Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's a beautiful morning. Clouds going overhead slowly like strange ships of the air. Supposed to get into the 80's today. I think the ground is warming up and the garden should get a good start next Monday. The kids are walking sooo slowly to the bus in the morning. And they will be going to school up into June this year. Too many snow days this last Winter. I feel sorry for them. Who would want to spend these beautiful Spring days in NWO propaganda classes? It must seem like a real waste of time. And that is mostly what school is all about. You learn your social rules and how to behave and what is expected of you and then you are turned loose to make a living. No wonder we have such an unsettled group of youth in this country. But we ain't seen the half of it yet. When they finally realize how much they have been lied to they will be furious. Might not do them any good though, if they are too weak from hunger to do anything about it. Or their minds are not functioning properly because of protein deficiency. I hate this society. But people bought into the game and now they get the prize. No sense beating a dead horse. And it looks like it is a dead horse, for sure. Look at what is being done to the people and they are not doing jack shit about it. They are under surveillance every where they go. Their emails and their blogs are read all the time. Their money and their country are being stolen at a rapid rate by the greedy ones. And they sit in front of their TV's and listen to the media tell them that everything is getting better and that it is onward and upward. What a bunch of duds. A dud is a round that never went off. It's a misfire, a defective piece of crap. Better to have not even got into the chamber.

I hear tell we had a primarily election yesterday here in the great state of Indiana. Ol' Dan Coats won the Republican primary and will run for the US Senate. I can guarantee you that I will not vote for him. He is part of the Washington machine. He has been making his living off of who he knows for a long time. He retired from the Senate because Evan Bayh decide to run and he knew he would get his ass whipped to a bloody froth if he tried to beat Evan. But Evan is retiring and the miserable Coats smells opportunity. Look out! Another sell out is on the way to power! Don't you just love the way this country is run? Anything Obama and his minions want to enact, as long as it will help Coats and his big business buddies, will get Coats' vote. But that is the way the voters have decided and that is the way it shall be. That the voters are suicidal means nothing. Coats ran on the motto "Hoosier Values." Ain't no value this Hoosier ever claimed.

In reading articles and stories, from time to time I feel like I am not part of the main body of humanity. I am not part of the herd of humans who populate this country and this world. It brings to mind a passage of scripture that talks about being in the world but not of the world. I am standing on the planet along with the rest of you but I don't seem to see things like the rest of the world sees them. Do you ever feel that way? Could it be an indication of the origin of your soul? Is it a clue to your real identity? Does it tie you in with a whole new family? Why can't you just roll over and accept what is dished out to you by the Powers That Be? Why are you so damned different from the mass of humanity? You have probably used the word 'masses' before but this might give you a better understanding of what you are really saying.

You know, we have suffered ridicule and hatefulness because of our stand in the way of the world. We see it as being in a terrific state of peril. And it is in peril. Peril as has never been seen before. More peril that has ever been wrought by any army of history. A peril that will destroy maybe billions of our fellow man. We talk about it but we are ignored, passed off as crazy folks who haven't got it together. So we continue to be in the world but not of the world. But we are surrounded by folks who cannot see the trees because of the leaves. And these people are of this world. These people will become our enemies in the days ahead. And I didn't make it that way but I have to live with it just like you. Be careful and stay alive.


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well stated Michael!