Sunday, February 28, 2010


The news this morning is there ain't much of anything. The Tsunami waves of hell didn't get as big as some thought they would be so that is over as far as calamity is concerned. But the collapse moves inexorably toward its conclusion. And the corporate news ain't gonna tell you much about that. No no. Got to keep the fantasy going for a while yet. There must be some wealth yet to rob and steal. SIX BEARS had a post up this morning about the new coming economy being a SALVAGE ECONOMY. It is a very interesting post. You can catch it at . Mighty fine reading. He talks about his buddy Jeff who accumulates Ford pick-up parts. Six Bears says if all the parts in his pick-up he got from his buddy Jeff were removed you would witness the complete collapse of the vehicle. And this is a funny line but it has an amazing truth. Machines break and need replacement parts. The guy who has the parts is going to be very popular. The guy with the parts is going to be fairly well off financially. You know, the Old Man told me 40 years ago that the junk dealers would inherit the Earth. I reckon he knew what he was talking about. All that salvage that is around when an Empire falls is going to be used to build the next big thing. In this case I think we will see a lot of small things built every place you can imagine. And what is wrong with that? Not a damn thing. People get upset talking about stripping houses of copper and plumbing and lumber and such, but it is going to happen. In fact it is happening right now in Michigan and Florida and California and Nevada. The salvage people go in one night and the next morning a house is stripped. Who gives a shit? Like the writer said, your emotional problem does not constitute an emergency on my part. Did you see all of the statues of Saddam getting pulled down in Iraq? That was a big political message back in the day. But some salvage people went to work immediately on all that recovered metal. God only knows what they made out of it. But salvage is the next big thing and you had better be ready for it. There will be a lot of construction going on in a few years, or sooner. Folks need housing and kitchens and schools and barns and garages and all kinds of things to make a life. Be prepared.

The liberal news asshats are making a big thing of Jim Bunning halting the vote on the extension of jobless benefits, or as we say in Indiana, UNEMPLOYMENT. And it is just a bunch of bullshit to be used to stab any republican around. Bunning is not against extending unemployment, in fact he said he would probably vote for it. He will not let it go to a vote, however, without funding being written into the bill. And that could happen as soon as tomorrow but the liberal press is not going to tell you about that. I am sure you know that unemployment is the glue holding this country together right now. Take the unemployment away and the natives will be in the streets with torches and pitchforks immediately. Those weekly checks are OUR BAILOUT and they better not go away. This is how America is keeping body and soul together and the fedgov had best keep it coming. And this is the soft underbelly of the federal government. They have bailed out the Banksters and the Stock Brokers and the huge insurance companies and the populace has not turned against them to any great degree. A little bit of violence but nothing that can't be absorbed by the system. But you let the money to stay alive get cut off and all hell will break loose. No joke. You will have rednecks and academics marching side by side in the streets and burning government buildings. And some other nifty little tricks. The violence will be unbearable for the fedgov. We are not going to get rid of this government because it is just so damn good we can't stand it. We will get rid of it when either it goes or we starve to death. It will go when it looks like we will create ten to twenty million homeless in an instant. The pressure will be too great. There will have to be a release and I think it will be a violent one. And payback is a bitch. Talk to Randy Weaver or some of the surviving Branch Davidians. They will tell you all about the screwing they got from Uncle Scams justice. Ugly business. But nothing we can't handle if we play our cards right. Just keep prepping and you will get your chance to change things for the better.

One thing I learned in the sawmill was that however hard a grip you have on something is how hard a grip it has on you. You all know how the fedgov has struggled to control everything that has to do with our lives. They pay a lot of medical and want responsibility for more. They pay Social Security and Railroad Pensions. They pay the pensions for all the Armed Forces and the Merchant Marine. They pay pensions for all fedgov employees, and there are over TWENTY- TWO MILLION of them at this point. And everyone who gets elected for any amount of time over 5 years gets a very nice pension. And the fedgov has fought like hell to control all of this. They want to be the big Kahuna on the block with loyal minions doing their beck and call. But there is a price for all of this. These people have to be paid and their pensions funded. And that nut is getting harder to crack all the time. Your rotten fedgov is nipping at the heels of California even as we speak. Though no one wants to talk about it, when all of this shit hits the fan it will be a mess of planetary proportions. If you ain't prepped then you can kiss your ass good bye. There ain't no way our economy will support all of this fedgov largess. It will fail.

Before I sign off for today I want to mention an article I saw mentioned on Alex Jones' Prison Planet website. It was about the US Central Bank, which we all know as the Federal Reserve. The fed reserve is investigating Goldman-Sachs' role in the contentious derivatives that were sold to Greece. This is a travesty of the highest degree. How do we know that Goldman Sachs is not a stockholder in the Federal reserve? They won't let us audit them so there is not way to prove a damn thing. I think this investigation stinks to high heaven. Stay alive.



Pete Smith said...

I tell people all the time what you have with you when the collapse hits is what you will have to work with, unless you have the skills to make or barter for it. So stock up!

Mayberry said... will pony up somehow. They know that all hell will break loose when the money runs out...