Thursday, February 25, 2010


It is a frosty morning here in southern Indiana. But it is not as frosty as it is supposed to get in New England today and tomorrow. The weather report says a lot of them are going to get a one to two foot dump of the ugly white stuff. Better them than me.

The economic news is discouraging. George Ure had in on his blog this morning that there are two and a half million people in this country working for less than minimum wage. But do things like that influence our elected officials to legislate to keep our jobs here in this country? Not on your life. "Oh! That's protectionism!" Well what the hell is wrong with protecting American citizens and their jobs? When did taking care of the Homies become such a horrible thing? Does the scripture not say that "He that careth not for his own household is worse than an infidel"? I belong to the household of America and I think it important to request that it be looked after. You know, the dumbest gangbanger on the street knows to take care of his own people. Are you trying to show me that the elected officials of this country do not have it together as much as a gangbanger? Something has broken the moral fiber of the country down and it is going to cost a bunch of lives. It has already cost a bunch of livelihoods. This is a sick situation and we all know it. I think the idea of kicking everyone out of office who now holds an office is right on the money. Listen to the candidates and see who makes noises about getting our jobs back to our shores again. This is where it has to start, if it don't come down to THE ROPE.

To get back into prepping, the Handmaiden is going to pick up a solar battery charger today at Radio Shack. Walmart has solar chargers but they won't charge a "D" cell battery. Radio Shack has the "D" cell charger. Costs $56 but it will do what we want and that is a nice thing. So many things anymore do not do what you want them to do, like computers. I want my computer to sit quietly while I do what I am doing and when I am ready it does what I want it to do. Now days I get a message, actually a commercial, whenever the machine wants to deliver it. I get bugged about downloads I never accepted. I never asked for this but I got it. It gives me a bad case of piss-me-off. Someone will invent a computer that will only do what the owner wants it to do and they will take the market by storm.

I just read an article about John McCain, the US Senator from Arizona, and his submitting of Senate Bill 3002. It is a designed to allow the Food and Drug Administration to govern the quantity of food amendments to your diet. You know, all those dietary supplements you take because the crap food out on the market doesn't get the job done. As far as I am concerned John McCain should not get a single vote for re-election this year. The FDA is one of the crookedest agencies in Washington, D.C. They do not give a DAMN about your health. They are only interested in Big Pharma making big bucks. Where do these politicians get the time to come up with all of this shit? I would think the answer is they don't. I think someone in the medical industry writes the damn thing and the idiot McCain puts it up for a vote, using his name as the sponsor. And he is running for election, so get ready Arizona. You get to play "smear the queer" with McCain's career. Get him out of the Senate! I am sick of the arrogance of these people like McCain. The Manchurian Candidate needs to go.

Just looking at some financial news before going to bed. Jim Rogers and Marc Faber are both saying the British pound is going to collapse within a two or three weeks. This could be the big move to make things really get rolling in the financial end of things. This next blast will start the correction that will rectify all bad deeds that have been perpetrated in the market. It will be ugly but it will be complete. Obama is doomed. Keeping all of those guys in government positions who were the cause off the problems was a big mistake. The foxes were guarding the hen house. Stay alive.



chinasyndrome said...

Mornin Michael.Yep throw em all out start fresh.Many of us are hoping for peacefull end to all of this.But more and more I doubt it.

Mayberry said...

They are much worse than gang bangers. Way worse...

tweell said...

I like this charger:

Decent price, too!

Pete Smith said...

You are right Mayberry I think I would trust the gang-bangers over the great leaders of this country.