Thursday, January 8, 2009


It's been a strange day. One of the women here in the village has gone to the hospital with cancer, congestive heart failure, and failed kidneys. I was asked to pray for her and I did. From the sound of things it will take a miracle to save her. I hate these situations. There is a woman I have known for dam near thirty years, messed up beyond belief and I am powerless to help her. It is humbling to a man to face this. I prayed and asked God to help her. Every prayer has to end with "Thy will be done." and I don't know his will in this matter. But it is a hurtful thing to know an old friend is in such trouble. She had three kids and they were all raised here in the Valley. Two boys and a girl. Fine children. I feel sorry for the Hell her husband must be going through. All these years and the woman is only about 45, if that old. You just have to hold your head up and go on.

One of my friends here in the village was talking to me on the phone today and said he and his wife had been buying $100 worth of canned vegetables a month and storing them away. He had taken a pretty strong position against prepping but has obviously changed his mind in view of the facts. He did can some green beans last year from our garden. He has about 55 quarts of beans. Well, he got the word, somehow, and he is starting to change his situation. I give him credit for that.

The Handmaiden heard that an older woman here in the village who had been sick had run out of food. So she loaded up a bag and ran it over to the woman's house and gave her the food. It turns out that the woman DID have food but she was pleased that someone showed some care for her. We left the food over there just in case things got tough before the woman could go to town for more groceries. Sounds like we have a new customer for the bounty of the garden this coming year. The woman is over 70 years old and I, for one, will excuse her from working in the garden for her share. I think I can make that stick. Yep. God willing, of course.

It is the season for seed catalogues. Most of them are rip off hybrid stuff but that has a place also, if the seed is cheap enough. DO NOT GET ANY GENETICALLY MODIFIED SEED! That shit is evil. But the seed catalogues have pretty pictures of great looking vegetables. American must grow a lot of flowers because the catalogues are packed with flower seeds. I have seen more plants being offered than I have before. What a waste of money. But if you live too far North they might be the way to go. I don't know how the affairs of the world will govern our actions this coming season but I fully intend to grow and save back a lot of food. God only knows what our stupid government will do about this. I was reading Mayberry this morning and he was having a shit fit about some law forbidding the sale of used children's toys and clothes. I read it and viewed the video and I had a shit fit also. This government is going nuts! Control, control, control. They have been reading our emails and our regular mail and listening to our phone calls. Now they want to say we can't go to the second hand store and buy cheap kid's clothes. Beating on the poor again. What terrorist do we have to fear? Our greatest threat is our own government!

In reading the blogs today I sensed that Ornery Bastard is getting better. Pearls wrote some idiotic palaver about liking Police. Big Bear had some good posts up about windows and how they can help lower your electric costs. As of the time of my morning perusal, Treesong had nothing up but she probably will later on today.

That is about all I have for today. Stay hunkered down in this cold weather and eat good food to keep your health up to par.

Stay alive!



scoutinlife said...

Prayers sent for your friend in the village!

Adam said...

Second that on the prayers for your friend. And it's very true that we need to remember that "His will be done". We really don't pray to get God to change His mind, but to wrap our finite minds around the idea that we are not in control, He is.

And second that about the seed/plant prepping. Growing our own food now, when things are still somewhat safe and civil, will prepare and train us for when we MUST grow our own food. Good luck feeding a family with a garden post-SHTF if you've never grown anything before. Now's the time to learn. Start a garden; if you already have one, double it's size this year. Learn all you can before they tax even the home garden out of existence.
----oh, and great post!

Mayberry said...

It seems that way too many are taken from us way too young these days, all by that damned cancer. It is our curse of "modern living".... If it would only take more evil bastards, and let good folks be.... But it seems more often than not to be the good folks who are taken. Thy will be done indeed.