Thursday, September 3, 2009


I've been around the net this morning as per usual and the preppers are saying that an unprecedented number of people are getting ready for hard times. You are to assume that this means food storage, guns and ammo, medical supplies, etc. But nowhere in the mainstream media is there a word of this. What do you suppose is going on? Maybe the government is just trying to keep us calm, cool, and collected. They are doing this for our own good, you know. So we won't panic. Well, this household ain't gonna panic for most things. The house catching on fire might cause some hurried action but not a collapse reaction by the fedgov. That ain't gonna get the job done. We have achieved a certain amount of preparedness and we intend to go with the flow. I just hope there is no attempt to start some invasivness that could get a bit out of hand. Massachusetts is preparing a bill to force their citizenry to take Swine Flu vaccine. They can enter your home to inspect you and check your vaccination records and then give you the shot if you haven't had it before. I would consider that malicious trespass if they came to my house.

I got a link off of Survival Blog this morning that has the Farmers Almanac forecast of the coming Winter. Looks like everything between the Rockies and the Alleghenies are going to get a full measure of Winter. Treesong and Sweetie had better have their act together up in the U. P. But people who live up there are used to bitter Winters and they will probably be okay. Mayberry will have colder than normal temperatures along with plenty of rain. The rest of us between the mountains are going to get our asses froze off and buried in snow. Even Kemp in southern Mississippi is supposed to have some extra cold this Winter. Dragon, over by Pittsburgh, looks to have about an average time of it this year. Scoutinlife over in Ohio could go either way. More that likely a lot of snow. You can check it yourself pretty easily at Give them a shot. You can get links to some more stuff over at Survival Blog and it is quite interesting today. Rawles is right on target today.

You can get on over to and start reading about the Russian Professor who has predicted the downfall of America in 2010. This guy is on the level and has a pretty high position in the Russian government. But we know by now that having a high position in government does not make you right. Look at our government big wigs who are falling all over themselves making mistakes. And we know that we are facing collapse, as does everyone else in the world with at least half a brain. A couple days ago I printed the article about the Chinese government giving it's state owned companies the power to default on their derivative bets. That is going to be a major attraction for world governments in the coming days. Does China mean it? Will they really go through with it? Will it cause the crash of Western finances? Hell, our pensions will be gone in short order and Social Security will not be far behind in failing, so what difference does sit make? Crash on, and see if I give shit. Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente and Ron Paul should maybe take long look at running for office. There may not be a country to govern. And I am serious about that. Why beat a dead horse? Get out of the cities and the East Coast region and buy a farm and start prepping like crazy. There still is some time, you know.

Getting back to the weather for a minute, I can now recall that I saw Yellow Jackets up on our balcony in late August. Yellow Jackets don't start bothering humans until just before a frost, if I remember correctly. Normally they appear in mid-to-late September around here, maybe early October. And I know those evil little bests KNOW what is coming. They know their food supply is gonna be cut to nothing. They know the temperature is going to be way below their ability to withstand. And so they go about their normal Fall hysteria, eating anything they can in a futile attempt to avoid the inevitable. We are doing the same damn thing. Gettin' ready for the bad times.

Stay alive.



Western Mass. Man said...

I just got done skimming over our soon to be "new law". Not good for the stomach to say the least.
Too late to vote with my feet i'm afraid.

Mayberry said...

Hmmmm.... ElNino usually means WARM and wet. Ugh, no cold. I HATE cold....