Monday, February 8, 2010


I am thinking about the censorship that is coming to the Internet. It will not be pretty. We have too many communication tools now and that is dangerous to a group that is not in favor with the Powers That Be. And we preppers are not popular with the powers that be. We blog and we try to find the truth of a matter and that just does not cut it with political people in the establishment. They want to rule with a rod of iron and they want no opposition to their methods. Open your mouth against them and you become a "terrorist" or a "subversive" or any other name with a negative connotation. You become the compost they use on their garden. Not my idea of a good time.

This censorship is an indication of the mind set of our our dearly beloved government. The statistics given out by the various economic web sites are that there are more people working for the government than there are in manufacturing. That is almost unheard of in these United States. Is this the core of Obama's job creation strategy? Just have the fedgov hire everybody? This plan is as loopy as they come. Nothing but a huge population of blood suckers can come out of this plan. Bloodsuckers and a punch of aphids they milk for sustenance.

I got a very disturbing email just now about the number of Police Chiefs quitting their jobs across the country. A bunch of CEO's and CFO's are quitting also. Why are they quitting? Do they know of something in the wind that the media is not telling us? Do they know of things that people may hold them accountable for, and they just don't want to be around? Don't they want any responsibility for the actions of the various law makers or the businesses that have used them? The shit in this country is starting to stink in the nostrils of God.

There are people out in this land who are decent hardworking folks. But they are being lied to about life and ruled by treachery. And our media is complicate in this order of things. You all DO understand that media makes it's money from advertising by corporations and political parties, don't you? All that money you hear about certain folks raising campaign funds is about money that goes to the media, for the most part. So where do you and I get a break in all of this? The answer is we DON'T. We are the simple minded idiots who are fed the propaganda of this remarkable machine that has been assembled. We are the Mushroom people, fed shit and kept in the dark. And they will try to take away our Internet from us and probably make it for a while. Just so more darkness can creep across the land. I told you a long amount of months ago that the Powers That Be will try to take this collapse down slowly for the specific reason of being able to exhaust our resource, thereby making us weak and helpless. Lessening our ability to survive and remain independent of them. Well, the slow turning of the screw is still going on. The lies are still being told. The Powers That Be are still in office and business and doing their mischief on us daily. Why is that? Why are they allowed to engulf us in their verbal shit and get away with it so many, many times? Can we not understand what is being done? Stay alive.


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Mayberry said...

Police chiefs and corporate types quitting? Sounds like "Atlas Shrugged" really is coming to pass. 'Bout damn time...