Thursday, February 18, 2010


My phone was not working this morning until eight o'clock. Couldn't call, couldn't get on line, couldn't do anything. I thought it great practice for the coming shut-down. Because they are going to shut us down. Never doubt that. They will figure out how to let business go on being conducted by the Internet and the rest of us will just have to go to hell. We have too much to say about things and it gets out all over the place. Normally timid little housewives are becoming the mice that roar. The cat has been let out of the bag and the fedgov is not liking it a damn bit. But George Ure mentions that Alec Jones had an article up about how the government has admitted using false flag events. And I get on George Ure and read about it and now I am blaring it out to my readers. This kind of stuff goes on all day, day in and day out. What Ure did not mention was that the Federal Bureau of Prisons is selling the Chinese scrap plastic just as hard and fast as they can grind it. Gotta make those prisons pay, you know. And I have this tip on the plastic from a super reliable source. I have no cause for doubt on the matter. So we know that the Chinese are buying commodities by the boatload. It even makes the export market look like it is picking up, But what is getting exported is our resource, not goods made in America that can keep people employed. And keeping people employed is what brings us out of the economic doldrums. But that is not going on so we must assume that our banking, business, and political masters are on another mission other than keeping us fed and watered in some sort of decent fashion. Who would have thunk it?

I am a bit on edge this morning. I think I want to drink some beer. I think I want to take a nap. I think I want to go out to eat. Something is getting me vexed and I don't know what it is except for maybe my desire to see the system collapse. You live in the preparedness mode for so long and you get the urge to see the system purge. You want to feel the excitement of watching the banks all close and see the people out in the streets looting and burning. You want to watch the cops flee the scene and the fedgov call the military out to keep order. You want to watch the groceries disappear from the supermarket shelves. And you really want to relax and quit thinking about all of this negative bullshit. But the plans of the fedgov and the bankers and the other governments on this globe are just beginning to be too much. I am getting very tired of their shenanigans. They screw up and we get a beating. They lose their money and we get the bill. I am so sick of this system. It is time for it to fail.

The Handmaiden is in town shopping for groceries and preps. Damn good woman. We have a little list of things we want. A water filter. A hand pump for a well. A small multi-band radio that is run from batteries. And some other goodies. We don't have them yet but we are working on it. We need to get some OTC medication such as about 12 bottles of Benadryl and about 12 bottles of Melatonin. The wife thinks we should get anti-diarrhea medication. Wouldn't hurt I reckon.

That will be it for today. And remember the old saying, "Numbers don't lie, but liars use numbers. Stay alive.


p.s. Cliff. Write me a personal email. I have lost a lot of email addy's this year.

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Mayberry said...

The city is looking to ramp up their "recycling" program, and make it mandatory. Now we see why... I'll be damned if I do it.

BTW, your blog is lagging a day behind for some reason, it doesn't update. Check your publishing time settings on your dashboard, I think that might be the problem. It's been that way since you got the new computer.