Tuesday, June 15, 2010


It rained again last night after I went to sleep. The Handmaiden heard it and gave me the info. The garden is like a super soaker site right now. To go in it is to become mired. There is a lot of moisture in the air right now but the sun has not managed to come out and it is cool. Summer is officially about a week away and cold is much appreciated by all in the area.

Our governor has been busy. He signed into law a measure that requires EVERYONE to show I.D. before they can get sold anything at a liquor store. The Handmaiden saw a clerk demand I.D. from an 82 year old man. I don't know how the Amish are buying their booze these days because they do not carry picture I.D. The word in these parts is that the idiot law is really to get people used to showing their I.D. "Papers please." is just around the corner and they want everyone to get into practice showing that they have the states permission to buy and sell. Hmm...I seem to remember something about this from the Bible. But that is what we are looking at as a nation. The fedgov has it's ass stretched over a big drum and they are scared to death of the populace and want to get as much control over them as possible. And that is okay with me. Most of the clowns we acknowledge as our fellow citizens deserve to have their rights and freedoms curtailed. It just does not seem to be in the cards for the small minority of folks that can think for themselves. I'll just have to drink the Handmaidens home made wine and not go to the liquor store any more. That will deprive the state government and the federal government of tax money but I am all for that! Booze is a big revenue stream for most every government you can think of and like has been demonstrated, if you starve them they fall away. And once again I can say that I am for that. They will have me up for behavior modification pretty soon if I keep saying things like that! But I have some Lead pills stashed back and that will cure a lot of the social problems. I just ain't going for their bullshit.

In the country to the West of us there is a big auction barn called "Dinky's." It's a huge place. Must be two or three acres under roof. Big concrete block building. It's a regular Friday night hang out for the locals. And people come from all over to buy and sell their livestock. The parking lot is bigger that a Walmart Super Store lot, by far. They must have hauled gravel for days to get it made into something besides a dirt field. Monster parking lot. Dinky's sold produce and canned goods on Friday night. Semi loads of canned goods. The stuff went pretty cheap too. You could get some real deals on food on those Friday nights. But once again our governor came to our rescue and said food and animals cannot be sold in the same building. Too much chance of disease. Dinky has been selling the canned goods and produce for years with no reports of disease. But the governor said "No more!" so Dinky had to do something. He went down the road about a half mile and built a huge produce auction facility. Big concrete block building and lots of gravel for the parking lot. So that is where they sell the produce and canned goods. And there are a huge group of produce growers in the area. There is one Amish guy who plants a 50 acre garden every year. By hand! He has a bunch of kids and some neighbors who need some work and he gets after it. A 50 acre garden! I would look at a 5 acre garden as a suicide attempt but this ol' boy plants 50 acres. But it is how he pays his land taxes and his income tax. Plus he has a huge family. One tough cookie if you ask me.

The disgust I generally feel about the shape this country is in is coming over me again. I read the bullshit that the media puts out and I could just about vomit. I read articles where talking heads are going on about the "recovery" and I think to tell them there ain't no damn recovery. But they keep pumping it out to the public just as hard and fast as they can go. What a joke! Talk about the king not having any clothes. I'll get off of here and not get too much involved in a rant. Take care and stay alive.




Bitmap said...

"The word in these parts is that the idiot law is really to get people used to showing their I.D."

I believe the same thing about government schools i.e. having to carry a special ID, metal detectors, random locker, desk, and backpack searches. Some elementary schools in the big cities require transparent backpacks and bookbags.

As far as the garden goes, if gardening was my regular job I could handle a much bigger one than I have now. I wouldn't like to tackle 50 acres even with horses and lots of kids to help, but I could do a lot more than I have. I guess a lot of it is what you were raised to do and getting used to it over the years.

Grumpyunk said...

Strange. You can fuck with the Amish and demand an ID from an 80 y/o but the cops can't ask for proof of citizenship in Arizona w/o being Racist.

Anonymous said...

Grumpyunk- you nailed it!

Mayberry said...

Yeah, the "show me your papers" thing is really getting bad. Unfortunately, there are no real farmer's markets around here, mostly because there's no real farms. Just giant corporate factory farms. I'm talking tens of thousands of acres a piece, all planted with the cash crop de jour, be it corn, sorghum, cotton, sometimes sunflowers... Our garden is around 1/4 acre, and it's a handfull. Me and the "terrorist farmer" have a hard time keeping up with the weeds, me having to work, and him always busy with other projects. Like now he had to buy a trailer for his MIL, take the deck off it, and move it up to the property. All because "medicare" will no longer pay for her nurse to come by every day. So much for getting the "benefits" she spent a lifetime paying for! They tossed an 80 year old woman off in the ditch!

tjbbpgobIII said...

I can tell you who wants to see this country go under. His initials are BHO.