Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Since I have re-done my internet hook-up it has become more pleasurable to get on the net and read the blogs and the news. My connections were not connecting so good, but they are now!

I am questioning why Obama has placed a homosexual in the position of being the Czar of Safe Schools. I am questioning it to the point that it seems to me that Obama is totally insulting American citizens by this act of treachery. Maybe Obama, not having a son, does not want to see strong young men produced in this country. But whatever the reason for it, I think it is an abomination, a black mark in the eyes of God. If some queer had come around my son while he was growing up it would have made headlines. I would never tolerate it. Ever hear of Death By Stomping? It pops up when you can't plan your actions but you have to get the job done.

The thing I have noticed among politicians is their dedication to spending huge sums of money to give things away to people and to the military industrial complex. These days you also have to add Big Pharma and Big Banksters to the giveaway list. Big GMO is starting to get a bunch of money these days. ACORN got a bunch for a while but the latest news is they are bankrupt. I look for the fedgov to bail their sorry asses out. But this dedication to the big giveaway is really nothing but buying votes. And the big corporations who get megadollar deals are the main contributors to re-election campaign funds. But it is always our dollars that are in the mix. And the ideas that are constantly being thrust upon us are thought of by paid-for government officials. We are paying damn good money to people to figure out the next plan of attack on our freedoms and our bank accounts. And I totally despise that. It would seem that somewhere I read that we are to chase after Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Tell me then where the government gets off trying to make us all miserable. They make me ill at heart.

I think I had better think about preps for a while before I go berserk. Being prepared allows you to consider other things, things you would not have to time dwell on if you were terribly engrossed in trying to make a living in this day and age. I have my food and water and medical, etc. all lined up, for what it's worth, and I don't have to go crazy thinking about a collapse. But you never get to be 100% ready. There is always something to think about. My thoughts are on a new Grundig radio to get some news in case the SHTF. It looks like we will also get a NOAA radio for the weather report and any emergency broadcasts that Obama might want to make. You just never know when Obama might have to make an emergency broadcast. Seems to me that it will be about Martial Law. Martial Law is always coming up in conversations about the coming collapse. It is almost like folks are getting ready for it. Cleaning their guns and sharpening their knives. Makes sense to me. Stay alive.




Mayberry said...

I've been looking for a shortwave myself, since I won the antenna over on Pete's blog. Seems ya got to shell out a C note for a decent unit. Methinks I'll go pawn shoppin'...

DustyDave said...

For what it's worth I bought the CC radio from the c crane co.
I like it. They came out with one that gets ham band right after I got mine. a little pricey, but it is a good product.
Carry on!

Sinful Soul said...

Stay positive,

I am resigned to the fact that the world is turned on its head and nothing that I understood to be right is any more,the world is twisted and corrupted and there is nothing I can do to change that.

Fatalistic? yes but it gives me release and helps me focus on what is important to me ,surviving and my soul.

mind you it does help to have a rant and get things off my chest every now and then.

God Bless.