Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Just one of those days. One of those days when I feel like shooting guns and following the sounds of hunting dogs. Others will be with me. We will be looking for bankers and politicians. The bankers will probably want to argue and whine and cause a verbal ruckus, but the politicians will piss themselves, and maybe worse. The stench will be powerful. But the job will get done and the dancing in the air will commence, to be followed by stillness as the events wind down. All good things must end. But we will go home and get some much needed rest and wait until the news comes of more game to hunt. You can't really give up the game. It is too powerful a force to just lightly pass on to others. The responsibility is too great to slough off. This morning is cold and damp. Not good for my peppers and beans. But the beans are finishing and I have been told my Cayenne peppers will turn red even if I pick them green. The kitchen is starting to turn a friendly sort of red as my wife's ristras get hung about to dry. We already have as much as we had last year and will have more, God willing. The beans are finishing at a rapid pace and I like that. I want to devote the Fall to getting a chicken coop built and having some layers to produce us some fine home grown eggs. Then maybe a small steel dog pen converted to a hog pen for just a couple of hogs. They will be for next years grinding. Sausage and eggs. It don't get any better than that.

That word I got at meeting Sunday night was received in the spirit. When ever it was heard, which was not given to me. The words heard were that the economy was going up and then collapse. That has been figured on by several people. I take it to mean that the banksters are going to take one more slice of the pie before the collapse is allowed to transpire. The collapse will be rough on a lot of folks. I will have my chicken coop built and my hens laying eggs not too long before or after the collapse. My stove has to get installed pretty soon. No cooking if the electricity is cut off. No heat either. We will have to do something about getting some firewood pretty soon. Eggs and a cookstove will just about keep us alive, I think. I need to start saving newspapers and tinder to help me build fires in my stove. But things will get done and life will go on. It will be something to watch America go through the fire of a financial collapse. They ain't ready. A lot of them will never be ready. And what can I say about that? I have tried to warn as many as possible. I have posted over a thousand posts in the last year and a half. And think of the others who have done the same! Think of the YouTube videos by Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente and Ron Paul. The word has gone out! Now the damage can get done. Those who have not been alert will pay dearly for their laziness. Those who have been wasteful and extravagant will pay big time. And that will cause some real live misery for a large percentage of our population that is in no way accustomed to it. Our people in this country are not used to going without. They can't fathom it. They have never put up with horrendous crime rates and things of that order. America does not prepare and they will suffer greatly for it. My heart goes out to those who will suffer so greatly, mainly for the rip-off by the politicians and the banksters. It has been the human use of human beings. No upside to it. A rip-off from beginning to end. But those of the rip-off class who don't make it out of the country will pay hugely when the people get after them.

I got an e-mail from a lady who lives close by who wants to know about expiration dates on canned food. Apparently she is going to stock up a bit. I'll tell you, I was so very happy to hear that she is going to try and stock up. She is a gifted, feminine lady who reaches at a small university near by. Years ago she taught my three children in elementary school. She taught them to read, for chrissake. Where can your kids go if they can't read? But it made me very happy that she is going to prepare.

Stay alive.



shiloh1862 said...

Agreed - there will be blood!


Jacob Gittes said...

Good advice.. and good preps Michael.
I was just kicked off the "Ontario Prepper's Network" for suggesting that one version of the Swine Flu vaccine, with squalene in it as an "adjuvant," just might pose a hazard... the moderator went off on us anti-vaccine wackos, etc. etc.

What's your honest opinion of the vaccine campaign... is it a good idea to get vaccinated or not? Am I a wacko for not trusting my government on this?
Keep up the good work.

Staying Alive said...

Publius-I can't tell anyone to get a vaccination or to not get a vaccination. I am not a doctor and doctors are the only ones who can prescribe treatment, to a degree. But I will not be getting a shot of the vaccine. That is my personal word on how I feel about the stuff. Ain't gonna have none of it.


Phil said...

Back to Almanacs, try this one.