Sunday, November 15, 2009


There will not be much of a post today. I didn't get inspired to any great degree so that is that.
I did get some info out of a book that said if the FDA checked human meat it would be declared toxic. We have ingested so many chemicals that we are are toxic waste dumps. Happy chemicals! And all of you potential cannibals can think about this for a while. Eat and die!

I got into another book today and it said that olives could be grown here in this country and it gave the latitude and longitude of where it could happen and the average temperature it would take. I have Mike Kemp looking at it down in Mississippi.

Mainly I am thinking about being a world citizen. It has a meaning that is very deep and meaningful.

Have a happy Sunday and enjoy yourselves. You deserve it.



Mayberry said...

I don't know about olives, but we can grow the hell out of some citrus down here! So long as we can keep jack frost at bay, that is. But even Florida gets a freeze every now and then....

Jacob Gittes said...

Did the book on olives inspire you to become a world citizen?
I'm so glad to see you say that.
Let me explain.
Too often, I notice that self-proclaimed "patriots" are not really inspired by a love of their own countries and people, but by hatred of others. Those "Arabs" or "gooks," etc.

It turns out, those gooks were just fighting out of love of their country, too - not patriotism. Same for our enemies right now, for the most part. Very few are real terrorists, and those few can really operate out of anywhere. Those current wars are about oil and world dominance, not helping spread democracy. What bullshit.

Back to my point: the simple people all over the world are usually patriots, and love their countries. A citizen of the world can love his own valley, his own country and people, while respecting and loving his fellow man all over the world.

Who gets us in war after war? Who has sought dominion over the world for the USA, thereby inspiring hatred in others? The elites. The DC crowd. The vile politician. They love empire and domination, because it gives them a rush. Just like my old high school classmate, who told me when I was up north last week hunting that he gets a rush out of provoking bar fights. That's what our politicians have been, and continue to be, up to... they cleverly push other countries to start wars. Just wait. Who's next? Iran? Iran is a nation that has never, for hundreds of years or even longer, attacked another nation. In the bloody Iran-Iraq war of the 1980's, our boy (Saddam Hussein) attacked Iran. We helped Hussein/Iraq with weapons and intelligence. All due to our wounded pride over the hostage situation. Does anyone ever mention that not one of those hostages was harmed? Not one!! Compare that to the dozens of men we've tortured in Guantanamo.
Just makes you think.

If everyone loved their countries and valleys with true patriotism, they would also be able to love people all over the world. But we need to cast off the parasitic politicians and global corporate monsters who profit from war.
My two cents.

Jacob Gittes said...

A link to the globalist agenda in terms of military occupations of others:

Sick people.

Jacob Gittes said...

One more (click here). A US Army mom is under arrest and her baby was taken away, so they could send her to Afghanistan. Amazing,in a sick way. What kind of a nation sends its mothers to war, and its children into government care to be turned into mentally disturbed adults? What hope is there in a nation that does this to its mothers and children?

Sanjac said...

I read a medical report several months ago that showed that we all have traces of chemical residue from plastics in our urine. Isn't technology great! Olives grow very well in California and people are developing varieties here in Texas that are for sale but they need cool nights and warm days to set fruit and don't tolerate extreme cold well. From what I've read they grow well as ornamental trees here but not as well for fruit. As they are a very useful tree for food and oil I thought about trying one last year when I saw them for sale. I ended up picking other trees since space is too limited to try an experiment. Enjoy your Sunday also.