Tuesday, February 2, 2010


What is the survivalist movement going to do about it's self inflicted "personal" attitude? All our prepping is going toward our nuclear families for the most part. And that is okay, in and of itself, for if we don't look out for them who will? "He that careth not for his own household is worse than an infidel." is the way the scripture reads. But in an expanding view of society we see that many people influence our lives by virtue of their positions in our society. You start with your local Sheriff and Prosecutor and go on to your Mayors and city and country council members and all kinds of people. Then you get to your elected state legislatures, a few elected state office holders and finally your Governor and Lieutenant Governor. As you work your way up the ladder you get to your congressional Representatives and your Senators. Then there is the President and Vice-President. We preppers tend to leave political office completely alone and focus our attention primarily on the actions of the President and his minions. Preppers are family oriented in their local affairs and strictly national in their political outlook. We have layer after layer of authority over us before we get to the President but we always keep our eyes on the Pres. It sorta sets up a game of Obama versus the Preppers. And that is fair enough, I reckon. He is a Democrat and his party controls both houses of congress and so it is reasonable to keep an eye on this guy.

But I don't see the third party taking shape. I don't see the people being aroused by good ol' rabble rousing rebels who are tired of the bullshit. I don't see "independent" state legislators taking their seats across the various state capitals of our land, and it is OUR LAND. So what is the scoop? Are we just planning on surviving and then putting up with what ever comes next or are we going to get semi-loads of ropes with nooses already made, set to go? It beats the hell outta me just what the prepper community has planned. Or do we even have a plan? I personally like Indiana and think it should remain a state, but does anyone else think that way? Are we just going to throw the dice and see what turns up or are we headed a specific direction toward a specific goal? It all gets kinda muddled when you look at it. At least at first. I do, however, think everyone should have a plan as to what they wish to accomplish in the event of a collapse. We can't afford to run in circles and scream and shout. We must be logical and sane in our progression toward a better life. Consider this.

I got two books this morning in the mail. They are what I would call "area defense" manuals and I think they will be very handy in plotting out how to defend our homes and families. I also got some teaching cards that show you how to identify tanks and other armored vehicles from several nations. Nothing like knowing who is coming at you with a 30 ton machine! We don't need to fear folks with rifles as much as we need to fear armor and artillery. That ain't saying an enemy rifleman can't kill you, but armor and artillery are the worst. For about a hundred years artillery was the greatest killer on the battlefield, maybe for even longer than that. It was in Viet Nam for sure. In this day of helicopter gunships and guided bombs I just don't know any more. My personal frame of reference ends in the early 1980's. I got all of this data from a new acquaintance living down on the Ohio River. My hat is tipped for this gift of knowledge. Thank you kindly, sir!

Writers of survival blogs and other types of literature always beg, plead, admonish. cajole, and order people to have a plan, to have a goal. Something to work for. This thing may not be over is a couple weeks like we first thought. UN Peacekeepers could very likely be brought in to help subdue the populace. You must have a plan to hurt these people more than they can stand. You must have a plan to destroy them at any given moment. The price of defeating us must be too high for a nation to bear in trying to subdue us. Stay alive.




Pete Smith said...

I'm one that preaches to have a plan and not having one that covers your area defense is a sure way to get killed or everything you own taken. I have a wife and three daughters my girls are 24, 24, and 19. I have a plan to keep them as safe as I can. As of June this year I will have a new son-in-law that comes from a family or hunters and outdoors men. He shoots almost as good as me. For the last three weeks I have got him to go shoot with me. I fill like if I have to make a stand with just me and my family we will do good. I need to rethink my plan about armored vehicles.
Great Post Michael

PaleRider said...

3 things to consider when prepping area for defense.

1) Plan
2) Plan
3) Plan

Placement of defense,alerts & comm
Logistics of deploying stealthy
Awareness of AO
Never under estimate your advisary

The flood gates are open now by this comment but let them comments flow, debate is the only for sure way to cover all plausible concepts and practical usage of acronym of
Maximim utilization Of available REsourses.

You bring out a very valid question Michael, what are we prepping for if not to insure that the country we grew up loving and defending is the country that we must continue our oath for, "We the People" is more than just some words it is truly a sense of being of who and what we are.

I have worn many hats in my life so far, Life Scout, Soldier, Husband, Father, now Grandfather, Boss and the most important an "American".

For that I will defend to continue to be even if I must stand against my Government leaders so be it.

Thanks for the topic of discussion today Michael, damn good topic.

chinasyndrome said...

Michael,damn bro you nailed that one.Everybody I talk to sez what till the next election,but why more of the same ol crap.I too like Indiana. I am at Indy an carmel border.Which you probally know puts me right on main route of armor.Gonna be one of next questions I post how do you stop armor and helpicopters and arty scary stuff.EXCELLENT post.

Staying Alive said...


A Barrett .50 will knock out a helicopter with a good shot. Tanks can be turned into funeral pyres with the right amount of homemade napalm. The Hungarians kicked the Russian army out of Budapest by burning their tanks in the streets in the late 50's. Trap the tanks and set them afire. Artillery is a mutha. Get away. And remember there is always a forward observer out with artillery. You gotta run with your scouts out far and wide to stop artillery and then it don't always happen. Best to catch them when they are moving to a new site. Steal their ammo if you can. Makes good EID's.


Mayberry said...

I watch the local looters closer than the feds, but it doesn't make for good blog material. Unless it's something really big. I guess I've been desensitized, because the corruption here rivals Chicago. Why the hell else would I have a $3,000 property tax bill and crumbling infrastructure!

The "big guns" will only be conquered by a united front, both figuratively and literally. But even preppers are slow to pick up on this. Yeah, you gotta look out for you and yours, but part of that is seeing the big picture, and acting accordingly. If folks really saw the big picture, the Revolution would start tomorrow...