Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I wasn't even going to post today but now I am, so there you are. Things change and there ain't much we can do about it. I have had quite a mental uproar over some words a man heard and I am convinced he does not know what he is talking about. There is no "thus saith God" or anything else to clearly denote who spoke the words. There is no clear understanding of the identity of the speaker, whether is be Urim or Thummim. And remember that there are people in the heavenlies who don't know much about anything. You ALWAYS want to clarify any voice that you hear with an identity. There are good minds in the heavenlies and there are some not so good minds up there. God takes all kinds of folks in to his kingdom. He is no respecter of persons and he does not ask anyone's opinion. He is God.

The wife shelled some beans tonight and that was about it for prepping for today except for the load of peppers she put in the dryer this morning. I was up very late last night and thus took a monstrous nap this afternoon. Tomorrow I get to planting Garlic and trying to grow the stuff.

That about rounds it up for today. I'm just like you and am waiting for the next big step in the collapse. Maybe today, if the new Japanese government gets sworn in today. It's only the 15th here but it is the 16th in Japan. Stay alive.



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Anonymous said...

I've been told that hot peppers placed in flour will keep the mealie bugs out. I wonder about that. Also trying to decide what to plant for fall garden, any ideas?