Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's going to be cool the next few days. I have never seen a July like this one. The beans down in the garden are flourishing but the tomatoes are just getting by. Those luscious red beauties are not liking this cool weather a damn bit. I'd be better off having them grown in Mississippi or Alabama than I would growing them here this year. That might be a thing to remember if your live in the South and want to make a little cash. Load up a few tons of tomatoes and drive them up to Yankeeland for a good bit of cash sales. It will cost you about $300 or $400 dollars worth of fuel but 5 ton of tomatoes selling for a dollar a pound would make a nice nest egg to see you through the Winter. I am sure we will be able to get some sort of a crop harvested though. Indiana without tomatoes is almost impossible to imagine. But this solar minimum we have going right now is sure cooling things down. I know that Al Gore and Obama want to say we are in global warming, but it is a lie. Record lows are cropping up all over the country. Wisconsin, and New York are getting hit pretty hard by the cold weather. North Dakota guys are talking about the growing season being over sometime in August. That might play hell with their Wheat crop. I wish them well. But we all get dealt a hand and how we play it makes our life what it is. We could be planting a lot of cold weather crops next Spring. I think the best cold weather vegetables are Chinese in origin. I reckon I better keep a look out for Chinese seed. From what I understand the Chinese do not use many hybrids at all. Sensible folks.

The word is out that CIT is going to be allowed to fail. It is a huge bank and we be one of the biggest bankruptcies in American history but it is tied in with small businesses and therefore will be allowed to go down the drain. Only the big boys will get bailed out, you understand. A bank who wastes it's time loaning to 300,000 small businesses just ain't fooling with, you understand. And what is going to happen to the 300,000 small businesses? I guess they will just be allowed to go under. The big dogs eat first.

This Healthcare bill in the congress right now is one of those 1000 page marvels that will be voted on without a reading by anybody. Just a good excuse to vote against any congressman you can. And any Senator too! Turn them all out on the streets. I am sure they will all be well taken care of as far as pensions are concerned but at least they will not be voting our lives away anymore. And that is a good thing. The members of the House are the easiest to get rid of, They run every two years and people don't forget as easily as they do when Senators screw up. They only come up for election every six years.

I got an e-mail this morning from Publius wanting to know how to get beans out of your garden that you can just store and not have to can, in other words dried beans. Simple as hell. I just let my beans stay on the plant until the pod is dry. Good and crispy like. Then you go to your garden and just yank them off of the plant, bag 'em up and carry them home. You get out some pretty good sized bowls and start shelling your bean pods. Save the old pods for your compost pile. Green beans are just what their name implies. They are less than mature. You pick them when they are nice and firm but not dry, Then you snap them to however length you like them and let the wife cook them for supper. It is not rocket science.

It is apparent to me that after we get the collapse thing out of the way we are going to be homesteaders. There will not be zombies and scalawags to fight forever. They will go away. But the need for food will go on and on. And the kids will have to learn where the food really comes from so they won't be ignorant and helpless, like America is now. We will become more self reliant in our lifestyle and have less to do with the big global system. A man heard a voice many years ago and it said, "ROB SKAG." It has nothing to so with stealing or theft but rather using Skag's ideas and supplies to build what you want, to do it the way you can do it. Some folks have been writing to me about chicken tractors and I am finding them very interesting. I have a big garden where they can Winter and Summer both. Around the edges in the Summer and on the main body of the garden for the Winter. Some dreams and visions are going to have to come upon men and they will have to build the basis for the new age that is coming upon us. And it will definitely be a new age. If you haven't figured it out let me inform you that the old is going DOWN and the NEW is coming up. It is a wonderful time to be alive. Inspired men and women will build all things new and fruitful. That is how it always has been. When the present age became degenerate the God of Heaven already had a new day in mind. And it is so wise and so well thought out as to be very much advanced from the present age. What we really can use is all the Wisdom of our forefathers plus the Wisdom that God will impart to us in the future. We hasten towards a better day. There will be quite a mess to clean up as the Powers That Be try to blow everything to smithereens but that won't take forever. Not at all. We will get it clean and shiny again. We will get the fields fertile again. We will grow the herds to be big enough to give us meat again. We will get local economies built back up and running again. Healers will appear among us and those with the knowledge of herbs will come to the fore. Life will be good again as we are released from the shackles put upon us by degenerate men. Thank God you have witnessed this day that is dawning. It is a rare time and worth the ride. Stay alive.



HermitJim said...

I'm of the thought that it isn't the destination that counts, but the journey!

I enjoyed the post today, and couldn't agree more! Thank you!

Mayberry said...

Thanks, I needed that....

Jacob Gittes said...

Quite inspiring.
thanks on the beans.
One more question:
If you want to save beans for planting, then I would imagine you just let them dry in the pods as you mentioned for storing, but that you do NOT freeze them (as you do for those for storage). Freezing would kill the seed, right? I'm just guessing based on my training in biology.

Let's hope you are right that the powers that be won't take us all down with them.
God help us.