Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Are you getting ready? Have you got your grain grinder and your wheat bought? I have my grinder and am getting the wheat. I have bad feelings about the availability of food and other commodities in the not so distant future. The general in charge of the Afghan war is about to get the shaft, I think. Obama does not like dissent in his midst. And he does not like people making fun of the monkeys he has appointed to various positions of authority in his administration.

And this administration is the most hard-to-perceive bunch of people I can imagine. What are they doing? Are they doing anything they can for the common man in America? Don't make me laugh. Every time Obama makes a speech about something grand and glorious he wants to do for the good of the country, we always find out that it takes away more of our freedom and makes our taxes go up. What is it with this Kenyan? Has he no love whatsoever for this country? He hides his agenda like a miser hides his gold. It would seem that he gets his inspiration from the Russian Secret Service and we are not supposed to notice that. And it is starting to eat me up. I realize with my innermost being that this man Obama is our greatest enemy. He knows now that he will be a one term president and he wants to get as much damage done in his four years as he possibly can. I can feel it in my bones.

My heart goes out to working people in this darkened land of ours. The pillar the whole thing rests on is the working man. Without him you have nothing. And we are becoming without him. He is being outsourced and replaced by robots and computers. The wealth his labor created is becoming concentrated in the hands of a few. Millions are out of work. Labor is going to get very cheap pretty soon. Just like it is cheap in India, China, and Mexico plus few other places I can name. The guys that should be getting the praise are not even being mentioned anymore. What a disgrace. The stock brokers and the banks are fussed over like babies in a crib but the real producers are left in solitude. Something is dreadfully wrong. The perspective of life has been maladjusted. Ignorance rules, and reason and logic have gone out the door for a long walk.

The wife and bil are down at the garden watering this morning. They will sprinkle a bit of compost and crushed limestone and then let it soak into the ground. Pumpkins and Squash are big nitrogen eaters and Tomatoes need limestone for preventing end rot. I have to get off this posting page and let my computer try to tell Blogger to save this damn post. Wish me luck.

My thinking this afternoon has led me to some very grim thoughts about America. America is about dead financially and is about to take a blow militarily. We have a lot of force in the Persian Gulf right now and it could very well come under horrendous attack. And if Iran and Israel get to firing nukes you can bet your ass that a lot of American troops are going to bite the dust. The radioactive fall out from anything in Iran will hit American troops whether the wind blows East or West. And Iran has the missile defense system purchased from the Russians to put a big hurt on a carrier. So what are we if our battle tested troops are all glowing in the dark and our naval force is full of holes? Not very much, my friends. We'll be tore up enough to have to listen to just about anybody that wants to scream at us a bit. What a pity we could not be a little more humble when we had money and power and then maybe we could have escaped this mess. But if this is what is to come then we had better be ready for big brutal times here in the good ol' USA.

Got your garden seed for the next couple of years? I don't. But I will do the best I can to get it. I'll be trying to get non-hybrid stuff if it is available for a decent price. Any more it is almost cheaper to buy gold than it is non-hybrid seed. I am not wanting to be a "beater" of my fellow preppers. I do not want to scream and holler any message. I just want you all to see that things are getting rude on this planet and you had better get ready for some rude times. Stay alive.



chinasyndrome said...

Michael,rude indeed.Everywhere you look bad news.Obama does Nothing for Americans.It is apparent he hates America.Sad times.


Anonymous said...

We have the wheat but no wheat grinder. Think we are all backwards here. LOL My biggest fear is something will go down in the middle east and the draft will be imposed. We just don't have the manpower for anymore strife there. You preach preparedness all you want, we all need to be reminded and there may be newbies reading your site.

Mayberry said...

American warships are fairly safe from missiles. Those Phalanx systems are pretty good at swatting incoming birds out of the air. They throw up a wall of bullets, 600 rounds per second, and they're radar guided. They're basically 20 mm Gatling guns sticking out of a pivoting radome. We called them "R2-D2 guns", like the little robot from "Star Wars". I heard from my Fire Control friends aboard ship that the incoming birds turned into confetti, quite a ways out from impact. Now a large volley of missiles, that might be a problem. The biggest threat is torpedo attack, or a small boat loaded with explosives, as the USS Cole showed us. I was on the Cole's sister ship USS Stout. Those camel jockeys knew just where to hit her, they got her right between main engine room #1 and auxiliary machinery room #1. Had the explosion breeched one more bulkhead and flooded auxiliary #2, the Cole would have sunk...

As to seed, I've got a bunch, and we've been saving a bunch too. Got probably 400 squash seeds drying right now in the kitchen....

vlad said...

You can grind grain in your electric blender until your corn mill arrives.