Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Here we go into the Fall of the year. Fall is generally a pretty time, if the rain will stop. They have had 20" down in Atlanta. We only got 10 inches up here. Even George Ure has about 7" down in East Texas. So Atlanta is flooded, southern Indiana is very wet, and East Texas is just going "Wow!" Maybe now the reservoirs that feed Atlanta will fill up! Doing without water is such a drag. I have a buddy in Georgia who lives West of Atlanta, over close to the Alabama line, and I should be hearing from him pretty soon. I'll forward the details. My BIL got a phone call from his daughter this morning. I talked to her for a minute and she said it was HOT up there. She lives in Ypsilanti. Can't imagine Michigan being hot this time of the year, but it must be! I am getting so BORED with shelling beans and waiting for the economic collapse. I will say that I can see the results of shelling beans but it is hard to estimate the volume of economic collapse by reading the news. Writing is almost impossible these days. It seems like so much has already been said.

Don Harkens has just passed away up in Idaho. Idaho ain't doing too well these days. Bob Hardison and Linda Rawles and now Harkens. And all of them this year. To be quite frank about it, I think there is something in the water in Idaho that is not good for folks. Maybe not. But emjoe had better do some checking before he gets hit with a bad deal. So much mine tailings getting into the underground water supply. Just a thought. But we have lost three mighty fine people this year. And two of them were much too young to go. Thank God the water is good where I live.

Publius is happy playing with his new vacuum sealer. And if it works for him that is fine with me but we haven't had the need for one. Everything we have dried has gone into sealed plastic bags, the Zip-Loc kind. Nothing has gone bad except some dried potatoes and the Handmaiden thinks she has solved that problem. We are rolling along quite well with the dried stuff. And there are dozens upon dozens of things you can dry. The list is unbelievable. We dry the beans on the vine but most of the rest comes through the dehydrator. We have a small chest freezer I bought new two or three years ago and it does pretty good. I just don't trust this power company to keep our rates realistic. Too much below the radar talking going on about a rate hike to suit me. And if "Cap and Trade" goes through you will see electric rates go off the chart. That will be when we go off grid. I ain't paying for someone else's misdeeds. Can't afford it. I can't let Al Gore break us. Our people are precious and Al Gore is a lunatic. So holding to his global warming trip is madness and suicide. Not my gig, thank you.

The Handmaiden uses a plastic straw to get the air out of her plastic bags. She seals the locking part of the seal right up next to the straw, which is on the side of the opening. She uses the straw to draw the air out of the bag and then seals the bag the rest of the way. Works fine. You can also use a pot of water to force the air out of the bag and sealing it.

Some personal correspondence has brought up the issue of home defense in the city. I am not in favor of taking a stand in the city, but you do what you have to do. The more people you can trust and who have committed to the defense of your city retreat, the better off you are. Shotguns are pretty much the answer to city defense. Put you in a staggered load of 00 Buck and some slugs and you are just about capable of stopping any marauder you can meet. I do believe a 12 gauge slug will take out about any vehicle on the road in this country. A 20 gauge slug will part the waves for you also. For that matter, a .410 would stop any person you would be liable to meet in a hostile situation. You don't get the power and the mass of lead from the 20 gauge or the .41o as you do the twelve gauge, but you can sure make someone regrets their decision to attack you or your friends or family. I normally shoot a 12 gauge pump with a 25" barrel. I can kill about anything I can run up on out to 50 yards with that gun, but I have a slug gun for accurate deer shooting. 00 Buck will take out most city looters you can imagine. And if you have a pump gun like I use then you can have a second and third shot if you need it in a hurry. And like shooting a wild animal, you keep shooting until it goes down. The noise you make will be significant and could draw help for your attacker so don't hesitate to get the hell out of the area if you aren't at home. So stay alive!



Dr. Richard said...

For city or urban defense, I highly recommend the Russian Saiga 12 gauge semi-auto shotguns, preferably in an "assault" configuration with plenty of 12 round magazines. The Saiga 12 is a shotgun based on the AK-47 design. Mine has a M4 style stock, an Eotech red dot sight, a tromix shark brake (reduces recoil and allows use of the shotgun for door breaching), and a bunch of 12 round magazines with magpul holders. This replaced my old Mossberg 590 pump shotgun as my shotgun of choice for home defense.

My other preferred city and urban weapon is a M4 carbine with an Eotech reddot sight. 100 yards or less, I never miss with it from pretty much all positions right or left handed thanks to Tom Perroni's two carbine classes I took.


Jacob Gittes said...

Michael and Dr. R:
thanks for the advice.
Regarding "staggering" 00 buck and slugs, could you be more specific? Would you alternate them, or put the slugs first then the buck, or vice versa?
I've read about the Saiga before, which they also make in .410.
Here's my reasoning on preferring a .410: less danger to other people in the house, children, pets, etc. A 12 gauge is really almost a canon!

Dr. Richard said...

410 is not any less danger to people in the house - buckshot is the same just less of it. Go with a 12 gauge. Slugs of all forms are devastating to houses - they will go through multiple walls and siding. See for actual ballistics testing of various calibers and load types for penetration and performance through walls and other things in homes.

Saiga does have a 410 model but you will not get all of the accessories for it or high capacity magazines.


Selous Scout said...

In a five round magazine pump shotgun I load the first round with a slug and follow with 3 rounds of buckshot and leave room for the 5th shell. If it is a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500 series, I will add a side saddle shotshell carrier and a Tactical Tailor buttstock shell carrier.

In the side saddle I will load a variety of shells. Slugs, Teargas, Flechette, Birdshot, #4 shot, or whatever your pick. This allows you to make your first shot tailored to the situation. If you come across a grouse while walking your perimeter you don’t want to shoot it with a slug or buckshot. Select the appropriate shell and boom, dinner!

The same for a larger animal such as deer or bear. Even Man. Select the proper shell for the situation. Loaded the way it is, you have 3 rounds of buckshot followed buy a slug to deal with anything bad that comes up.