill small game and birds. Through some sort of magic, a dish of rice and beans will provide you with a good amount of protein if you throw a bird carcass in while it cooks. Just a little meat will give you a good uptake on the protein in the beans and rice. Much better than the beans and rice alone. Thus you can make Tweety bird your friend. And you can still buy 22 LR pretty cheap at Walmart. You can probably by you a Ruger 10/22 while you are there also. Get a decent scope and have someone who knows what they are doing install it for you. Poorly installed scopes are a real bummer.

But the thing to do right now is to buy canned food. Fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, whatever floats your boat. But get it bought! Get it in your pantry or wherever you store extra food. The old saying was buy it cheap and stack it deep. Well, things ain't so cheap anymore. But they are cheap enough! And you can still buy things! The day might not be too far off when buying things is not so easy as pulling up to the store. So get as much storable food as you possibly can and get it stored away in your home. You almost cant buy too much food. There is always going to be hungry people for you to feed so just get prepared! And those smart ass children of yours will come around for free meals just like they did the first few years of their lives. Those so call adults that you have talked to and pleaded with can just go fly a kite as far as I am concerned. The only thing I have for them is some work when the garden gets put in. I'll always give a meal to a good weed puller, if I can.

And learn the nutritional value of different foods! You have a computer so you can look stuff up the same as I have been doing for a year. Learn your plants and what they will give you. And if your favorite food is not much good as far as nutrition goes, then shit can it and grow something better! We are preppers, if you will remember. And we are preparing to preserve our lives and health and the same for those we love and who help us. Got preps? Stay alive.



riverwalker said...

Good advice on all counts! Better get it now while the gettin' is still possible. Thanks.


Mayberry said...

Michael, no one has ever "spent their way" out of trouble... How these dimwits in the District of Criminals think this will ever revive the Ponzi scheme is beyond me....

But I think they know exactly what they're doing. They do the bidding of their corporate masters, and that bidding is to milk the populace dry in order to stuff their own war chests full. They have all the power, and most of the money, and it's high time folks stood up and said, very loudly, "no more". It will have to be said with bullets, because that is the only language the bastards will understand....