Friday, May 14, 2010


It rained last night and most planting is off the table but the wife is going to plant Parsnips in the terrace row on the hill below the porch. Something is going to get done. Yeah team! I am wanting to get in some Rutabagas to have some sort of "bulk" nutrition next Winter. Ruta's have so much more to offer than a potato it ain't even funny. And they taste good too. All I gotta do is figure out how to wax them. Rutas are waxed for storage. I do not know why but I bet I find out. We had fried chicken for supper last night. I can eat fried chicken until I just can't eat any more. God must have had me in mind when he caused the dish to be invented. I am not getting much done on solving the problem of no chicken coop and it is bumming me out. I will just have to be patient and wait until the time is exactly right. Eggs for breakfast is a wonderful thing, especially when the eggs are not those factory, watery things you get from the store. Our radishes and cabbages are doing well. My garlic is looking VERY healthy. First time I have ever grown garlic. I also found out my wife, the Handmaiden, has some cilantro growing in the terrace row. It is only fit and proper that I grow some onions to make salsa. Homemade salsa. It just does not get any better than that.

I cannot stress the importance of growing cheap food to you. There are some surprises coming up and you don't want to be caught needing food. And if you think for one minute that the fedgov will take care of you I wish to say that you are horribly wrong. Our people in the fedgov are the most inept bunch of idiots on the planet. What ever way they go you can bet it is the wrong way. If we have a hundred million people starving you can almost predict that the fedgov will find some totally useless place to spend the money. And Obama will give a great speech explaining why it had to be done. But that shit will stop pretty soon too, because there is not going to BE any money for helping anybody. Our money will become toilet paper. You can use it to wipe your butt or start a fire. Branches off of trees will be worth more than our money. You can use tree branches to cook food or heat a dwelling and those are are real world accomplishments that need looked into. Last year I bought a couple of bow saws for cutting branches. I also have a "new in the package" 12" Mill Bastard file. I have been around saws of one kind or another for decades. I can generally get them to cut. Yessir.

I just checked the DJIA and it was down 180-some points for the day, so far. Things could be getting a little rough on Wall Street. Poor babies. Don't they realize that Wall Street will likely be razed to the ground in a short while? Don't they realize how much the American public hates them? Do they understand how they have blackened the name of most businesses in this country? I still remember when Goldman Sucks handed out guns to a lot of their guys. Getting ready to make your escape fellas? Got the Limos ready for the trip to the airport? All the food goodies stashed on the island? And the wine and the girls and the drugs? Probably have the bigger, heavier guns already on the island so you can repel angry representatives of decent governments. Are you sure the the medicine on hand will be enough? And are the doctors and nurses all taken care of? Whew! This instant expatriate stuff is complicated, ain't it? I have often wondered about the similarity of TRADER and TRAITOR. And as the days move on I find the difference almost meaningless.

Gonna shut down on this post and have an afternoon of talking treason and drinking a couple beers with the Handmaiden. Her suggestion. Stay alive.


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Mayberry said...

"Talk a little treason" I love that line. Our garden is getting hammered with rain this morning, nice big red blob on the radar, right above it, and all around it. Rain around here is an all or nothing proposition. Comes down sideways, in buckets. Hopefully nothing gets washed out this time around...