Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, we are back to "play it again, Sam." I am once again sitting at this computer typing out God knows what. It will go up on the blog tomorrow, Saturday. The day of no comments. People are busy on Saturday, the day they catch up on all their business outside of work.

Obama has now decided to go to the Gulf Coast this weekend. He will create a photo opportunity for the media. He will be in many pictures shown on the MSM to all the people who think he actually gives a damn. 'Cause he does not really give a damn. And probably no one else does either. America is a bunch of selfish bastards that are primarily out for what they can get at whatever peril it may place their neighbor. The Book says to love they neighbor as thyself and damn few ever got the message. I was talking to a neighbor yesterday about getting prepared. And I think he is in to it. I believe he will do something. Can you believe it? I told him I had told every one who would listen for moment about the need to prep. He said I had done my job. It was on the backs of those who heard me, now. I had never heard that line of thinking before. Maybe is is right and I have delivered the message and got it across. Ain't my fault if they don't listen and believe. But it sure seems like an obvious conclusion to me.

We are looking at two kinds of preppers now. One type has been at it for a while and these are the people who need to fine tune their system. These are the people who need to catch up their loose ends and finalize what they are trying to do. I think most of us are in this area. The other kind of prepper is just starting and needs to get busy! Time may be running out and you can do it now or do without. If you don't have too much money then get to growing a garden. We have most of our essentials in the ground. The Handmaiden just got the rutabagas and butternut squash in and just has a few tomato plants to get into the dirt. That will just about do it for us. We have a lot of stuff growing and I hope we can get it all stored. Storing food is the name of the game.

I was reading an article about how Americans used to have food. It said that back in the 30's the average poor person had five or six years of food stored up. If nothing else they were going to be able to eat. Then we got up to the 50's and early 60's and we find the US fedgov having enough food stored to feed the country for 2 or 3 years. Well they sold that food off to pay for LBJ's war in Viet Nam. And the country never got back to being prepped for food again. Today we have six million meals stored up and ready to eat. That means that 5% of the population can sit down and eat a meal before the country runs out of food. We have enough wheat to fix everybody a half loaf of bread. Such wealth and power is just staggering. Know what I mean?

And when the stores are empty and the money is no good what do you reckon the people are going to do? They are going to go stark, raving crazy. They are going to tear things up like you have never seen. Don't get caught in the trap. Prepare. Stay alive.



shinerbock said...

I've always thought life must have been better before the 50's. People were tougher, and weren't weighed down with all the crap we deal with today. Sure it was harder work, but I don't think thats such a bad thing. People as a whole have become weak, and too reliant on technology and government to take care of themselves in a crisis situation. Well, most people.

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,I hope your friend does carry through.I think when the bottom does fall out it will misery on a scale not seen before.Or at least in a very long time.Sounds like he got.Ole Son I think you have helped wake up more people then you are aware of.You Mayberry,Sunfighter,M.D. Creekmore were the first blogs I read.I owe you fellas much.I have been a survivalist for a long time.Didn't know what it was called or that there were others who thought like I did.You guys helped me take it to the next level.Thanks.


Pete Smith said...

All we can to is tell our friends and family the truth and hope they come around. I have cut back on my talking to people because I am sick of the BS I get from them. I just prep and pray for the walking dead.

Mayberry said...

When the seafood stops flowing in from the Gulf, maybe a few more sheep will wake up. When a hurricane sucks up that oil and deposits it across the eastern states, maybe a few more will wake up. It's gonna take something really catastrophic. July will be really interesting....

zoecat said...

how are you going to protect your growing food from theifs?there is a lot of food growing in the wild in south east mo.but people dont know what it is and they are not willing to learn they think all you need is a cann opener.boy are they in for a big surprise.these people will NOT listen to you either so all i can say to them is good luck they will need plenty.