Monday, May 24, 2010


So it's Monday morning and I am typing away. Still not inspired or enthusiastic. There does not seem to be a lot to say, at least that has not been said a dozen times before. God has given us a child for a king. He has the power. His name is Obama. He does not have the sense to pour piss out of a boot. That oil well down in the Gulf of Mexico is still blasting out cruse oil in the worst ecological disaster to ever hit this country. A man made one anyhow. That well has been going off since April 20th. What the hell? This man is a bureaucrat. He believes in that stuff. That's why he has appointed all those Czars to the Whitehouse. Those people are supposed to be leading the effort to clean this goddamn mess up and they are not doing a damn thing. They are supposedly having British Petroleum clean up the mess. So we can bet that the effort is about three steps down from our leader. Woe unto the people when their king is a child. This guy does not lead, he has conferences. I find him to be a very disgusting form of human being.

The wife and brother-in-law are down at the garden. They will not do much because the ground is too wet. 'Nuff said. The wife did get some Asparagus. We will dine well this evening.

I am getting tired of people who doubt that the economy is going to take another wild ride to the bottom. They do not make any sense to me. I am starting to shut the out of my mind. It is just a form of mental illness and I don't seem to be able to cure them. Their one shot at happiness is that they are not alone. They will have plenty of company when the SHTF.

The Obama administration is letting BP handle the oil problem. That leaves me feeling so secure! Our 'do nothing' president strikes again.

I have read of segments of the border with Mexico that the Border Patrol does not patrol. It's down there where the rancher go killed. Here we are with millions of people out of work and the Border Patrol is letting millions of illegal workers into the country. Just one more thing the Obama people cannot solve. But they don't really want to solve the problems, you know. Obama wants all of those illegal aliens to become legal Democrat voters.

And the list of grievances goes on and on and I am getting tired of writing about them. We prep and prep and prep some more. Hoping to make it! Stay alive.



chinasyndrome said...

Michael,damn straight,without all the illegals voting for them.They will have few votes from Americans.


Chief Instructor said...

Here's a thought: Let the Gulf fill up with oil, have this huge ecological and economic disaster, and it makes your argument against drilling and for "green" solutions all the more convincing...

Just one more segment of the economy for DC to control.

Mayberry said...

In typical bureaucrat fashion, he "reacts" by doing nothing. After hemmin' and hawin' around for a few weeks, he forms a "committee". They'll "study" the problem for who knows how long, then come up with a list of "recommendations" (a fancy word for "cover your ass"). He'll then mull over the recommendations for a spell. Then by the time any action is taken, the fuckin' well will have blown out....

Pete Smith said...

I think the same way about all the people that don't want to think of the economy getting any worse. They can all bite me!!! We are on a road to the dark ages and they all think the great Obama will save them all, and he will. He will round them all up and send them to the FEMA CAMPS!!!! Happy Days are here again.... They will get everything they deserve. I will pray for them.

SHARON said...

The entire saying is: