Thursday, May 6, 2010


It's another beautiful morning here at at the homeplace. The air is so clear that there cannot be any humidity. If I could only schedule these kind of days for July and August. We all slept like rocks last night. My wife and brother-in-law are going to the garden shortly to throw rocks out of the dirt. The rocks are not all that much trouble but they are both well rested and full of hope for the future of food production and so they will be off to the dirt post haste. I give them my blessing. It beats having them be the kind of people who would sit around with a crack pipe and do nothing all day. But they are not the kind of folks to do nothing. Guaranteed. I loaned my brother-in-law an 870 Wingmaster this morning. Gave him some 00 Buck and a box of #8 shot to play with. He knows what to do and I feel better with him armed. I should have armed him months ago but my mind was not on the subject but I have taken care of it now. It is a good gun and works fine. It has an extended tube and holds 6 shots counting one in the chamber. You can hose down an area mighty quick with that devil. Neither one of us wants to have trouble but we are not backing down from any. Savvy?

I just checked the DJIA and it is down 83 points at 11:30 a.m. I don't know about all of this down market we are having. A voice said the market would go back up and then collapse. Has it gone back up all it will manage? Hard to say. But if this thing keeps dropping then you all had better get your butts in gear for survival preps as best you can. I am afraid that when this thing goes it will hurt this country like it has never been hurt before. Pete Smith better get the hell out of California if it blows. I worry about him. But whatever happens I now he will be prepared and that COUNTS. Cash will be King for a while after the system collapses and then it will be whatever anyone will take for whatever you want to buy. I think that will be called BARTER.

I got me some more Beta Blockers yesterday. Glad to see those little devils added to my stash. Medicine will be a very nice thing to have in the coming bad times. The Handmaiden will be gathering herbs and such as fast as she can pick 'em. Those free greens are loaded with things that will do you a world of good. We have had nettles and dandelion greens already this Spring. Lambs Quarters will be coming on line real soon too. Besides having lots of good fiber these plants have some great nutritional benefits to go along with plain old gut packing. If you read Lew Rockwell dot com you will find he has a health article about every day, six days a week. I have found some very good stuff on that site. Very good indeed. Unless my friend from Maryland gets back here pretty soon I am about where I am going to be for ammo. But I will manage. On account of I HAVE to manage. I think it is pertinent to the discussion that I say that I am not telling you these things just to make a word count on a post. I don't play that game. I am doing it to let you know that I am serious about prepping and that I do it every day I possibly can. The wife has salad vegetables growing just below our porch and I can keep them covered with my shotgun at all times I am awake. #8 shot will do the job quite handily. The garden, while not guarded, does have a solar powered fence around it. Actually, it has TWO solar chargers keeping the fence hot. Two wires, two chargers. It helps to take a leak down there once in a while. A lot of animals are really bummed out by the smell of human urine. If you try this technique, do not urinate on the hot wires. Not good.

I just checked the market again and gold is almost $1200 an ounce and the DJIA is falling. Almost classic collapse conditions. I may be ahead of the game but it sure is getting interesting. And it is good to see it right now because I think when this thing falls it is going to hit like a thunderclap and we won't get a whole lot of warning. God is merciful, however, and may give us some time to do some more prepping. Always keep prepping, What you have on hand now you won't have to search for in a few weeks. Life will be easier that way. And don't forget clothes and feminine products and things like that. Your tooth paste and dental floss and all that stuff you will be wanting. If it goes so far down that the trucks have to stop running then you are in a world of hurt. Stay live.


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Pete Smith said...

We have a plan to get out ASAP if needed, but we also have a plan to move within 4-5 months. We are trying to make up our mind where to move to. We look on line every night and are going on a two week road trip to check out a few towns and small areas to move to.