Saturday, September 12, 2009


I am wondering this morning if we have pretty much said what has needed to be said and individual prepping is all that is left to deal with. The news of the collapse will set us off again, I am sure, but until that event comes we are pretty much relegated to waiting. I think the main thing to watch and address is the coming martial law that the fedgov is going to put on us. They are already monitoring our internet chat so that will then likely evolve into an internet ban. If the net goes off the line, then just do the best you can. Get out of town, get with your people, and get ready to defend. Go about your normal seasonal preparations just like you always would, but utilize some security. According to some damn post I cannot remember, there is an invention out and about that blocks your electronic key fob from working. As people walk away from their cars and push their fob button, nothing will happen. Your car will still be unlocked. And this little device will pretty much cover a whole parking lot. You can leave it in your trunk and come back an hour later and get into any car you wish. Of course it will not keep you from using your KEY to lock your doors but who wants to be bothered by any keys? I read another article of unknown origin that said the food banks in the big vegetable valley in California are supplying food to as high as 80% of the people in the towns located there with food. Unbelievable. The vegetable basket of America is living off of food banks? What the hell is going on beside some bunch of dumbasses regulating the water? I think these folks doing the regulation are the same folks who want to regulate our healthcare in this country. Lots of luck on the healthcare issue!

I am getting lots of e-mails from folks wanting special attention for their particular situation. Special attention is a fine thing with me, but you would do well to send me your email address. I find it a lot easier to get any message across if it is going to a personal email addy. I will not be happy putting someone elses's business out on the street.

Getting back to the food thing and the food banks supporting the people in the Central Valley of California, I have a couple of things to go on. I mentioned some time ago that a man who worked for a grain exporter here in the states did nothing but handle South American corn for his company. And he has gone to South America for 43 straight years to do a 'boots on the ground' analysis of the coming crop. He is a thorough man and knows of what he speaks. And he said the crop wasn't there this year. Can you understand this? Cliff High's webbot may be correct in predicting famine around the globe. And remember that these grain exporting countries are not going to export if they don't have enough to take care of their own needs. And if they DO have a little bit to export, who is to say that China does not already have it locked up? The whole point of this rant is to get you to get your vegetable situation worked out NOW. The stuff from the Central Valley should be hitting the canneries right now or petty soon and it ain't going to happen! There maybe ain't gonna be any cans of Pumpkin to make your Thanksgiving meal a thing to remember. So get with the program so you won't be left out in the cold. Hunger is a bitch! And meat is cheap right now because the growers have too many animals, but that is not going to last forever! The farmers want more money and they will cut the supply way back until they get it. Got your protein under control? Can you keep your family healthy with what you have for at least another year? Not that this will be over in a year but a year's supply of protein will give you time to solve future problems. Forecasters are saying that we are looking at 20 to 25 years of hard times in this country. We cannot plan on bunkering in for 6 months and coming back out and finding everything is sunshine and lollipops again. It ain't gonna happen that way.

Just a quick hit from the web.,Authorised=false.html?_i_location=

Guatemala declares �state of calamity�

By Ronald Buchanan in Mexico City

Published: September 9 2009 21:53 Last updated: September 11 2009 15:00

Alvaro Colom, the Guatemalan president, announced he would invoke the public order laws to impose a �state of calamity� in an effort to stave off mass hunger in the Central American nation.

The measure allows the government to make special purchases of food and Mr Colom said he hoped it would inspire the international community to send aid.

I got this link from The word is out there if you look. But the Mainstream Media ain't gonna tell you about it until it is too late! That makes them our enemy. They know and are not telling us. Treason. How many people will suffer needlessly because of this. But you read Staying Alive and you now know.




Mayberry said...

Tomorrow I go on my can buying spree. Next weekend we till the garden and put up the fence...

Bellen said...

Hubby & I decided now that we are past major hurricane threat it's time to pack our freezer with meat/fish/fowl.

Just started our garden - Earthboxes and containers. It will last us thru May, then about 3 months off due to extreme heat.

Nothing like being prepared.