Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Strange thing. It's almost noon and the stock market is still down a bit, about $11. I figured the bounce that started yesterday would continue into Wednesday, at least. But the presidential push team will take over when it looks like another bad day. The politicians do not like bad days! It will probably come up a bit and make some good news. I could give a damn less. No money in it for me either way.

I saw lot of good articles on the blogs this morning. It does not seem like anybody is buying the happy days are here again bit from Wall Street. People seem to be more interested in home defense and food storage. Both subjects are getting a lot of space.

One thing I have decide in my own mind is about the use of the word ZOMBIE in writing about survival topics. I have decided that is it very appropriate and well used. A Zombie is the living dead. They are up and shuffling around but they are dead. And the masses of citizens in this country warrant classification as Zombies. There is no life in them. They go about their daily routine and accept their lot in life without question. But they have no initiative or original thinking. When faced with the possibility of a social breakdown they do whatever the TV tells them is best to do. They are mindful of everything a politician tells them. They are very difficult to converse with. You leave certain blank spaces in your conversation so that they might express their opinion and you quickly find out they have none. They scrupulously avoid doing anything extra to maintain their lifestyle. No survival garden on THEIR property. Their main source of food is the deli section of the local convenience store. If it ain't processed food then it ain't food! And getting our hands on real food is going to be a major part of our survival effort in the future.

I have gotten a line on a place to buy open pollinated corn. It is the real deal or at least looks that way. It's at http://www.openpollinated.com/benefits.htm They will sell you open pollinated seed corn, enough to plant a whole farm if you care to do it. And the price is going to be reasonable. One of my favorite terms, "the price is reasonable." The open pollinated seed sellers on the survival sites are getting rich off of us. We ought to be getting some other sources. I'll turn the crowd on to what I find if you care to check things out. If anyone has a good place to buy open pollinated seed "at reasonable prices", let me know and I will get the word out.

The Handmaiden is cooking Millet for supper. I had a taste of it and it ain't bad. I can't chew it because I have no teeth but the flavor is good. The trouble with it is that it is so damn small. I can chew a steak or a pork chop or a salad but those Millet grains are just too damn tiny for me to get a hold of. Stealth Survival had a good recipe for Pemmican that I want the Handmaiden to try and make. That stuff lasts a long time and has high nutritional value. I'll be signing off now and hoping you have a good day. Stay alive.



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Bill Nye said...


Bravo to you good Sir! This one demonstrates what a good honest man you are!

I am sure it must have been some what difficult, as you well know there are many harsh realities that we must face in life.

Stay safe and be comforted with the peace of God with your morality and honesty.