Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am sure you have all been wished a Happy New Year and I will add myself to the list of well wishers, if I may. It has been a good past year for prepping and I hope we can better it this 2009. It is only a few months to go until garden time is here again and a garden is the cheapest and healthiest way to prep that I know. Get your stuff together to make this a big food prep year.

I believe in the possibility that 2009 will be a decisive year in the history of mankind. I actually believe the biggest event will not be earthly but rather spiritual. We must all keep in touch about the spiritual stuff because that is the hand that guides the ship.

I am supposed to be on radio with Big John Lipscomb tonight and that is usually fun and informative. I like to listen to Big John.

The temperature is headed back into the deep freeze here in southern Indiana. We just had a small interruption when a neighbor called and said a major supermarket is selling 10 pound bags of chicken legs and thighs for $1.99 each. My neighbor bought 3 bags. The Handmaiden is into her car and gone for a load even as I type this. My wife can cook more chicken soup than you can eat with that much of a supply. The neighbor who called is a prepper of sorts and she is ready to help us when she can. Her husband and I are old friends.

My son has headed back to the East Coast already and taken his Pit Bull with him. That Pit was a sweet dog. She didn't hardly know my wife but my wife took her for a 3/8's of a mile hike and the dog was absolutely no problem. No leash. Didn't freak out on the other dogs around the lake. A real lady. My son did give me a good grade on my medical preps. He should be a certified Paramedic in five months and I half way expected him to run down what I had accomplished. But he didn't. He just suggested that I might get a medical bag with lots of chambers in it so that I can keep things labeled and separated. Probably a good idea. I didn't tell him that Grumpyunk had been a great influence and help on my med-preps. I was saving that for the end in case he started running my stuff down.

Stay alive.


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Grumpyunk said...

Would have liked to have met your boy, Michael. Take his advice as he's out there on the pointy end of the stick. He's one of the guys who do all the work before they hit the ER and it's been a long time since I've been out there.

Hell, your med kit is probably better then mine and I do it for a living. Looked mine over the other day and saw a bunch of holes that need filling.
I'm so damn disorganized it's pathetic. That should be one of my goals for 2009. Get organized.